Last week’s Fear the Walking Dead was a heartbreaker, but there’s still “Things Left To Do”.  In this week’s episode, both Morgan (Lennie James) and Virginia’s (Colby Minifie) communities will feel the ramifications of John’s (Garret Dillahunt) death. How far with each of them go to protect their families? 

A lot is about to happen. Here’s a quick rundown: 

Dakota (Zoe Colletti) revealed that not only did she save Morgan at the Gulch, she also killed Ranger Cameron that ultimately led to Janice’s execution. Then she killed John so no one would find out about the murder. Now she wants Morgan to kill Virginia

Virginia has a lot of Morgan’s people and is using them as leverage for the return of her sister. With Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) on her side, she may have the upper hand. What she doesn’t know is that Sherry (Christine Evangelista) and her people are still out for revenge on Virginia as well. This is something John would call “ugly mustard.”

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June (Jenna Elfman) finds John’s gun while burying him. She’s kind of in a daze but can hear Virginia yelling at Morgan on the radio to bring Dakota home. June just looks at the gun, but Hill (Craig Nigh) sees it as a threat and takes the gun from her. Virginia starts to accuse June of trying to kill her, but June asks why Dakota killed John. Virginia says she doesn’t know, but June doesn’t believe that.

Back at Lawton, Strand lead the rangers in bringing Daniel (Rubén Blades), Luciana (Danay Garcia), Sarah (Mo Collins) and Grace (Karen David) out to the street. Virginia returns and they add June to the lineup. Luciana asks about John and she can tell by June’s face that he’s dead. She asks Virginia how many people have to die because of her.

Virginia has them lined up so she can ask them where Morgan is hiding. She is certain that they know but none of them want to talk. She calls Morgan on the radio and demands that he bring Dakota back to Lawton. Virginia threatens to kill Grace first. Grace says she won’t kill any of them because then she has nothing. That sets off Virginia and she holds her only hand in the air, signaling her men to get ready to shoot.

Morgan rides in to save his friends on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan shows up and tells Virginia that she will never see Dakota again if she hurts him or his friends. Morgan uses this latest stand off to tell the rangers that Dakota actually killed Ranger Cameron and Virginia covered it up by putting the blame on Janice and killing her. There’s no future in this place with Virginia.

Virginia turns to Strand to start killing Morgan’s friend, but he turns on her too. He agrees with Morgan, if they follow her, they too will end up dead. Virginia tries to shoot Strand, but she’s too slow and he shoots her in the shoulder. Hill jumps in front of her and she grabs Grace, taking her hostage. Hill grabs Daniel and a shoot-out begins.

Virginia and Hill put Daniel and Grace into a car and Hill leaves. Virginia stays behind but is immediately caught by Morgan. The shooting stops and Strand demands that Morgan hand over Virginia to him. Morgan won’t do it because Hill has Grace and Daniel. He throws Virginia into a van and they take off.


Morgan takes Virginia to the water tower and wants to know that Daniel and Grace are okay. Virginia radios Hill and Grace is allowed to talk to Morgan. Virginia ends the conversation by saying she will check in soon. Morgan stopped the bleeding, but there is still a bullet in Virginia’s shoulder. He also tells Virginia that Dakota saved him at the Gulch. Virginia doesn’t believe him, so he gives her the note. She recognizes Dakota’s handwriting and gets upset. Morgan asks what she did to that poor girl. Virginia admits that Dakota is not her sister, but her daughter.

Virginia begins her sob story, but Morgan hears a truck approaching. It’s the SWAT van. He picks up Virginia and tells her to run. They barely make it out alive as the SWAT van shoots at them, hitting the gas tank and the truck loses fuel. Morgan and Virginia get out to run. Sherry and her people stop the SWAT van and get out to pursue them through the woods.

Morgan and Virginia split up when Sherry’s people start shooting at them. Virginia finds a downed tree and hides under it. Sherry finds her but Morgan stops her before she can shoot. Morgan tells Sherry to stop because people he cares about could die if Virginia dies. Sherry is tired of waiting for Morgan. Virginia says she doesn’t even recognize Sherry. This gives Morgan a chance to knock the gun out of Sherry’s hands and she falls to the ground. Sherry says Morgan is just as bad as Virginia. He thinks he’s helping people but he’s really hurting them. Morgan says Virginia will get what’s coming to her, but that time is not now. He picks up Virginia and runs.

Dwight and Alicia confer with Morgan about their next move on Fear the Walking Dead

Austin Amelio as Dwight, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan asks if Virginia was telling the truth about Dakota. She says she wouldn’t lie about something like that. He’s taking her to his new settlement, and she asks him to let her, and Dakota go away together. Morgan says Dakota won’t go anywhere with her, but she doesn’t believe it. Virginia thinks he just wants to kill her and yes he does … just like Dakota asked  him to. But he won’t let that be the reason he survived.

