Things fall apart quickly on Fear the Walking Dead. In “The Door,” an old friend brings John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) out of a dark place as we get answers to a couple lingering questions.

John left on his own after Virginia (Colby Minifie) covered up a murder, pinning the blame on Janice (Holly Curran) and killing her instead. John tried to find the real murderer but Virginia wasn’t interested in the truth.  He couldn’t live with a lie and chose to run without June (Jenna Elfman) by his side. 

One by one, Morgan (Lennie James) is taking his family back. None of them really wanted to live under Virginia’s rule anyway, including her little sister Dakota (Zoe Colletti). Morgan agreed to take Dakota in, but he wanted to use her as leverage to get the rest of his family back; in particular, a very pregnant Grace (Karen David).

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John made it to his cabin but he seems a little depressed. He sits at the kitchen table, cleaning his gun and watching old movies. His chair faces the front door. Anytime a walker approaches, John kills the walker. He takes his scrabble tiles and spells out “Goodbye June.” John puts the gun under his chin, but stops from pulling the trigger when another walker shows up. He takes a drink of whiskey and tries again. Another walker approaches and John kills it. It’s apparent that he’s not going to take his own life today. 

John paddles a boat to the nearby bridge and sees that the bridge has a breach. That’s how the walkers are getting through to his cabin. He goes to the next town over to get supplies to patch up the bridge. He sees a group of walkers trying to get into the general store. John kills all of the walkers and carefully goes inside, quickly finding Dakota and Morgan. 

Morgan, Dakota, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) were on their way to the dam when the rangers caught up. They got separated and Morgan headed for familiar territory. Now he’s sitting in the bathroom, bleeding. His stitches opened up so Dakota led him to the store to patch him up. Morgan is happy to see John, but they have to get going before the rangers catch up again. Too late, Virginia’s man Marcus (Justin Smith) is already at the store. 

The three of them hide, ready to shoot if they need to. Marcus finds the video rental log and calls it into Hill. Hill answers, but Marcus can’t get a clear signal, so he leaves the store. They are all relieved, but Morgan notes that these times make them into men they tried hard not to become.

Morgan tries to convince John to leave with him on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The three of them go to John’s cabin and Morgan tells John about the new place. John doesn’t want to go, but he will help them get a car. Morgan is adamant that John go with them. Basically because he’s anticipating a showdown with Virginia. And John is the best gunslinger in the world. 

Dakota finds the piece of a knife handle that John took from Lawton. It’s from the knife that killed the ranger Cameron and Janice was executed for. Morgan realizes that John is hiding away from the world because he blames himself for Janice’s death. Before they can get into that conversation, Virginia calls Morgan on the radio to have a conversation of her own.

John and Dakota try to discourage Morgan from taking the call, but Virginia makes Grace get on the walkie to get Morgan’s undivided attention. Morgan answers, more concerned about Grace and the baby. Grace is about seven months pregnant and both are okay. Virginia lets Morgan know that she has his people locked up together. And if anything happens to Dakota, they will all die. 


For the next thirty minutes, Morgan is pulling out all of the stops to convince John to go with him to their new home. John has several reasons why, but basically says he’s not in the right mindset.  They also deal with Marcus who ropes Morgan by the neck and drags him away. Marcus also shoots the car that Morgan was going to take to get home faster. John in turn shoots Marcus, killing him. 

They bury Marcus, but know more rangers are coming, especially when Marcus doesn’t check in. They need to find another car but it’s too dangerous to go too far from where they are. John has an old truck that used to belong to his dad. It just needs a few parts to start running again. John and Dakota leave to look for the parts while Morgan works on the car. 

Dakota asks a lot of questions about John and his dad. Apparently, John’s dad left when he was young. John would get a card every now and then, but he never saw him. He says his dad did the wrong thing for the right reasons. Dakota compares John to his dad, saying they both are punishing themselves. 

Morgan struggles to help John on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Dakota also tells him not to feel bad about Janice because it’s just how things are now. People live and people die. John says her death should mean something or her living doesn’t, but Dakota doesn’t see the point. John says she’s glad that she’s going with Morgan because she’s starting to sound just like her sister. 

Morgan joins them as John is removing a door off a shed. He found the scrabble tiles and knows John plans on killing himself. John says he will keep his word and get Morgan across the bridge, then he’s going back to his cabin. Morgan asks if it’s because he killed Marcus. John says it’s because he didn’t kill him sooner.  He doesn’t think he’s mean to live in this world. If he had kept his mouth shut when Cameron was killed, Janice might still be alive. 

Morgan says shutting himself away isn’t the answer. John reminds him of a guy that walked halfway across the country to get away from the people he loved, only to find a family. John gave him that family. Morgan needs John to get that family back. John says the best way to do that is get him across that bridge and stay out of the way.  Morgan says the door won’t keep him or June out, but John says the door is not to keep people out. It’s to keep his past inside the cabin. To keep him in the cabin. John just wants his life to be over. 


John sits at his kitchen table with his gun. Morgan tries one last time. He was in the same place John’s in now. John says everytime he tries to kill himself a walker washes up. Morgan says it’s because it’s not John’s time. This is not how John is supposed to go out.

