Fear the Walking Dead is back and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) is “Here to Help.” Season four ended with the group finding Polar Bear’s headquarters. The group decided to find people who needed help. Months later, our group is finding the help business is more dangerous than they thought. 

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Meet Max (Ethan Suess) and Dylan (Cooper Dodson). Max is teaching Dylan how to hunt. His first kill is a deer, but when they go to collect their bounty, walkers appear. As Max is trying to reload the gun a plane flies over, very closely and crashes nearby. The crash has attracted a lot of walkers, so the boys go to check it out. They run into a little bit of trouble that they can’t get out of. Good thing Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is there to save them. 

The boys run into the plane and find Morgan hanging from his seat. He’s still alive, so when a walker follows the boys inside, he’s there to fight it off. He gets a little help John Dorrie (Garret Dillahunt) who shoots the walkers. Next to him is an injured Luciana (Danay Garcia). She has metal rod lunged into her shoulder. June (Jenna Elfman) and Al (Maggie Grace) are passed out in the cockpit. 

Morgan asks Dylan to tend to Luciana while he helps Alicia fight off the walkers. John helps Al and June out of the cockpit. Al calls Strand (Colman Domingo) on the radio before getting out. She instructs him to find a tape labeled “Skidmark.” The guy on it has a small plane and Strand will need it to rescue them. There’s no answer and the radio power goes off.

Here to Help

Alicia is worried that they won’t get to their destination in time to help the people there. Morgan says they need more time to get everyone out. They set up a wire perimeter and wait for the walkers to approach. One by one, walkers trip over the wire and are killed. Alicia falls while trying to kill one. She lands a warning sign. The area is radioactive. 

June makes it to Luciana who says to leave her behind. June won’t do that though. Al and John arrive and June tells them the bar is pinning Luciana to the ground. Al remembers there is a hacksaw in one of the supply boxes. 

The supply boxes are scattered, so John and Al have a lot of ground to cover. Al finds her camera though. While she is checking it, a walker grabs her from behind. The walker has on some kind of riot gear, so Al can’t stab it in the head. The best she can do is push the walker onto a metal bar in the ground. John finds the hacksaw and grabs Al. June and Al hold the bar while John saws away, hurting Luciana in the process.

Marching On
Annie rescues the group on Fear the Walking Dead

Bailey Gavulic as Annie – Fear the Walking Dead  Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan and Alicia have piled up the bodies, but more walkers are coming. John and June carry Luciana out of the plane. They will have to walk through the herd. Alicia comes up with a plan, but then a camp van drives up. The driver tells them to get in. It’s Dylan and Max’s sister Annie (Bailey Gavulic). Everyone jumps in, thankful for the ride. June makes the comment that the dead are everywhere, but the girl says that’s the least of their problems. 

Meanwhile, Strand got Al’s message. He drives the SWAT van with Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) back to HQ. Sarah (Mo Collins) and Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) are in the truck in front of him. Charlie looks concerned and asks if he is sure Al said ‘Skidmark.’ Sarah asks if Strand can get the beer in the air, but Wendell has his doubts.


Alicia asks what happened in the area and about the radioactive signs. They don’t really know. Annie says they were passing through with their parents and got stuck. The roads are flooded to the East. And the roads to the South and West have those radioactive signs on them. They do their best to stay away from those areas.

The kids ask about the plane crash because Al is a journalist, not a pilot. The plane lost an engine, so they had to crash land. Luciana is in pain and Dylan suggests that they stop. Luciana says no because they have to help Logan and his people.

Morgan started talking to this guy named Logan. They were running out of supplies and walkers were increasing in the area. Morgan and his group set out to help them and that’s when they crashed. Max asks if they’ve met him in person, but they haven’t. Annie yells at them for helping people they’ve never met.  

Morgan says they are trying to make the world better by helping people who need it. Annie says the place is really bad though and they shouldn’t trust anyone they haven’t met. She takes them to a roadblock of walkers tied together by their intestines. There are walker heads hanging from the trees. They don’t know who put them there. 

June is ready to leave, but Annie won’t drive past that roadblock. Morgan says they will walk if they have to. Annie doesn’t get why they still want to go. He explains that they’ve been trying to find people who need help for a while. Logan’s group was the first. Everyone else is either dead, missing or don’t want to be found. Annie decides to help. Al and Alicia cut down the roadblock and they drive through.

Anyone Home?
Alicia in Fear the Walking Dead

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead  Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

They stop at the truck stop where Logan said he would be. The place looks abandoned. Morgan is confused because Logan said they were surrounded by walkers. The group takes Luciana in and set her on a table. Everyone looks around the place, but don’t find anyone alive or dead. The place does have a lot of supplies. It has to be another one of Polar Bear’s supply stops.

June and John look for supplies to clean up Luciana’s wound. Dylan asks about the toys in their supply boxes. Luciana explains Polar Bear’s vision to help make the world better by giving people something to believe in. Morgan tells them about their home at the denim factory. Annie doesn’t believe they found a home, but the group insists they have. Morgan invites them to return home with them.  