They get to the settlement and no one is happy to see Virginia with Morgan. He fills them in on the situation and says the only way to save Daniel and Grace is to get Dakota. They put Dakota in a church and are going to put Virginia in there with her daughter. Al (Maggie Grace) radios Morgan to let him know that Strand is there with his rangers.

Strand and HIS rangers are there. Sherry and the SWAT van are there. And they all want justice for everything Virginia has done. Morgan doesn’t want to hand her over until he gets Grace and Daniel back. Dwight (Austin Amelio) offers to talk to Sherry and her people. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) offers to talk to Strand. And Virginia offers Morgan another deal. Keep Dakota and give her a good life. In return Virginia will give Grace and Daniel back and will give herself to Strand to die. But! She wants Morgan to kill her.

Morgan takes her outside and prepares to kill her, despite Sherry and Strand’s insistence that they get the satisfaction. Virginia gives a speech about how everything she did was to protect people. She clears a spot on a rock and Morgan raises his axe. He thinks about the note that Dakota gave him saying he still has some good to do. So, he stops.


Morgan says this isn’t enough. There’s no satisfaction in killing Virginia now. They should twist the knife and make her feel it. Morgan tells Virginia that she has to tell the truth. He takes her back inside the dam and puts her in the church with Dakota.

In the church, Virginia finally sees the hate in Dakota’s eyes. Morgan tells Virginia to tell Dakota the truth and leaves. Alicia tells Dakota that she has no more chances. Dakota is happy that the community turned on Virginia. Everything Dakota does is so she can get away from Virginia. Virginia says she wanted to give Dakota a normal life, but bad things had to happen first. Including killing their parents.

Virginia tells Dakota that she is her mother. Her parents weren’t going to protect Dakota, that’s why she killed them and took the girl. It all comes down to Virginia tried to protect Dakota from her parents and from the ugliness of the world. Now she’s working to give Dakota a second chance. Dakota says none of it matters. They’ve both killed people. Dakota why Virginia brought her into this world. She thinks none of them should be alive.

Morgan comes out and lets everyone know that Virginia is still alive. He tells them one of the last things John told him is that the ground they stand on is soaked in blood. There’s been so much killing to get them to where they are. John wanted the killing to stop. So does Morgan. They should start by making Virginia live with what she’s done. Morgan puts his staff in the ground and says it will stay there until they need it again and he hopes that never happens.

Sherry isn't satisfied with Virginia's outcome on Fear the Walking Dead

Christine Evangelista as Sherry – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Sherry gets irate saying people suffered because Virginia. She demands Morgan give Virginia to her. Dwight tells her to calm down. Strand agrees saying Virginia has caused too much damage already. Sherry walks away, still very upset. Strand leaves, but sternly says he hopes Morgan knows what he’s going.

Morgan invites people to stay with them as long as they can abide by the rules he set in place. Daniel, June, Wes (Colby Hollman) and Luciana arrive at the dam. Sarah, Rabbi Jacob (Peter Jacobson) and Grace are right behind them. Morgan meets Grace and apologizes for taking so long to get to her. She’s grateful for how hard he fought her and her baby.

Dwight asks Sherry to stay with him, but she says she can’t find what she’s looking for with him. She had a chance to shoot Virginia and didn’t take it. It didn’t feel like she was letting go of the past, but it’s a start. She’s going to say with her new people because she’s not in the same place of peace as Dwight.

Alicia invites Strand to stay but he says the threat is still out there. Virginia was building an army and that threat is coming. He asks her to come with him, so they can face it together. Alicia can’t believe anything he says anymore. Strand says he will show her and give her a reason to join him.


June cut the bullet out of Virginia’s shoulder. Morgan says they all agreed to let Virginia and Dakota go. Alicia says they don’t ever want to see either of them come back and Virginia promises that they are gone. June has to change Virginia’s dressing and tells her about her own daughter Rose. Rose got sick and June tried to protect her. She ended up getting everyone in their camp killed. And now her husband is killed by someone’s daughter they were trying to protect. June thinks she deserves this.

June asks if Virginia knew Dakota was capable of killing. And if so, did she protect her. Virginia says she would do anything for her daughter. June pulls out the gun that Dakota killed John with and points it at Virginia. She says she didn’t protect her daughter after she killed someone. She asks Virginia why Dakota killed John and Virginia lied. Dakota killed John because of Virginia. June shoots Virginia in the head and walks out of the church. Morgan and Alicia run to the church with Dakota, who sees the blood spilling out of Virginia’s head. June puts on John’s hat and walks out of the front gate.  

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