Fear the Walking Dead season five ended on quite a cliffhanger. In “The End is the Beginning,” after getting shot and left for dead, Morgan’s (Lennie James) fate is revealed.

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The episode starts out with a man spray painting the words, “The End.” A walker approaches him. 

A ranger (Demetrius Grosse) sits by a campfire in the darkness of night when he gets a visitor. He asks for the ranger’s help. Someone is chasing him. The ranger gives him some food and starts talking about beans. The stranger is wearing a key and hides it. A hunting dog shows up and the stranger says it’s the same dog that’s been chasing him. The ranger says the dog’s name is Rufus and it’s his dog. He cuts off the stranger’s head and puts it in a box. 

Ginny (Colby Minifie) radios the ranger and asks for his help. She wants him to find Morgan Jones and will pay in gasoline. The ranger asks if Mr. Jones is dead or alive. She doesn’t know, but she will soon. The ranger writes Morgan’s name on a box and leaves. 

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Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan is alive, but in bad shape. Four of Ginny’s rangers pass by so Morgan is still in her territory. Another walker approaches when Morgan gets out of the limo but the walker passes by. He goes to a water tower, where there’s a bunker set up inside. He has medicine, food and other supplies there. Morgan packs a bag and sets out again. 

Morgan walks to a nearby town and finds a gun with no ammo. A group of walkers approach. Morgan falls to the ground, trying to get to his aikido stick. The walkers look at him, but pass him by.  A young man runs up behind the walkers and kills them all. He almost kills Morgan, thinking he’s a walker too. He picks up Morgan and they go inside of a general store.

The man’s name is Isaac (Michael Abbott Jr). He’s a former marine and he doesn’t like the way Morgan’s gunshot looks or smells. Morgan’s shoulder has gangrene. Isaac tries to help Morgan, but Morgan doesn’t want it. He says the person who shot him is still looking for him and Isaac doesn’t want to get mixed up in it. 

The ranger and Rufus show up and Isaac tries to tell him that Morgan isn’t there. Rufus finds Morgan’s blanket and the ranger thinks he’s hiding. Isaac says he was chased into the store by a group of rotters. One of them could be who the ranger is looking for. The ranger breaks some things and attracts a small group of walkers before leaving. Isaac goes out to kill the walkers and sees Morgan laying on the road.


Morgan wakes up in the water tower and Isaac is tending to his shoulder. Morgan refuses Isaac’s help, but Isaac says the bullet is still in his shoulder. He asks if Morgan stitched himself up and he didn’t. Morgan asks him to leave.

Isaac needs Morgan’s help. He saw the video tapes. He knows who Morgan is. Isaac says his wife is eight months pregnant and starting having contractions. He wants Morgan to go with him to clear out the walkers surrounding the entrance of their hideout. Isaac was looking for a gun when he met Morgan and even has a few shells. Morgan gives him a gun and tells him to leave. 

Isaac won’t take no for an answer. He wants Morgan to walk past the walkers and take the supplies to his wife. Morgan continues to protest, but then the water tower shakes. The ranger caught up to them, backed into the tower, and caused it to fall. He approaches the tower while Morgan and Isaac look for the gun. Morgan shoots the ranger. He and Isaac grab their bags and run for the ranger’s truck. They take off, leaving the ranger to fight off a group of walkers. 

Isaac assists Morgan with a group of walkers on Fear the Walking Dead

Michael Abbott Jr as Isaac- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The road is blocked so they have to walk. Morgan wants to return to the tower. He says the ranger will be gone and the tower is important. It’s not for him, but for the person who helped him. 

Morgan says he was shot and walkers were about to tear into him. He heard gunshots and saw the walkers drop. He doesn’t know who killed them because he blacked out. Morgan woke up in the water tower, patched up. Whoever did it left him a note saying they heard Morgan’s last message to his group, telling them to live. The note says he needs to do the same and he still has things to do. 

Isaac thinks Morgan was setting up the tower for someone so they would be safe. He says the place where he’s staying is safe for all of them. Morgan asks why Isaac is doing this. Isaac says if Morgan gives him his family, he will take care of Morgan’s family too. Morgan changes his mind and leaves with Isaac.


Isaac knows all about Morgan’s family and is surprised to find out that Grace (Karen David) was actually pregnant and not dying. He asks if Ginny split them up and that causes Morgan to go on the defense. Morgan didn’t mention Ginny. He’s worried that Isaac is working for Ginny and plans to take him to her. Isaac says he actually ran away from Ginny too. 

