The line between doing good and doing bad things is blurry on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Til Death,” Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry’s (Christine Evangelista) values are tested when Victor (Colman Domingo) asks for their help finding someone. Dwight and Sherry found a family with a storm shelter that saved them from the nuclear blast. Since then, they’ve taken the law of the land into their own hands.  

Aisha Tyler guest stars on this episode.

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Food is scarce. Anyone with access to food can pretty much do what they want in the Galveston area. A scavenger stole fruit from someone and tried to sell it to another man. They are confronted by a couple of riders known as the Dark Horses. The confrontation ends in one man’s death and the other escapes with a horse. The Dark Horses are Dwight and Sherry. They’ve adopted a code of ethics to try and maintain some kind of order in the area.  

Dwight and Sherry return to the shelter. The family they are staying with are Kevin (Aaron Spivey-Sorrells), Kim (Julia Barnett) and their daughter Briga (Ella McCain). Briga listens to talk about Padre on the radio and she’s excited to go there. Kevin informs Dwight and Sherry that they plan on leaving soon. Dwight talks him out of it, asking Kevin and Kim to trust them. They all want to find Padre and can survive if they work together.

They get a call on the radio that someone needs help. When they find that someone, it’s Howard (Omid Abtahi) with a group of Victor’s men. They were tasked with finding the Dark Horses and taking them to the Tower. Victor laughs when he finds out its Dwight and Sherry. Dwight makes note of the polaroid photos of walkers on the wall.

Victor needs them to find someone who left his tower. Her name is Mickey (Tyler) and she’s not in the best shape. She’s also obsessed with finding Padre. In return for their help, Victor will welcome them to his sanctuary … poor choice of words. Dwight and Sherry refuse because the Tower does remind them of the Sanctuary. And they feel like Victor is acting a lot like Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). They are released, but think twice about Victor’s offer. Their only reservation is that it’s Victor. They know what he’s capable of. And yet, Mickey could be who they need to find Padre.


Aisha Tyler guest stars on Fear the Walking Dead

Aisha Tyler as Mickey – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Dwight and Sherry find Mickey in an abandoned bar. She said she taped phone books on her clothes and walked through the crowd of walkers to get away. Dwight recognizes her. Mickey used to be a professional wrestler known as The Bride. Her signature move was called Til Death Do Us Part. Mickey is looking for her husband. Dwight and Sherry offer to help her and together they will find Padre. They decide to stop at the shelter first.

When they get to the shelter, they find Kevin, Kim, and Briga are dead. After burying the family, Dwight is worried. He thinks they should take Mickey back to Victor where it’s safe, but Sherry disagrees. She wants to help Mickey find her husband first and leaves. She tells Dwight to go back to the bar and she will come for him. 

Mickey tells Sherry that after her wrestling career ended, she and her husband opened a gym for aspiring wrestlers. That’s where she thinks her husband is staying now. Sherry tells Mickey her and Dwight’s story and how they never gave up on finding each other. So she understands Mickey’s need to find her husband.

Meanwhile Dwight encounters the man who killed his friends. It’s the man who stole the fruit and the horse from the earlier encounter. His name is Eli (Alex Skuby). Eli knocks Dwight to the ground and is ready to kill him. They are standing behind the horse … a horse that Dwight knows well. Dwight whistles and the horse kicks Eli from behind. 

Eli hits the ground hard and is in too much pain to stand up. A bunch of polaroid photos of walkers fall out of his bag, including photos of Kevin and Kim. Victor hired Eli to kill them, promising him a place in his tower. A group of walkers approach, so Dwight takes the horse and leaves Eli to get eaten.


Sherry and Mickey arrive at the wrestling gym. There is a small group of walkers in front of the door. Mickey made another suit of phone books and duct tape. Sherry covers her in walker blood so she can make it to the front door. All goes well until a walker runs into Mickey and makes her fall. Sherry starts shooting and the walkers scatter. She shoots the glass door to get into the gym. 

Once inside, Mickey and Sherry try to barricade the door, but it won’t hold. Sherry jumps into the ring to keep away from the walkers. A walker walks from behind the ring and Mickey starts crying. It’s her husband. She holds out her arms and holds the walker back while crying. Sherry comes to the ropes and kills the walker. 

More walkers pour into the gym, heading toward the ladies. Mickey and Sherry are trapped and the ring starts to fall apart. Their only option is to call Victor for help. Dwight shows up and tells them about Eli. Instead of asking for help, the three of them go on a killing spree. Mickey even uses some of her wrestling moves to make some kills. At Dwight’s request, she kills the last walker with her signature move. 

Mickey’s husband left her a note, knowing he wouldn’t be alive much longer. He tells her to keep going and find something to live for. They decide to go to Padre. First they get a call for help and head out. Mickey asks what the plan is. First they find out who the bully is, then they give them hell. When they get to the location, they find The Stalkers. After last week, the Stalkers have the warhead now. The leader says the Dark Horses will help them find Padre.

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