‘So it begins.’ Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are back together five years after the release of The Theory of Everything for the Amazon Original, The Aeronauts. The film’s first trailer was released today and it shows a vibrant world and two people with adventurous souls. 

Inspired by true events, The Aeronauts follows Amelia Wren (Jones), a balloon pilot who finds her greatest happiness up in the sky. However since this takes place it 1862 and she is a woman, her drive and career are looked down upon. James Glaisher (Redmayne) is a meteorologist who wants to further human knowledge of weather but he, too, faces judgement from his peers. The two team up to fly higher than anyone in history. We see them encounter beautiful blue sky and butterflies. However, there’s much danger in their adventure and the pair has to navigate the challenges of going so high above the Earth and fight for their very survival.

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Check out the trailer, it’s breathtaking and edge of your seat suspenseful. 

The film is directed by Tom Harper and was written by Jack Thorne. The Aeronauts will be release in theaters on December 6th and then become available on Amazon Prime, December 20. 



Audrey Kearns