The final season of Fear the Walking Dead begins with new characters and new threats. In “Remember What They Took From You,” Madison (Kim Dickens) and Morgan (Lennie James) are at odds about what is best for the family under the rule of PADRE.

The last time we saw Madison and Morgan, they were leaving for PADRE to save baby Mo. The rest of the family were still lost at sea after the destruction of the Tower. We start this season off with a seven year time jump. What happened during that time? Did everyone make it to PADRE? Did they rescue Mo? And where are they now? 

Morgan and Madison made it to PADRE, but pretended that they didn’t have any family. It doesn’t work, because the PADRE people know that Morgan is Mo’s father. They fight their way to obtaining weapons and attempt to rescue the child.

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PADRE is actually safe. There are a few walkers, but those are for combat training. We meet a girl named Ren (Zoey Merchant). She is very much committed to keeping the place safe. Until she meets Madison Clark. 

After helping Morgan rescue Mo, Madison was captured and is now in a cell in the basement of one of the buildings. One of the leaders, Shrike (Maya Eshet) draws blood from Madison, weekly. Madison is defiant and tries to kill herself, but Shrike won’t let that happen. 

Ren carries an oxygen tank on Fear the Walking Dead

Zoey Merchant as Wren – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Lauren Lo Smith/AMC

Ren’s friend Dove (Jayla Walton) tells her that Madison, aka Lark took out half of the PADRE guards helping someone escape the island. So Ren goes to Lark to ask for her help. She wants Lark to teach her how to kill with a sledgehammer. Lark agrees, but only if Ren will turn off her valve after their lesson. The valve will stop the oxygen and Madison will die. 

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Madison watches Ren swing the hammer, but her form is off. She asks for the hammer to show Ren how to hold it. Once she gets her hands on the hammer, she pulls it through her food door and breaks the glass window. Madison attempts to cut her throat but Ren stops her. Ren is angry that Madison wouldn’t hold her end of the bargain. She refuses to get in trouble because of Madison and points a finger at her. 

Madison recognizes a scar on the girl’s arm. She asks how old she is. Ren is eight. Seven years have passed since Madison brought the girl to PADRES. This girl is Baby Mo. Meaning, Morgan didn’t get away. Madison decides to finish the job and get off of the island with Mo.

Of course, it’s not that easy. PADRE sends out the adults to look for Madison and Mo. And Mo isn’t as cooperative as you’d think. She questions why Madison took her and wants to go back. Madison takes her to the mainland, full of walkers and mud. Mo fakes getting her foot stuck in mud to grab the radio and call for help. 

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Morgan hears her message and finds Madison and Mo. He’s not there to take Mo away though. Morgan is working for PADRE. He realized that Madison was right. Mo is safer with PADRE. And she wants to go back anyway. 

Morgan finds trouble on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

PADRE Command radios Mo to get her location and Morgan, aka Nightingale, answers. He tells them that he’s bringing both Mo, aka Ren and Madison back to the island. But Command only wants Ren. They say Madison has become a liability to the island and is no longer needed … aka, they ordered Morgan to kill Madison.

Morgan asks Mo to go somewhere far so he can do what he was ordered to do, but she won’t. This gives Madison an opportunity to get the gun away from Morgan. The dead are approaching from the beach, so their only option is to walk deeper into the swamp. Morgan says that’s the way they went the first time, seven years ago. 

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Along the way, Madison and Morgan start arguing about what’s best for the kids. Mo finds out that PADRE steals kids from their parents. Morgan argues that it’s the best option for the kids to actually grow up. Madison says they are lying to the kids about their parents and how they got there.

Someone shoots a flare, getting the attention of the dead. In a defiant act, Madison throws the walkie in the water so they can’t contact command. They have to find shelter, so Morgan takes them to a house that’s fallen into the swamp waters. Mo starts remembering things about the first time they were there, but Morgan says the less she knows, the better.

While they wait for Madison to catch her breath, Morgan reveals who made it to PADRE. Or actually, who didn’t make it. Daniel (Rubén Blades)and Luiciana (Danay Garcia) made it, but he doesn’t know where they are now. And Victor (Colman Domingo) wasn’t in the rafts when the others were found. No one knows where he is either. That leaves June (Jenna Elfman), Grace (Karen David), Dwight (Austin Amelio), Sherry (Christine Evangelista), Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), Sarah (Mo Collins) and Wendell (Daryl Mitchell). What are they?

Madison keeps an eye out for danger on Fear the Walking Dead

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

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Mo digs around the room, causing Morgan to get uneasy. First she finds the names of Morgan’s deceased family written on the wall, but he pretends he doesn’t know who they are or what it means. Then she finds the tape recorder of Grace singing to her and it triggers more memories. 

Mo gets nervous and pulls a gun on Madison. She blames her for putting her in danger. She pulls the trigger just as Morgan grabs the gun. The gunshot attracts the dead to the house, causing it to become unstable. They exit the house on the side with less dead. Madison stays back to draw the dead away from Morgan and Mo.

 As soon as they hit the river bank, Morgan turns to assess the situation. Mo’s foot gets stuck and the dead turn their attention towards her. She starts to remember more about that night, including when Morgan gave her to PADRE. Madison starts hitting the side of the house with a sledgehammer to attract the dead back to her. 

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Morgan helps Mo get loose, but Madison is in trouble now. Mo wants to help her, but Morgan says it’s too dangerous. Just before the walkers get Madison, Grace drives up in a boat and saves her. Mo asks who she is and Grace introduces herself as her mother. 

Ren treads through dangerous waters on Fear the Walking Dead

Zoey Merchant as Wren – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Lauren Lo Smith/AMC

Once they are safe, Mo says they don’t have to go back. She understands the sacrifice that Morgan and Grace made to keep her safe. She thinks they can survive outside of PADRE, especially since they’ve been lying to her. Mo says Madison can come with them, and help the others. It’s not that easy though.

Grace radios PADRE and they hear a boat approaching. Mo wants to know her parents and doesn’t want to go back. She says always felt like something was missing and it was her parents. Morgan tells her the truth that her real parents are dead. He made a promise to take care of her and that’s what he’s doing. That’s why she needs to go back to PADRE. 

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The boat arrives. Shrike says there is a purpose for Madison after all and they take her away. As the guards take Madison away, she tells Mo to remember what they took from her. As soon as the boat leaves with Mo, Grace starts crying. She’s ordered to return to her post at the radio tower. As for Morgan, Shrike says they can’t run the risk that Mo and Morgan will cross paths again when she knows he’s her father. He’s retired as a collector. The guards take him away too.

Back in PADRE, Ren tells PADRE that she’s okay and wants to be a part of the future that PADRE is building. She apologizes to Dove for causing trouble. PADRE says they will forgive this transgression. And future incidents could have serious consequences. Mo returns to training against walkers and has a new found confidence that everyone can see. 

THE WALKING DEAD Series Finale Recap: (S11E24) Rest In Peace

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