Sometimes, things don’t happen as planned on Fear the Walking Dead. In “In Dreams,” Grace (Karen David) finds herself in an unknown place and has trouble piecing together how she got there as she prepares to give birth. 

It was strange that this lady who was preparing to die at the end of season five is due to give birth any day now. Grace is certain that she’s having a boy and Morgan (Lennie James) couldn’t be more excited; even if he’s not the biological father. Grace and Morgan are certain that her child is a symbol of hope.

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Grace woke up in a field and a walker in her face. A nice young lady, about 16 years of age, named Athena (Sahana Srinivasan) saves Grace. Athena has some very familiar fighting skills with a bo staff. She says her father taught her how to fight. It’s a very pretty field with trees of fushia surrounding them. Athena knows it’s not safe though and leads Grace to her community. 

When they get to Athena’s community, it’s the dam, but with upgraded walls. A older gentleman meets them the door. Athena calls him dad and he looks a lot like and sounds like Morgan. Grace realizes it is Morgan and she has somehow transported into the future.  

It takes a while for Morgan to realize that this is the Grace he knew 16 years ago. He says that his Grace died giving birth to Athena. Grace is amazed of how mature and strong Athena is. But she doesn’t tell Athena who she is. Grace doesn’t know how or why she’s there. Until she can explain, she asks Morgan to keep her identity quiet for now.


Dr. June Dorie (Jenna Elfman) shows up to check out the new arrival. She’s with a grown up Charlie (Mary Katherine Duhon), June’s apprentice. They don’t recognize Grace at all, but say that she’s okay. Grace is amazed at how much the community grew. They have crops, livestock, new homes, and more people. Morgan said they struggled about how to run the place. When Grace had Athena, the community rallied around the child and things fell into place. 

In the future, Strand (Colman Domingo) and Daniel (Rubén Blades) are best friends. Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) finally figured things out and have a couple of kids. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) moved away to start her own community at the baseball field. Lucianam (Danay Garcia)  and Wes (Colby Hollman) went with her. Al (Maggie Grace) left before that, saying she was chasing a story, but they knew she was actually chasing somebody.

Morgan, Athena and Grace go on a run together and come across a beat up car. The car says “The End is the Beginning.” The car explodes and that’s when Grace starts remembering. Walkers appear and Morgan disappears, leaving Grace and Athena to fend for themselves. 

Morgan watches for approaching danger on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Grace pieces together what actually happened to her. In Grace’s head, she is lost in the future. In reality, she is unconscious. Morgan tries to wake her up and Grace can hear him, but she can’t find him. Grace sees Riley (Nick Stahl) though, triggering images of her baby’s father and being alone in the power plant. 

Grace went into labor. She and Morgan left the community to go to June’s hospital. They came upon the beat up car and it exploded. Riley and a few of his men jumped out and chased Morgan and Grace. Morgan lost them and was able to carry Grace to an abandoned veterinary hospital, but she’s unconscious. In Grace’s dream, she leads Athena to the same hospital.

While Morgan tries to wake up Grace, Grace realizes she can hear Morgan talking through Athena’s walkman. Morgan calls for June’s help, but they are out of gas and are five hours away on horseback. She tries talking to Morgan, but he can’t hear her. 

Riley catches up with Morgan in real life and starts shooting at them. He says Morgan has something they want. Morgan puts Grace in a wheelbarrow and moves her to the stables.  In the dream, Grace asks Athena to take her to the vet hospital or she will break her walkman. Along the way, Grace and Athena encounter Riley and his men. Grace has a contraction, but it goes away before Riley can attack her. Grace kills Riley in her dream. 


The contraction also affects Athena. She tells the girl that she’s her mother. There’s a lot that Athena wants to know, but she has to wait. Grace needs to wake up so she can deliver the baby. Along the way, Grace tells Athena about her real father. His name was Matthew and a big Roy Orbison fan. His favorite song was In Dreams. Grace hears Morgan again  as they get closer to the vet hospital.

When they get to the stables, Grace realizes that she’s dying. She’s still sick from the radiation poisoning. These will be the only moments she will ever spend with her daughter. She tells Athena that she will be strong and will bring everyone together. She’s the hope they need. 

Walker Riley shows up and attacks Grace and Athena. In the real world, they attack Morgan. He says the key will change everything and they won’t leave without it. Grace and Athena get rid of Riley and his men. Morgan kills them all except Riley. Riley runs away, but he’s hurt pretty bad. Morgan stabbed him in the chest. 

In the dream, Athena is wearing the key. Morgan gave it to her to remind her of the cost of peace. Riley returns in the dream and grabs Athena. Grace stops breathing. Riley says they are already dead. In the real world, Morgan starts CPR. He can’t revive her and starts praying.

Is Athena the hope for the future on Fear the Walking Dead?

Sahana Sprinivasan as Athena – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

In the dream, Morgan arrives and saves Athena. Grace gets up and they see a light come through a door. She doesn’t want to say goodbye, but she has too. Grace tells Athena to remember when she gets older. Athena tells her to record something for her so she will remember. Grace says goodbye to her daughter, saying she will always be with her. She tells Athena to let go and walks through the door.

Grace wakes up in the real world and Riley returns, ramming a truck into the stables. She tells Morgan that she’s going to have a girl named Athena. And Grace won’t survive, but it will be okay. Grace starts recording things for Athena. Riley returns and rams his truck in to the stables. Morgan barely moves Grace out of the way.

Riley has a gun and asks for the key. He points the gun at Grace. Morgan wants to know what the key opens and why they want it. Riley won’t tell him. Grace says the key is the cost of peace and tells Morgan to give Riley the key. The key is not the future, Athena is. She’s going to create a future where people like Riley don’t win. He’s already lost; he just doesn’t know it yet. Morgan hands over the key and Riley leaves. 

Grace says they have nothing to worry about. Athena will bring everyone together and give them something to fight for. Grace believes this to be true, so Morgan says okay. He believes it too. Grace gives birth with Morgan’s help to the song In Dreams. When Morgan pulls the baby out, she’s not crying. He tries his best to get her to breath, but the baby is stillborn. Grace realizes those last moments weren’t hers, but Athena’s. Grace holds her daughter as she and Morgan cry.

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