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Felix doesn’t do impulsive anymore. But attending a friend’s wedding reminds Felix he’s the only one of his friends attending solo, and recent losses have him thinking he’s swung too far in the not-impulsive direction.

So, impulse decision number one? Cutting in on a dance with handsome farmer Kevin, the ex of one of the grooms, for a spin at the reception. Impulse decision number two? Planning his first holiday vacation off work. Christmas in Hawai’i will be a gift to himself.

When dancing doesn’t work out, Felix keeps high hopes for his vacation right up until the first flight cancellation. After bumping into a stranded Kevin, who lost his flight home, Felix gives impulse a third try: Why not drive to Toronto together?

But after ice rain strands them halfway, it looks like Felix isn’t going to get to give himself his gift after all. Instead, this Christmas is a small cabin — and Kevin.

Then again, sometimes unexpected gifts turn out to be the best. — From the publisher

Hallmark with a slice of history

‘Nathan Burgoine’s Felix Navidad is part of the author’s holiday novella series. I’ve also read Faux Ho Ho, which was equally Hallmark-esque. What I really like about this series is that there is still a little gravity to these works. Felix Navidad, in particular, deals with intergenerational queer friendships. 
Burgoine points out in his author’s note that being queer is different from other marginalized identities in that we’re not usually born of other queers. Therefore, keeping our history alive is hard, especially when others would have it buried. That this novella handles that by having a younger person care for and become friends with an older person is lovely. 
That might sound a bit dark for a Christmas romp, but for all its heavier themes, this novella is a hopeful, cute story. With a few classic tropes along the way.

Horrible holiday nicknames

I feel for Felix; I really do: We share a joint pain. While his patient/friend lovingly bestows the moniker “Felix Navidad” upon him, I was given the nickname “Melis Navidad” as a form of bullying. Thankfully, I can listen to the holiday classic. 

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Should you read it?

Yes! This is a sweet read for a cozy winter afternoon. Trust me; read Felix Navidad in the two hours it would take you to watch a heteronormative Christmas movie. 

Felix Navidad is out on ebook on December 13. 📚🛻🎁

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