We had to Jedi mind trick these toys out of HasbroLegion Of Leia’s founder, Jenna Busch, started the #WheresRey campaign and because our voices were heard, we made incredible progress! Well, really all we got was a flimsy explanation as to why her action figure and presence was lacking in certain box sets and the Star Wars Monopoly game. But this month several new toys are being released and Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive images of what’s to come, and we get a lot of Rey!

The Blue Lightsaber Luke lost this lightsaber in Cloud City and Rey uses it to fight Kylo Ren while harnessing her newly discovered force powers. It says a lot about Rey and her role in the new generation of Star Wars.


The Nesting Dolls – I love this adorable set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens nesting dolls, but I think the order of Finn and Rey should be reversed. That’s just my opinion!


Rey 3.75 Inch Action Figure – This is the second action figure of Rey to come out but this time she’s in her final outfit, on her journey to find Luke. 


The Galactic Heroes Duo Of Rey And Captain Phasma – Here’s a set of figures to spend money on! I would have love a version that included General Leia and Maz Kanata. 


Buildable Figures – These are individual sets of  characters from the dark and the light side of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Is it just me or do they look like Star Wars Cylons?


Rey’s Blaster Pistol Nerf Style – Remember when Han Solo gives Rey that white and orange blaster pistol? No? Well this is the safe, more playful version. Fun for that 45 year old Star Wars fan in your life! 


Rey’s Floating Speeder – Love this cool, floating speeder! Great addition for your collection.


Rey 20 inch Big Fig – This is a must have! Great size and they also have to other main characters available, including Captain Phasma!


Deluxe Figure Playset – This set actually contains every lead character, including Rey! Imagine that!


Rey And BB-8 Elite Series Die Cast Action Figure – This collectable showcases Rey with her staff and blue lightsaber, and of course her trusty sidekick, BB-8.


The 12 Inch Rey Figure – Mine, mine, mine!


Check out Entertainment Weekly to get a look at the other toys that will be released this month and let’s prove that female action figures matter, go and buy, buy, buy (and yes, that is sung to the tune of the Nsync song)!


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