Isaac used to be a ranger. He saw the tape and liked the idea of living a safe life with no strings attached. Morgan was offering something that Ginny is charging for. He didn’t want his child to have to pay that cost. So he and his wife ran away. Isaac knows a safe life is possible and he wants Morgan to be a part of it. Isaac wants to take the bullet out of Morgan’s shoulder, but Morgan says it’s too late. 

They arrive at Isaac’s home. It’s behind a dam. There is a small opening in the dam, with a group of walkers surrounding it. Morgan is afraid that Ginny will find this place, but Isaac is certain that she won’t. Isaac gives the bag of supplies to Morgan and asks him to take it to his wife. There is another way in through the mountains but it will take him a couple of days. 

Morgan walks through the walkers and falls over. His condition is worsening. He attracts attention when he yells in pain. Isaac shoots a walker who gets too close. Morgan stands up and tells the walkers where he is. The walkers surround him and Morgan uses his stick to kill most of them. 

The Ranger closes in on Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead

Demetrius Grosse as Emile- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Isaac says his grandfather used to take him fishing at the lake. The dam broke and the lake dried up. On the map, all you see is a lake, which is why Ginny will never find it. They hear a woman moaning. Isaac’s wife, Rachel (Brigitte Kali Canales) says she is close to giving birth and Isaac is excited. 

Later that night, Isaac continues his story about the lake. He said his grandfather told him that they flooded a town to make the lake. When he went to find his fishing cabin, they found the town instead. The place has water, the soil is rich, and they can rebuild it. Morgan doesn’t want any part of it.

Morgan says he survived thinking he needed to get the water tower ready. Maybe it was about getting Isaac home to his family. They hear Rufus barking. Morgan decides to go face the ranger alone. He asks Isaac to find his people and bring them to the lake. 


Morgan asks the ranger to leave Isaac alone and he will go with him.  The ranger agrees and walks towards Morgan. Morgan gets on his knees and prepares to die. He closes his eyes and hears the ranger grunt. He looks up and sees Isaac fighting with the ranger. Morgan grabs his aikido stick and fights the ranger off of Isaac. He tells Isaac to get inside

Isaac tells Morgan that he can’t die. He needs him to rebuild this place. Isaac reveals that he was bit. It happened the first time he tried to get through the walkers. Morgan says he can’t be who Isaac needs him to be. 

The ranger gets up and knocks out Isaac. He fights with Morgan and grabs his shoulder. Morgan groans in pain and lays on the ground. The Ranger grabs his ax. Morgan sees the note and finds the strength to hold off the ranger. He uses his aikido stick to block the ax. Morgan pushes back at the ranger, causing him to lose the ax and break the aikido stick. The ranger trips and Morgan uses the stick to stab him in the chest. Morgan takes the ax and cuts off the ranger’s head. 

Virginia gets Morgan's message on Fear the Walking Dead

Colby Minifie as Virginia, Craig Nigh as Hill – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Isaac wakes up. Morgan tells Isaac the message he left for his people. He told them to live. They hear a baby crying and Isaac runs to meet his kid. Morgan passes out. When he wakes up, Rufus is licking his face. Isaac removed the bullet and Morgan is all patched up. Rachel is nearby with the baby. She had a girl and they named her Morgan. Unfortunately, Isaac died.

Morgan finds the ranger’s head and the key. A walker got into the dam, so Morgan grabs the aikido stick to take care of it. He looks over and sees the ax and decides to use it instead. 

Elsewhere, Ginny’s convoy stops because of a road block of bodies. Ginny gets out of the SWAT van and looks at the box in the road. The box is labeled Morgan Jones and Ginny smiles. She opens the box and finds the ranger’s head inside. At first Ginny laughs, but then gets worried. She realizes that Morgan knew she would be at that exact location.

Ginny gets on the radios and says she thought she needed Morgan to be dead for this to work but she doesn’t. She needs them to think he’s dead though. If he tries to convince them otherwise, she will add his friends to the pile of dead bodies. Someone answers and says Morgan Jones is dead. She is dealing with somebody else now. He watches her from afar on horseback. 


The stranger continues to spray paint the words, “The End is the Beginning”. He kills a walker and his friend joins him. They are waiting for someone that should have been there by now. More walkers are coming so they can’t stay in that place. But they need that key. They walk away, revealing that they were waiting by a submarine that washed ashore. 

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