~Matt Key

With the last film in Marvel’s Phase 2 coming out in just two week’s time, July 17th being the exact date, the Marvel and Disney hype machine has turned out one last, final international trailer for Ant-Man, hoping to turn those on-the-fence doubters into must-see viewers.

We don’t really get any new footage here, which is great. We don’t want so much footage to come out that we don’t actually need to see the film. What we get with this trailer, however, is a really solid idea of the tone of what Ant-Man is. The music is cool and fun, but with a hint of danger to it. The action scenes mostly revolve around Scott Lang learning how to do the whole shrinking thing — and failing, followed by glib eye rolls from Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly.

In a phrase, it gives us exactly what we’re hoping it’ll be.

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