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The Fifth Season of Arrow is really starting to come together and grow! Just yesterday we got news that Tyler Ritter would be joining the SCPD as a detective and today we now learn that actress Carly Pope has joined the cast! She will play the role of Susan Williams, a journalist from Coast City. At this rate, we can expect to see casting announcements every day for the rest of the summer!


According to TV Insider, who broke the story, Williams “comes to Star City ‘looking to make a name for herself’ by targeting Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) for a big story.” Sounds like the notoriety of now-Mayor Oliver Queen is going to get him dangerously close to being revealed as the polarizing vigilante, The Green Arrow.


And, if you know your comics, then you know Susan Williams is no stranger to “green” heroes as she is the sister-in-law to Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern. Though, don’t go thinking that means we’ll see a Green Lantern light show erupting any time soon.

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