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In the up-coming Marvel film, Ant-Man, we’ve got Hank Pym and we’ve got Hope Van Dyne, we’ve got Scott Lang — what we don’t have is Janet Van Dyne, one of the founding members of the Avengers in the comics and the long time on-again/off-again girlfriend/wife of Hank Pym. With Evangeline Lilly’s character, Hope Van Dyne, sharing Janet’s last name, it makes sense that she’d at least be mentioned in the up-coming film, but MTV News got confirmation from the Marvel Studios head honcho, Kevin Feige, that Janet Van Dyne, a.k.a. The Wasp, will indeed appear in the film.

He wasn’t willing to give any spoilers, obviously, but he did confirm that “She factors in a number of spoiler-is ways. But we will see Janet Van Dyne in action in this film and sort of what happened to her.”

Wow. That’s a HUGE revelation! It’s more than just Hope Van Dyne taking up the mantle of The Wasp, because Janet Van Dyne is specifically mentioned. It has to be assumed that she is Hope’s mother and is older, so has she presumed dead when she was, in reality, lost in the micro-verse — like she was in the comics after she died in Secret Invasion? Or, is it that we’ll see her exclusively in flashback scenes fighting alongside Hank Pym as the original Ant-Man?

Also, it should be mentioned that he never actually says that Janet Van Dyne = The Wasp — just that we’ll see “Janet Van Dyne in action.”

So the question now: do we actually see Janet Van Dyne? And if so, who’s the mystery actress playing her?

We won’t have to wait too long for those answers as Ant-Man hits theaters next month!

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