The Covid-19 pandemic is causing delays across several industries, and today Square Enix and the team behind Final Fantasy VII Remake have announced theirs on Twitter. Thankfully, the highly anticipated game is not getting pushed back again, but they are worried about delays with the shipping of the physical copies. 

They shared that this has been caused by the extraordinary conditions put on the distribution center as well as local retail stores due to Covid-19. Many states have begun placing curfews on businesses and some stores have opted to close until conditions are better. While Final Fantasy VII Remake would make the perfect self-distancing game for those who are able to get their hands on it. The team intends to update fans this upcoming Friday March 20, with more information on the delay. Those who have pre-ordered a digital copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake will not be affected by this delay. 

The overall response from fans on Twitter has been positive. While many may have to wait to get their hands on the game, they are more than understanding. In the meantime, fans can enjoy testing out the demo that went live on the Playstation 4 at the beginning of this month. It is well worth playing through to test out the different levels of difficulty, the new battle style, and other elements.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release worldwide on April 10, 2020 exclusively for PS4.

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Julia Roth
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