After a seven year time jump, the Fear the Walking Dead family has more to fear from the living. In”Bluejay,” June (Jenna Elfman) isolates herself from her loved ones, to protect them, when an unwanted reunion forces her to face the consequences of her actions.

Last week, we found out that Morgan (Lennie James) and some of the family gave into the rules of PADRE and started working for them. However, Morgan was not aware of everyone’s location. This week, we catch up with June, who obviously was assigned to medical care.

June is alone and not inside the walls of PADRE. She spends most of her days on the lookout for the PADRE scouts. She has a routine of shooting the scouts with tranquilizers, pulling them to the shore, taking their weapons and cutting off their trigger fingers. 

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What she doesn’t know is that someone has been watching her. His name is Adrian (Jonathan Medina) and he’s looking for his daughter Hanna. He thinks June may know where she is and tries to describe her. He points at a bracelet on his wrist that Hannah made, saying the girl will have one just like it on her wrist. June does not want to help him and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t leave. Two things we discover here. One, Adrian says there are others on the island that want to put a stop to PADRE. And two, June is willing to kill anyone who disturbs her isolation. She also says PADRE uses the people you love against you. Hmmm …

The next day, June finds her latest targets. She knocks them out, inadvertently kills one of the scouts and quickly discovers the remaining two scouts are her friends Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista). She also finds a kid named Finch (Gavin Warren) in the boat. 

Dwight and Sherry are transporting Finch to a clinic because he has appendicitis. But since they found June, they ask her to do the surgery. She agrees on one condition. They get her a boat so she can get far away from PADRE. Dwight and Sherry are eager to get the kid help, making June realize that Finch is their son.

June runs into a familiar face on Fear the Walking Dead

Jenna Elfman as June – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

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June takes the kid and scouts to an abandoned train. The place is set up as a hospital, with all kinds of medical equipment. Sherry quickly finds evidence that there was more than just triage going on there. She finds a notebook full of pictures of people with some kind of infection. 

Adrian arrives, thinking June is in trouble. There is a struggle and a gun goes off.The bullet hits the breaker box and the power goes out. After everyone calms down, June explains that they are there to help Finch. Adrian is surprised to learn that June was once a part of PADRE. She reveals that she was forced to do research on individuals who were bitten to find a cure, She assures Adrian that she’s not working with them, except to help Finch. But they need power to do the surgery. Dwight and Sherry leave to find the backup generator and turn it on, but they cant’ walk through the train. The other cars are full of the dead.

While they are away, Sherry tells Dwight that she doesn’t want to go back to PADRE, not after what June told them. And the time they are spending with their son makes her want to take him away. PADRE is not safe. Dwight is a bit scared. They’ve never really tried being a family. But he agrees and they have a cute moment. That moment ends when they fall into a box car filled with walkers.

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Dwight and Sherry are trapped. June leaves to help them, despite their objections. Adrian tries to go with her, but she insists he stay behind. She gets overwhelmed with walkers and Adrian has to save her. Finch wakes up and is ready to fight the dead. The three of them go into the car where Dwight and Sherry are trapped. They easily take care of the dead and all seems well.

Jonathan makes a shocking discovery on Fear the Walking Dead

Jonathan Medina as Adrian – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Adrian sees another car full of walkers. A young girl walker is banging on the window. She is wearing a friendship bracelet that Adrian described to June. He gets upset, knowing the girl is his daughter. June explains that she treated Hannah for asthma when she arrived on the island and cared for her like her own daughter. One day Hannah got bit on her back, so June couldn’t amputate the bite. June remembered that Alicia survived for a long time with a bite, and thinks her exposure to radiation is the reason. 

June gave Hannah radioactive treatment and it worked, but the radiation killed the rest of her body. She wanted to bury Hannah, but Shrike (Maya Eshet) wouldn’t let her. She held a gun to June’s head and forced her to do the same radioactive treatment on others. And that’s who these dead people are. So one day, June decided to leave. But first, she cut Shrike’s trigger finger off so she could never hold a gun to her head. Adrian starts crying, knowing his baby girl is one of the undead. He goes into the room to give her a hug and dies. 

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June completes Finch’s surgery. Dwight and Sherry tell her that they plan to leave with her and Finch. They want to be a family. June doesn’t want to be around people because the people she loves get hurt. Dwight explains that he wouldn’t have a family if it wasn’t for John and June. June is family and he wants her with them; if she wants that too. June agrees to leave with them.

Shrike and her PADRE guards arrive and knock out June. When she wakes up, the guards have separated Dwight and Sherry from Finch, who is still asleep from surgery. Shrike says it’s time for June, aka Bluejay to resume her research to find a cure. Finding a cure will keep the kids safe and that’s PADRE’s mission. She brings in a walker head and straps it to a device above Finch’s bed. 

Dwight and Sherry start freaking out while the guards hold them back. June tries to jump in and stop Shrike, but there are too many guards. Shrike says the reason they failed the first time was because June didn’t have anyone she loved to fight for. Now she does. Shrike moves the walker so that it’s able to bite Finch in the shoulder. Everyone screams for Finch to wake up, but it’s too late. Dwight vows to kill Shrike.

Jenna Elfman as June – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

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The guards take Sherry and Dwight away. Shrike tells June to get to work. She will be getting more patients soon. But first, Shrike cuts off her trigger finger so Bluejay can’t hurt them again. 

Elsewhere, Morgan and Madison (Kim Dickens) are being transported somewhere in the back of a truck. Madison asks Morgan what’s holding him back from being the person that Mo (Zoey Merchant) needs him to be. He says it has something to do that he did … or didn’t do, a long time ago. She asks if he can fix it and he might be able to fix some of it. Madison says Mo needs him. He needs to do whatever it takes for him to move forward. 

Madison starts coughing and can’t continue the conversation. She falls over in the truck and Morgan starts yelling for the driver to stop. The driver and one other guard stop to check on her. They pull Madison up and start to give her oxygen. Madison pushes the two guards out of the truck and knocks one out. While she struggles with the second, she yells at Morgan to run. Morgan jumps out and runs away.

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