Alicia comes back and tells Morgan that no one has been there for a long time. They know Logan called from a truck stop, but that’s the only one for miles. Alicia says something is wrong. Morgan says they have to be near because they talked to them on the radio.

Annie thinks they are stupid. She tells the boys to load up supplies because they are leaving. Morgan and Alicia try to talk them out of going, but Max pulls his gun on them and grabs Dylan. Annie tells them the smart thing to do is to patch up Luciana and leave as soon as possible.

June has already prepared Luciana’s shoulder. They have to pull out the metal rod before it starts to get infected. They can’t go after the kids because she needs everyone’s help. June pulls out the rod while everyone else holds Luciana down.  

The L

A man (Matt Frewer) approaches the denim factory. He knows the combination to the lock on the gate and walks right in. There’s no one inside though. He looks everywhere and calls out for people. Morgan and his group have set up beds, Sarah and Wendell have set up a brewery, and there’s a bulletin board where people can request movies. Al set up a TV where she can watch her tapes. He sees a list of her interviews. Everyone is listed as either dead or missing.

Al and Alicia close the gates at the truck stop. There is one walker inside, easy kill. Luciana rests and June say she was very lucky. Morgan continues to call for Logan on the radio. Alicia approaches him and says something is not right. Logan finally answers Morgan on the radio. Everyone gathers around to listen. Morgan asks Logan where he is and they will come to him. He says that will be tricky because he is ‘here’ with his crew, looking at Morgan’s crew. About the same time, Strand and Charlie drive up to the factory and see men with guns at the gate.

Matt Frewer joins Fear the Walking Dead

Matt Frewer as Logan – Fear the Walking Dead  Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Logan is the man at the denim factory. He owned the place with Clayton, aka Polar Bear. Logan watched Morgan and his people try to save others. He listened to their conversations on the radio.  He led Morgan to the furthest truck stop that he could find so he could take back his building. Strand and his group find that Logan cleared out all of their stuff out of the factory.

Alicia and Morgan get upset. They risked a lot to help him, but Logan doesn’t care. Alicia threatens to find him and kill him. Logan says that’s the kind of attitude he didn’t want to deal with. He doesn’t want to kill anyone, he just wants his building. They wanted to help people, but now they have to help themselves.

Has To Mean Something

Later that night, Sarah complains about Logan keeping half of her beer. She hasn’t perfected the beer yet, but Wendell encourages her to keep trying. She has no place to brew though. And Sarah doesn’t want to give up the factory. Charlie walks up and says she can find a way in so they can take it back. Strand interrupts. He found Al’s tape. He says if the guy has standing they should be able to negotiate for a plane. Strand promises after they get their people back, they will take back the factory. Strand gets in the SWAT van to watch the tape.

Al goes over the footage from the plane crash and feels like there’s a story there. Morgan is more concerned with the cut on her head. He promises they will go back the next morning. June consoles John who is sad that they couldn’t help anyone. He thinks they got all the luck and the world and no one wants to share it with them. June says all they have to make people believe that they can help them.

Alicia takes out her frustrations on some walkers. Morgan tries to calm her down, but she’s upset that they almost died trying to help people who took their home. Madison sacrificed a lot for them to be here. Morgan agrees that they have risked a lot, but if they don’t keep trying, then it’s all for nothing. He says it will be hard, but worth it. Alicia says it shouldn’t be this hard, but Morgan replies that they have to keep trying as long as they are there. 


Strand watches the “Skidmark” tape and it’s of a warehouse. He hears Al ask someone where they got all of their stuff. No one says anything. She starts her questions by asking for a name. The camera pans onto a man and it’s Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades)! Strand is shocked to see him on the tape.

Al left the truck stop and returned to the plane crash. She finds the walker in the riot gear and kills him. She turns on the camera and searches his suit. There are wires sticking out of the suit like there was a camera or microphone there before. Al searches his pockets and finds a small bag of papers. Within the papers are several plastic cards with drawings on them. The big piece of paper has a familiar sign on it. Three interlocking circles that resemble a hazard sign.  Like the one on the helicopter that took Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) away. She records her findings and puts the papers back in the bag.

Al radios to Morgan to let him know that she returned to the crash. Morgan answers, saying they agreed to return in the morning. Al says she was right. There is a story there. Someone walks up behind her and tazes her on the neck. They pick up the camera and it’s someone in the same type of suit as the dead walker.



Fear the Walking Dead jumps right into the action, but with a few rookie mistakes that this group should never make again. I get that they want to help people, but the kids were right to question why they would help someone they’ve never met. Morgan of all people should know to be cautious. He should know that it takes time to trust people enough to make that long of a road trip for them. Especially after last season.  

I am happy that we know who one of our villains is from the start. Matt Frewer is an awesome talent! He will be fun to watch. As for the other villain…that’s some pretty high tech riot gear. Let’s hope they don’t take too long telling us who these people are.  

I hope Morgan can restore some good in the world without losing too many close friends. However, the world has proven that it is not good. There are too many people with guns who are more interested in gaining power than friends. 



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