There’s always a new threat around the corner on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg,” Ginny’s (Colby Minifie) fear of a new threat puts her and June (Jenna Elfman) in danger after an explosion at the oil fields.

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Ginny and her Rangers, Marcus (Justin Smith) and Hill (Craig Nigh), chase down a woman in the woods. She falls next to a tree and is confused about what she’s done wrong. This woman works at Ginny’s mill, and she has spray paint to mark trees they plan to cut down. She’s been with them since Jasper lost his leg. They buried the leg in those same woods.

Despite the woman’s ignorance, Ginny knows the woman’s used spray paint to spread the message “The End is the Beginning.” Ginny wants to know who she works for and what the message means. The woman acts like she has no idea what Ginny is talking about. In fact, the woman smiles because she knows Ginny is scared.

The woman grabs Marcus’ gun and says it’s what Ginny is building … the future. The woman kills herself to avoid answering more questions. Ginny tells the rangers to search her things, her bunker, and her stomach for clues. Then bury her next to Jasper’s leg. 


June and Sarah (Mo Collins) are driving from settlement to settlement, treating people who need medical attention. They have a semi with a triage unit set up in the back. There is also a radio so people can call June if they need her. 

On this particular day, June and Sarah are trying to save a man with appendicitis. June prepares him for emergency surgery, and he’s very nervous that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. After the man goes to sleep, Sarah holds a medical book so June will know where to cut. 

Unfortunately, the man dies. June jumps on the table and starts CPR. Sarah tries to stop her after a couple of minutes. June is still trying to start his heart when the man reanimates and attacks June. Sarah saves her from the new walker.

John and June discuss the possibility of running away on Fear the Walking Dead

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Jenna Elfman as June — Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6

They bury him on the side of the road and share a drink afterward. Sarah is still trying to perfect her brewing techniques. As Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) says, it doesn’t matter how bad it is, as long as it gets you to the same destination. By the way, Sarah has no idea where Wendell is. The ladies have been away for 29 hours, and June thinks they aren’t doing enough to help people. She wants a hospital, but Ginny turns her down. 

John (Garret Dillahunt) calls on the radio to let her know that her escort got too drunk the night before. He volunteers to escort them to the next settlement. June rides with John to the next location. He tells her that he wants to run away. They are about 100 miles from his cabin. They could get there before Ginny knows they are gone. He tells her about Janis’ plan to get away. He thinks they can actually do it.

June only wants to help people. She can’t save people if she runs away. John says he can’t stay; he’s had enough. June asks why, but they are interrupted by the radios. Luciana (Danay Garcia) calls for June. Hill calls for John. They tell them to go to Tank Town. There’s been an accident, and it’s bad.


When they get to tank town, there are a lot of people outside the gates. Luciana runs up and says a new well’s blown up. There are still 25, maybe 30, people inside. Ginny shows up, ready to go in and help the people inside, but not because she cares about their lives. She wants to know how the well blew up. Luciana says they did everything by the book, but Ginny wants to hear the details herself. June tells John that she is going to help the people inside and then they will run away together.

Sarah drives the semi to the other side of the oil field. There is oil raining down on the site. Luciana and June ride with Sarah as they follow Ginny and her rangers. Luciana reveals that Ginny told her to speed up production and drill a new well. They think that may have had something to do with the explosion. 

Ginny asks how long the well will spew oil. It could be months. She tells Luciana to get everyone out and then they will fix it. Luciana agrees to get everyone out ,but then she wants to talk to Ginny. They find the message on a tank, “The End is the Beginning.” This was no accident. Ginny says she’s not leaving until she finds out who wrote that message on the tank. 


June finds Wes (Colby Hollman), and he has a piece of metal in his stomach. He says he pulled in as many people as he could to save them. June sends Sarah and Luciana to the truck for stretchers and supplies. A walker jumps June and scratches her with blades on her hands. Someone’s taped the blades on the walker. 

Ginny sees it and puts her rangers on alert. June asks Ginny who would do that. What is Ginny not telling them? Ginny doesn’t know. All she knows is that everything she does is to save the people in her settlements.

June helps a woman with a neck injury. She gives her a drink of Sarah’s flask and tells Luciana and Sarah to take the woman to the truck. Ginny tells her to save the space, but June is taking the woman. 

Wes starts screaming in pain. The metal is moving deeper into his stomach. June says they have to sedate him before she can remove the metal. Ginny wants to ask Wes some questions first. Marcus and Hill return with a bag of paint supplies. 


