Things have been very stressful lately on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Handle with Care,” Daniel (Rubén Blades) recounts one stressful day for the new community and some friendly visitors. 

Virginia (Colby Minifie) inflicted a lot of trauma on Morgan (Lennie James) and the Fear Family. Now that she’s gone, she leaves behind at least two problems: Dakota (Zoe Colletti) and an unknown enemy. This new enemy attacked the oil refinery and are spray painting a message everywhere. They know about Virginia’s communities, so it was only a matter of time before they strike. All anyone can do is prepare. 

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Something crazy happened one day at Morgan’s new community. Daniel recounts the events of the day starting by saying he woke up with a hopeful feeling. Everyone at the new community is working together to rebuild the buildings and grow food. On this particular day, Morgan invited some old friends to his new home. Sarah (Mo Collins), Sherry (Christine Evangelista), and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) arrive at Morgan’s invitation to discuss a possible threat to their very existence. The people who spray paint the message “The End is the Beginning.” These people have been tagging different communities and destroyed the oil refinery. And yet, no one knows who they are or where to find them. 

The guests are asked to relinquish all of their weapons before entering the gates. Only Morgan and Daniel have the keys to the weapons shed and Daniel logs all of the weapons. Strand has one more thing to check in … Skidmark, the cat. Daniel is happy to see Skidmark.

Daniel speaks to an unknown audience about that day. He admits that he feels guilty about lying about his memory. He knows if he told anyone what he and Morgan were doing, they wouldn’t be safe now. Daniel even fooled Strand, who knows Daniel all too well. Daniel apologizes for lying, but Strand knows what it means to do anything to survive. Strand asks about Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), but she’s not home. She and Al (Maggie Grace) went on a supply run, maybe timing it on purpose to avoid running into Strand. 

Grace starts having contractions on Fear the Walking Dead

Karen David as Grace, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Before the meeting gets started, Grace (Karen David) starts having contractions. Sarah, who’s been helping June (Jenna Elfman) checks Grace but they can’t check the baby without a fetal monitor. Luckily Morgan knows where to find one, but only he can get to it. Sherry lets him use the SWAT van to get there and back quickly. Until he returns, Daniel will conduct the meeting.

This meeting doesn’t begin in the best way. Dakota is sitting at the table and everyone is weary of her. Daniel and Morgan thought Dakota might have some insight about the spray painters. Instead of discussing what they know about these people, the group starts turning on each other, reminding everyone of the things that went wrong these past few weeks. It all comes down to there being a possible traitor in their communities.

And that’s when it happened. An explosion rocks the community. Everyone runs to the explosion site. Daniel says they had dynamite to clear a field next to the gate. He thinks a rock from the mountains could have fallen and set it off. This only intensifies everyone’s suspicion.


The explosion attracts a group of walkers. Sherry and Strand ask for their weapons back, but Daniel refuses. He wants to wait for Morgan to return with the wrap around, thinking the the van will kill more walkers than their guns. And then he gets a look at the gates. There is a good possibility that the walkers could get through. After some consideration, Daniel decides that maybe they should get some guns out. He and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) open the shack and all of the guns are missing. At that moment, Daniel realized that they have a traitor.

In the meantime, Grace is getting worse. Daniel sends her to a fish shack in the woods and gives her a bag of food and supplies. He asks Charlie to help him search for the weapons. She quickly gets caught by Rollie (Cory Hart) who pretty much threatens Charlie if he catches her again. Daniel sends her to the shack with Grace. He says he can’t do what he needs to do to find who took the weapons.  

A small group of walkers get through the dam and everyone has to improvise with chairs, tools and paint cans to fight them off. Dwight (Austin Amelio) gets pushed down with a walker on top of him. Strand walks up and shoots the walker off of Dwight. Daniel immediately accuses Strand of taking the weapons. He let the walkers in on purpose to draw out the traitor and Strand came forth first. Daniel locks him up in a cell in the church. 


Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

One of the gates is about to give in. Daniel demands that Strand tell him where the weapons are, but Strand insists he doesn’t know. Daniel turns to the rest of the visitors and demands that they tell him where the weapons are. When no one answers, he sends Dwight to check their tents. Sherry stops him, but only to turn the focus on Grace and Charlie. Daniel says he sent them to a safe place. Luciana (Danay Garcia) says Daniel is focusing on the wrong thing. They need to work together to keep everyone else safe. 

While everyone tries to reinforce the front gates, Daniel returns to Strand. He tries to intimidate Strand by telling him what a bullet to the face really does to a person. Strand asks for Daniel’s forgiveness, but all Daniel wants are the weapons. Daniel raise the gun to shoot Strand and he stops when he hears multiple gunfire. Morgan is back. 

Daniel fills in Morgan on everything that’s happened. Morgan is more concerned about Grace and heads for the fish shack. While he’s away, Daniel continues to work on Strand. Strand turns the tables on Daniel and asks what Daniel really wants. Strand already knows. Daniel wants the new community to succeed. 

Daniel tells his audiences that he didn’t know it at the time, but Strand was right. He tells his audience about when he found out his wife was pregnant with his daughter Ophelia. They packed their things and moved to Los Angeles to give their daughter a better life.  He wanted to give her a better home. And now he needs this community to succeed to create a new home. That way he can redeem himself of the lies he told and for Ophelia.


Morgan calls Daniel on the radio and says Grace is not at the shack. Everyone heads to the woods looking for Grace and Charlie. After some time of calling her on the radio, Grace answers. When they find her, Sarah checks in on Grace and the baby. Daniel asks why they didn’t go to the shack, but Grace says he told her to avoid the shack. Daniel insists that he sent her there and Charlie heard him. Charlie says Daniel sent them to the caverns. Grace pulls out a map that Daniel gave to her and the caverns are marked. Daniel gets confused.

Sarah wants to move Grace to a more comfortable location, so they get up to return home. Luciana radios Morgan to let him know that they found the weapons, but she wants to show him where. When they get back, Luciana and Dwight meet them at Daniel’s shack. All of the weapons were in a wagon inside the shack. Daniel says someone is trying to frame him because he did not put the guns in the shack. He blames everyone else, thinking someone is trying to make him look bad and turn everyone against each other. Morgan carefully asks Daniel if he’s feeling okay and Daniel admits that he doesn’t know.

Daniel is talking to June about all of this from inside a cell. June reassures him that they will figure out what’s going one with him. She runs a battery of cognitive tests and determines that whatever is wrong with him is not neurological, but psychological and it’s treatable. Daniel wonders why this is happening and June says it could be because he finally slowed down. And now he has something to lose. Daniel admits he was worried about something bad happening to the community.

June is not a psychologist, so she needs to do some research. She promises that she will return to help him. Morgan asks if Daniel is faking it, but June doesn’t think so. June also helped Grace settle down. She had braxton hicks, but June checks on her one more time before leaving. 

Charlie worries about Daniel on Fear the Walking Dea

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Daniel still sits in his cell while everyone else decides to leave. They all feel like the community is no longer safe, even though that group spray painted all over the area. They probably know where everyone is. Dakota remembers hearing Virginia say that that group is laying low, like they live underground. The last place she sent scouts to was in Dallas. Dwight remembers seeing graffiti and spray paint cans in the building where they found Nora. That’s also the direction that Alicia and Al were headed. Luciana volunteers herself and Wes (Colby Hollman) to catch up with Alicia to check the place out and report back. Morgan asks everyone to return to decide later what to do next. 

Daniel packs his things and grabs a horse. Charlie runs after him, wondering why he’s leaving. Daniel thinks he’s too dangerous to stay with them. He gets upset because the last time these things happened, he set a house on fire. He says he’s going to the warehouse, but Strand invites him to stay in Lawton. Daniel would have a better chance of survival and they have the means to keep him safe. Strand wants to do this for Ophelia so Daniel will have a better life. Morgan asks if Strand really plans to keep Daniel safe after Daniel put a gun to his face. Strand thinks Daniel is safer with him than with Morgan. Daniel says goodbye to Charlie and Morgan and tells them not to worry.

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