Unless you’re a true sucker for all things nostalgic… or perhaps remember the 1960s, you might not remember Eydie Gormé. Together with her husband, and stage partner Steve Lawrence, she worked continuously in the music industry for more than fifty years. However, despite all of this, the couple are primarily known simply for the era of music separating the big band years and the onset of rock and roll. 

This week, we’re redefining the narrative surrounding Gormé’s life and career. A look into her work shows how hard a woman in the middle of the twentieth century needed to work in order to be taken seriously in the face of desires to pigeon-hole her into a certain role.

However, through all this, Eydie Gormé established herself as more than a double act (or wife and mother, for that matter). She emerged as a talented and versatile performer who made a name for herself on a variety of mediums, despite all the challenges she faced. 

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published November 17, 2019


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