Colby Minifie as Virginia — Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6

Ginny wants to know why he has paint. Wes is an artist, but Ginny thinks he made the well explode. Ginny pushes the metal into Wes’ stomach, making him scream more. She asks her questions, demanding answers. June injects the sedative into Wes’ arm to stop Ginny. Ginny gets angry, but June says she was killing Wes. Ginny lets June take Wes to the truck, but she doesn’t want him out of her sight until he answers her questions.

June tells Ginny to leave Wes alone until she can save him. Ginny says she wouldn’t let him die. She says she and June want the same thing, but they don’t. June wants to help people because she can’t help her husband. 

June opens the truck and some of the people die. They are eating the patients on stretchers. The walkers emerge from the truck, and June starts stabbing them while Ginny starts shooting them. The shots attract more walkers from around the oil field. June clears a path for Luciana and Sarah. They put Wes in the back and leave in the truck. 


Ginny and June back into a bunker just in time for the wells to explode. They are trapped and unconscious. Ginny wakes up, and a walker is on top of her. She grabs a rock and hits the walker in the head. The walker lunges forward and bites Ginny’s hand. June wakes up and stabs the walker in the head. 

The rangers radio to Ginny to see if she’s OK. She tells them that she’s been bitten. The explosion caused a lot of debris so it will take time to find them. Ginny tells them to hurry. Ginny looks around and finds two things: the flask of Sarah’s alcohol and an ax. She ties her belt around her arm and pours the alcohol on her hand. When she grabs for the ax, June grabs it first. At first Ginny thinks June will cut off her hand for her, but June says she won’t do it. June says the people in the truck died because she had to ask Wes some questions. 

Ginny decides to cut off her own hand, but June won’t get her the ax. The two women fight, ending with June sitting on Ginny with the ax to her neck. She says they have to know when to put a dog out to pasture.


Luciana radios June. They have Wes prepped for surgery. While June talks them through what to do, Ginny pleads for her life. She tells June about the rogue group that is threatening their safety. She doesn’t know who it is, but they want to destroy everything. Ginny knows they don’t like her, but they need her. She offers June anything she wants if she will save her life. June says she wants to wake up and find her husband is OK. 

Ginny asks June for one thing. She asks June to look after Dakota (Zoe Colletti). Everything Ginny does is for Dakota’s safety. She loves her sister. She asks June if she knows what it’s like to care for someone so much and not be able to help them. June takes the flask and pours it on the ax. Ginny tells her to wait. June says don’t make her regret this and chops off Ginny’s hand before she’s ready. 

Ginny passes out from the pain. When she wakes up, her hand is wrapped up. June cauterizes the wound with hot metal. June wants to know more about the people who blew up the oil field. Ginny says they will talk. June says there is something she wants. Before she tells Ginny, John breaks through the debris to save June. June radios Sarah to bring a stretcher. 

John contemplates leaving Ginny's settlement on Fear the Walking Dead

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie — Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 — Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

They are about to leave, and Ginny asks her rangers to get Dakota on the radio. She just wants to hear her voice. Wes wakes up in the truck, and he’s OK. He asks what happened and June walks in. Sarah tells Wes that June saved Ginny’s life. All three of them want to know why. 

June says Ginny is giving her the hospital. Luicana tells her not to trust Ginny. Good people have died, and it has to matter. June says she will make it count. They have to watch their backs. She says they will call the shots on this. They will choose where to put it and who runs it. June also asks for another hand to help. Wendell. Sarah and Wendell are reunited!

John is ready to go, but June tells him about the hospital. He keeps talking about the plan to leave, but June says she doesn’t want to go. She says every time she runs, it leads into something worse. She doesn’t want to run anymore. John says he can’t stay, but June says things change. She thought Ginny was the one keeping her from saving people, but there’s another group. She thinks the other group is after the settlements. They might need John more than ever.

Ginny and her rangers drive by, so June stops talking. Sarah and Wendell remind them that they have to find a place to settle fast, they don’t have any more gas. June asks if John will follow them, and he says he will. He kisses her, and she gets in the semi with her patients. John drives alone, and he follows like he said he would. They come to a fork in the road. The semi goes one way. And John goes the other way. 

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There is one more episode of Fear the Walking Dead’s first half of season six. The show was only able to complete seven episodes.

I find it frustrating that June saved Ginny, but then again, there would be no show if Ginny died. Not until we know more about the new threat and what’s in the submarine. Overall, this was one of the best episodes. I have a feeling that things are about to get bad for our Fear Family. John leaving will raise some suspicions after Al and Dwight are found dead. And next’s week’s episode looks chaotic. This season is definitely better than the last!

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