First and foremost I want to praise Square Enix and the entire team behind the Final Fantasy VII Remake. They have been upfront with fans regarding the initial release delay as well as their fears on shipping due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Today they took to their official Twitter to share an update on next week’s release. The team has decided to ship copies of the game to players and retailers early in Europe and Australia as they are facing the biggest disruption in shipping. 

Copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake will ship to other western countries including the United States this week and they feel very optimistic they will arrive on time for release. Due to the early shipping, there is a chance that players in Europe and Australia may receive their copy earlier than the worldwide release date. Square Enix is requesting that if you receive a copy early that you do not spoil anything for fans by sharing gameplay or potential spoilers.

We all understand that the original Final Fantasy VII released over twenty years ago however the remake introduces new original content to the game. We should also all remember that there are new fans and younger fans to the series who will be playing for the very first time. Imagine a time that a game was ruined for you. Remember how you felt? Don’t do that to others, be a great member of the video game community. We will all thank you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will officially release worldwide on April 11, 2020 for the Playstation 4.

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Julia Roth
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