Dreams become nightmares on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Six Hours,” Morgan’s (Lennie James) dream to build a better world for baby Morgan leads to more danger for him and Grace (Karen David). 

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After the nuclear bombs went off, Morgan and Grace found Baby Morgan tied with her dead walking mother Rachel, led by the dog Rufus. Since then the trio has been living in the submarine. It hasn’t been easy. They don’t have much food and definitely don’t have any formula for Mo (Morgan’s name for the baby.) 

Grace offers to search for food but it’s just an excuse to get away from Mo. Grace is not in a good place mentally, after her baby Athena was still born. While on a food run, she screams for it to all end. And when Morgan does leave her with the baby, Grace barely touches the child. 

Morgan has a plan to escape. He’s been working on a car to get them out of the blast zone and into a safer air space. The night they decide to leave, Morgan puts in a cassette tape to listen to. He didn’t know that it was the tape that Grace made for her baby. So when Grace hears “In Dreams” By Roy Orbison, she freaks out, causing Morgan to crash. 


The tire is messed up and they have six hours to get to safe air space. Grace abruptly informs Morgan that she’s ready to give up. He will make it to safety a lot quicker if she doesn’t go with them. She doesn’t want the same thing Morgan wants. While they argue, a couple walks up and pulls a gun on them. The woman runs to Mo, who’s crying in the car. She thinks Mo is her baby. They plan to take Mo and the car, leaving Morgan and Grace behind.

The couple help Morgan take the car to a body shop so he can fix the car for them. They are wrapped in bandages and Grace can see burns on their skin. She thinks they are suffering from radiation sickness. They won’t answer any of Morgan’s questions, so he continues to work. Grace doesn’t want put Mo in any danger and promises to help Morgan get her back. 

A group of walkers appear. The couple try to keep Mo from crying, but their anxiety makes the crying worse. Grace gives the woman a tape player to calm down Mo, who stops crying immediately. She asks the woman for her name. Her name is Bea (Maren Lord) and her husband is Fred (Derek Richardson). 

Fred and Bea live across the street. There are others and they communicate through cans on strings. Grace says they all want to keep the baby safe. That’s what they were doing when the couple found them. The car is ready, so Fred packs their things.  Morgan asks for their masks back.

When Fred turns his back, Morgan grabs the gun. Bea gets in the driver’s seat and takes off. Fred jumps in the back and they leave. Morgan gets ready to shoot at them but Grace stops him. She thinks Fred and Bea may actually be able to help Mo. Morgan refuses to give Mo up. He shoots at the car and stops them.


Bea attacks Morgan as Fred takes Mo and runs. Grace chases him. Bea’s bandages come off revealing that most of her face is burnt off. Fred and Bea tried to leave the area once before. The storms that wiped the radiation away from Houston, pushed it toward Louisiana. They got burned because of the reaction of the gasoline and the radiation in the air. 

Fred shows them a map of a place they call Padre in Southeast Texas. Someone is sending radio messages. Grace doesn’t think it’s safe to drive that far. She invites Fred and Bea to return to the submarine. They are running out of time and now she’s worried about Mo’s safety. 

The batteries in the tape player run out and Mo starts crying again. More walkers show up. The door to the garage is unstable. Morgan and Grace return to the car to get it going again. Grace admits that she’s scared but she can see that Morgan is too. She says he’s scared that the world he wants to build for Mo may not happen. Padre could be that place. Grace is skeptical. She tells Morgan to take Mo back to the sub.


Grace is ready to give up on Fear the Walking Dead

Karen David as Grace – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

A truck approaches. Morgan doesn’t like the looks of things. He sends Grace back inside to watch over Mo. She tells Fred to calm Mo down. Morgan and Bea are in the car. One person gets out of the truck. Morgan tells him to stop or he will shoot. The person doesn’t comply so Morgan shoots three times before the person falls. Morgan hears something growling in a bag. He asks Bea what really happened to their baby. He shoots the bag, knowing there’s a dead baby in there. Morgan looks at the truck and it’s gone.

Bea freaks out, saying her baby was sick. Morgan says that wasn’t her baby and it’s time for Bea to move on. Bea says her baby got sick and she wouldn’t stop crying. Fred didn’t want her to suffer. Morgan calls for Grace and makes his way back to the garage. Grace is inside killing walkers that are getting too close to getting in. Fred is freaking out and is walking slowly towards Mo. He has his hands out, ready to cover Mo’s face.  Morgan yells into a can and Grace can hear him. She walks up behind Fred and shoots him before he can put his hands on Mo.

Grace picks up Mo and starts singing to her. Mo stops crying and goes to sleep. Meanwhile outside, Morgan honks the horn so the walkers will come toward him. When they get far enough away from the garbage, he runs over all of them. 


Grace, Morgan and Mo return to the submarine. Bea asked to be left behind to be with Fred and their actual baby. Morgan apologizes for chasing something he thought he needed. It almost got them killed. He thinks they might be trying too hard. He promises that he’s not trying to replace Athena. Grace knows that. 

When they get back, Mo is still asleep. Morgan puts her to bed as Grace is greeted by a bunch of guns. Howard (Omid Abtahi) and a few of Victor’s (Colman Domingo) men step forward. Morgan says he doesn’t want any trouble and neither does Howard. When Howard hears Grace call Morgan’s name, he changes his attitude. 

Howard lets Morgan know that Victor has created a safe community, something Morgan couldn’t do. He even invites Grace to the tower, but not Morgan. Grace wants nothing to do with Victor and declines the invitation. Morgan asks Howard to take Mo, but Grace won’t let him. 

Howard doesn’t care either way. He and his men leave. Two of the men are carrying bags. Morgan and Grace then discover that Howard took what little food they had. Mo is away and hungry. They sit her on the floor while looking for something for her to eat. Grace looks down and sees that Mo is crawling. Grace bends down to congratulate Mo and sees an opening in the floor. The move the floor mat and open a compartment with plenty of food for them all, including powdered milk.


The stranger (Demetrius Grosse) in the truck drives up to a campsite with Rufus the dog. He sits next to a lit fire and pulls a box towards him. The box says “Morgan Jones” on the top. Remember when Virginia sent a bounty hunter after Morgan. And Morgan sent the bounty hunter’s head back to her. It’s the same box with the bounty hunter’s head inside. The stranger pulls the head out and apologizes to him, calling him brother. He says Morgan Jones got the best of him that day, but there’s always tomorrow.

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