Morgan shows John the note he got from the person who saved him at the Gulge. It reminded Morgan that he has something to fight for. It wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t all of them. He also realized he had to change or he would lose everyone. He found his way to keep going and John can find his too. John says it’s time to get Morgan across the bridge. 

They take the doors on the cabin and put them on the side of the truck. Dakota drives the truck through the walkers. The walkers are being pushed to the side for John and Morgan to kill. The truck gets stuck when Dakota drives over walker bodies. The tire is spinning as blood goes everywhere. Then the engine stops. John jumps down to look at the alternator. There’s enough space between the doors and the hood for John to fit in but a couple of walkers are still able to reach him. Dakota shoots the walkers to help John. 


John gets the truck started and they keep going. The walkers start piling up on the hood so Dakota has to speed up. She hits the bridge and the walkers go flying off of the truck. Morgan takes care of the walkers left on the back of the truck. As the rest of them lay on the bridge. 

Now that they are safe, Morgan gives John a photo that he found. It’s of John and his dad. John says he’s spent most of his life wondering why he didn’t show up that summer. Now he gets it. He’s not going with Morgan. Morgan says John is making the same mistakes that his dad made. He calls Virginia and asks to meet in person .. at John’s cabin. 

John gets upset that Morgan told her where the cabin is, but Morgan is doing it to save John. The same way that John saved Morgan. They work to get the truck started again. Morgan leaves to get a signal to call Virginia. A red clip fell off the engine and that’s why it stalled. John and Dakota walk back to look for the clip. 

Dakota has secrets on Fear the Walking Dead

Zoe Colletti as Dakota- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Dakota finds John’s hat and gives it to him. She tries to convince John to go with them. John says he will wait at the cabin for Virginia and kill her. Dakota says the rangers will kill him too, but John thinks that will give his death meaning. Dakota finds the clip and a walker grabs her leg. She stabs the walker in the head with a knife and quickly hides it, saying she’s fine. Dakota is acting weird though. John grabs her knife and looks at it. The knife is missing a piece on the handle. It’s the murder weapon. Dakota killed Cameron.

Dakota explains that she killed Cameron because he found out how she was sneaking in and out of Lawton. He told Virginia so she killed him. Dakota pressured John to find the real killer so people would start to doubt Virginia if they knew she was hiding something. She also didn’t think Virginia would kill Janice. 

Dakota justifies everything, saying she’s doing the same thing they all do to get what they want. And now she can’t let John ruin her chance to get away. Dakota pulls a gun on John. John puts his gun away and tries to reason with Dakota. He says he won’t tell anyone. He asks for a chance to show her that she can trust him. Dakota shoots him anyway in the chest. She says she’s sorry. And it doesn’t always have to mean something. She pushes John into the river. John floats for a bit and sees the photo of him and his dad. He pushes himself back up to the surface and finds a door to grab onto. Dakota watches him float down the river on the door. 


Morgan returns and Dakota turns the gun on him. She says she didn’t want to do it, but she had to. Morgan asks for John and she tells him that he’s floating down the river with a bullet in his chest. Morgan sees the knife and puts it all together. Dakota demands that Morgan take her to his new homand let her be a part of the community. 

Morgan grabs the gun and points his axe at her neck. Dakota knows he won’t kill her because she’s the only reason he’s alive. Dakota admits that she saved him at the Gulch. She says she followed Virginia and the rangers to the gulch because she wanted to see her go down. After Virginia left, Dakota shot the walkers that were descending on Morgan and patched him up. She let him the note with food and supplies.  At first Morgan doesn’t believe her, but then she recites the note word for word. She wants Morgan to kill Virginia. Dakota believes Morgan is the only person in the world who can kill her. And says it’s the only reason he’s still there.

June fears she may be too late to save a life on Fear the Walking Dead

Jenna Elfman as June – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Virginia, June and a ranger arrive at the cabin. Virginia starts yelling l at June because no one is there and Morgan calls her on the radio. He says John is hurt and Dakota is the one who hurt him. He says John is on his way to them. Once they help John, Morgan will talk to them. Virginia sends her rangers out to find John. 

Meanwhile, Alicia and Charlie arrive at the new settlement. Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Al (Maggie Grace) greet them when Morgan calls on the radio. He tells them to get the wall ready. The fight with Virginia may happen sooner than later. He also tells Dwight to contact Sherry (Christine Evangelista). They will need all the firepower they can get. 

June paces while the rangers look for John. She yells at Virginia to find out where John is. When she looks out the door, she sees John washed up on the riverbed. June grabs her medical bag and runs to him. When John pulls himself up, he’s dead and already turned. June just stares at him with sad eyes before stabbing him in the head. 

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Other than Madison, John’s death hit really hard. Maybe because he was always the positive one, always looking for the bright side. It was hard to see him in a depressed state, especially when the killer is this kid that clearly needs help. She doesn’t like her sister, okay. But she’s getting people killed trying to run away and she doesn’t care. She’s exactly like her sister, but she doesn’t see it.  

John’s death will mean something alright. It means the end of Virginia and Dakota. The Fear the Walking Dead family is a peaceful family, but John is a good one. Someone will want revenge. Not only for his death, but for the strife and disarray that Virginia has caused.  If it wasn’t for her, they’d all be someplace safe and happy. But Ginnie did it to herself. 

RIP John Dorie. 





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