Parents will do anything to protect their children on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Fighting Like You,” Madison (Kim Dickens) and Troy’s (Daniel Sharman) fight comes to a close. 

For the last four episodes, Madison has been looking for Alicia’s corpse while fighting Troy for possession of PADRE. Troy wants to provide a safe home for his daughter Tracy (Antonella Rose) and get back at Madison at the same time. He blames her for his wife’s death. The fight between Madison and Troy has spilled over to become the fight for all of the Fear Family. Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Daniel (Rubén Blades) tried to stay out of it. June (Jenna Elfman), Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista)  tried working with Troy. And Victor (Colman Domingo) is trying to help Madison find a better resolution. For Madison, the only resolution is to kill Troy.


Madison and Daniel had Tracy in custody, but she got away. She returned to Troy and now he can implement his plan to take over the island. His right hand man, Russell (Randy Bernales) leads the herd while Troy and Tracy take her mother’s corpse, Serina, in another direction. Troy’s plan is to have Serina kill Madison. Unfortunately, they trip a wire and their truck is tossed off the road by a tree. 

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Troy is injured and pinned inside the truck. Tracy leaves to find help and encounters Madison in the m-wrap. While Madison is on the walkie with Victor, Tracy sneaks in to use the truck radio to contact Russell. Madison stops her before she can turn the radio on. Tracy tells her what happened to them and how Troy needs help. Madison ties her up in the truck and calls Victor to tell him where to find the truck.  She says she’s off to kill Troy. 


Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Seth F. Johnson/AMC

When Madison finds Troy, there are walkers all over the truck. Troy is talking to Russell asking him to look after Tracy. Madison kills all of the walkers, pulls Troy out of the truck and they start fighting. Troy tries to move Madison close enough to Serina so the walker can bite her, but Madison kills Serina. Madison moves to kill Troy, but he stops her, saying only he can stop the herd. He says he will tell Madison where the herd is if she will take him to Tracy. Madison isn’t so sure she can trust him, but agrees to take him to see his daughter one last time. She calls Victor to meet them. Victor and the Alicia Clark fan club find Tracy watching Al’s videos in the m-wrap.

Troy buries Serina and tells Madison how Alicia killed her. When Serina was pregnant with Tracy, she got bit. Alicia saved her, cutting off her arm above the bite. Serina worshiped Alicia and decided to help people like Alicia did. One day, someone killed her for helping them. Troy found Serina before she died. Serina said she blamed Alicia and Troy promised to never let Tracy get hurt like that.

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A walker shows up, distracting Madison and giving Troy a chance to run away. He trips over another wire and ends up in a hole. Madison gloats that this just isn’t Troy’s day. But it’s not hers either when Crane (Daniel Rashid) shows up and knocks her out. Crane gathered enough followers to attack Madison. He wants the island back and tries to make a deal with Troy. He tells Troy to call off the herd and they can stay on the island. Crane holds a radio to Troy’s face, but Madison yells to Victor instead, telling him where they are. Crane decides to take Troy to his people so they can stop the herd attack. 


Daniel and Luciana attack Crane’s convoy, saving Troy and Madison. But! They are prepared to kill Troy as soon as they are safe. Madison won’t let them hurt him because only he can call off the herd. She tells them to find Victor and then find them on the road. She also promises to kill Troy when everything is over. Daniel warns that if she doesn’t kill Troy, he will. 

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Seth F. Johnson/AMC

Madison and Troy take off down the road and encounter Crane again. Crane chases them to a bridge made of a rope. The bridge is old and dangerous, but they have to cross. They get halfway when Crane cuts the rope. Troy and Madison fall in the swamp below. The water is like quicksand and Crane watches as Madison struggles not to sink.Crane tells Troy about how Madison killed his sister by letting her get bit. Watching Madison get bit is all the justice he needs for his sister. He reminds her that they saved Madison at the stadium. And now his sister is dead because of her too … just like Nick and Alicia.

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A group of walkers show up. Madison yells for them and they surround Crane, knocking him down and killing him. While they sink into the swamp, Troy apologizes to Madison for attacking her. He tells her where Russell is leading the herd. He knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance, but Tracy does. Troy apologizes again saying he didn’t want things to end like this. Troy goes under as Madison says the world is better off without people like them. Madison goes under too.


Madison wakes up with Victor, Daniel and Luciana standing above her. Troy was able to pull her out of the water, saving them both. He saved her because of Serina. He admits that he lied. Alicia did save Serina and gave her the St. Christopher’s medallion. Serina also did not blame Alicia for her death. She made Troy promise to keep Alicia’s legacy alive, but he broke that promise. Saving Madison was his second chance to keep his promise to Serina. 

Jenna Elfman as June, Jayla Walton as Dove – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Seth F. Johnson/AMC

Russell radios Troy, proud of the herd that they’ve gathered. Troy says he can see it and tells Russell to get down. Madison drives up and starts shooting at the herd, giving her some space. The kids from PADRE drive up and lead the herd away so they can break it up.  Once everyone is safe, the  group talks about what to do with Troy. No one wants to take him to the island, except for Victor, who says Troy earned his second chance. While they talk, Tracy expresses her pride in Troy because he did what he said he would do and helped Madison. 

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Madison asks to talk to Troy alone, so Tracy leaves to help the others. Troy says things have changed and he is grateful for a second chance. He asks Madison to believe in him. She stabs him with Alicia’s rotted hand instead.  Tracy sees Madison stab Troy and screams. Everyone turns to watch, shocked at Madison’s actions. She defends herself saying it’s the only way they all survive. 

Troy holds onto Madison’s shoulder and asks her to fight for Tracy the way she fought for Nick and Alicia. He changes his story again, saying Serina actually died before their baby was born. Tracy is Alicia’s daughter. Troy says he took Tracy to make up for what he lost. Madison starts screaming while Tracy runs away.

RIP Troy Otto.

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