A storm is brewing on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Honey,” Sherry (Christine Evangelista) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) are reunited, but has too much time gone by? Morgan (Lennie James) discovers he’s not the only person out to get Ginny (Colbie Minifie).

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Dwight found Sherry and the couple had a proper reunion, looking at all of the letters they wrote to each other. They sign everyone with an infinity sign. A ranger interrupts, making sure Al (Maggie Grace) and Dwight check in. Al doesn’t answer so Dwight has to.  

All seems well, but then Dwight is taken by people in masks in the middle of the night. They take him to an empty swimming pool and demand to know where Ginny is. They have Al too, but no sign of Sherry. That’s because Sherry is one of the masked people. 

Ginny's outcasts band together to fight back against the rangers on Fear the Walking Dead.

Andre Munar as Oswald- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The group are Ginny’s outcasts, people she didn’t deem worthy of hiding behind her walls. They wear masks to avoid being killed by the Rangers. The group wants to take down Ginny and her Rangers. Sherry didn’t tell Dwight about it because she didn’t want him to get involved. And the group doesn’t like new people. 

Do you remember Rollie (Cory Hart). Dwight ran into Rollie last season on a supply run with Grace (Karen David) and Morgan. Rollie and Dwight had a fight inside of a van in the middle of nowhere. Dwight won the fight, but chose to let Rollie live. He gave him a second chance to decide if he wanted to continue hurting people or be someone else.  

Rollie stops Sherry’s friends from killing Dwight. He says Dwight saved his life. He tells the others to let Dwight and Al go. They want to blow up the end wrap SWAT vehicle. Al doesn’t want them to do that, she thinks they can steal it back. 


Al and Dwight ride with Sherry and Rollie, masked on horseback to chase down the van. Dwight jumps on top of the van and climbs to the passenger side. He fights with the driver, careful to not reveal himself, but the driver is able to unmask Dwight. Dwight kicks the driver out from the van. Rollie’s group successfully takes the van. 

The riders catch up with Dwight, but end up turning round to find the driver. If he gets back to Ginny, she will know all about the rouge group. Instead they see Morgan on horseback riding toward them, dragging the tied up driver behind him. 

Dwight and Al are happy to see Morgan. Al actually wants to interview Morgan about how he got the aikido-ax stick. Dwight says he thought Morgan was dead after hearing his message. You know Morgan doesn’t die! After they catch up, Morgan asks if they know where Grace is, but they haven’t seen her. 

Morgan tries to find a peaceful way to deal with Ginny on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Later that night, Morgan tells everyone that he found someplace where Ginny can’t find them. He invites them all to join him. Sherry says Ginny will be dead soon, so they don’t need to hide. Morgan says now is not the right time to use their new power, but the others think differently. He says they will put their families in danger. They just want to make sure their people are out and have someplace to go before taking down Ginny. He asks that they don’t move on Ginny until the time is right. 

Sherry and Dwight discuss what’s the best move. Sherry reminds him that Dwight ended up in Ginny’s walls because of Morgan. Good point, but Dwight thinks it’s best to wait. Sherry says she and her people have a plan and they are ready to move. It’s the only way to have what they want. She won’t leave these people until Ginny is dead. Dwight can go if he wants to. Dwight wants to be with Sherry so he agrees to help with her plan. 


Dwight, Sherry and Rollie interrogate the driver about Ginny’s whereabouts. He says he doesn’t know, but they don’t believe him. To make him talk, they dump walker guts on him and bring in a hungry dog. Dwight removes his mask and the driver recognizes him from the tape. They determine that he doesn’t know anything and release the dog on him. 

Morgan stops the interrogation because he doesn’t like what he sees. Morgan talks to Dwight about the plan to kill Ginny. Dwight agrees with Sherry that this is the right time to strike. Besides, he’s heard Morgan’s promise of safety before. He asks how this new place is different. Nothing is going to be different until Virginia is gone. And if Grace asked Morgan to do it, he would. 

Dwight returns to Sherry and Rollie as they reload the end wrap. She says they don’t have to go to Ginny; they can bring her to them. Dwight checks in with the rangers and says he found people. He asks for Ginny to make the first contact. They continue their preparations. Sherry voices her concerns about how Dwight is acting. He’s acting the same way he acted under Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Dwight reverts to old behaviors with Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead

Austin Amelio as Dwight, Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Andre Munar as Oswald, Cory Hart as Rollie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan and Al plan to steal the end wrap before Ginny arrives. Al says if she has to blow up the van, she will. Dwight overheard their conversation and gets upset. He says they are going to do this his way this time. Rollie and another man back him, holding Al and Morgan at gunpoint. 

Sherry and others arrive and force Morgan and Al into lock up. Dwight takes Morgan’s knife. He says they want the same thing. They all want their own lives under their own rules. Sherry orders Dwight to join them. She doesn’t want him to be a part of it because she doesn’t want him to become the person he used to be. Dwight goes into lock up with Al and Morgan. 


Later that night, Rollie parks the van where Ginny can’t see it, but she’s also in the line of fire.  Al, Morgan and Dwight are tied up with tape. Dwight says Morgan was right. He wanted to do this for Sherry, but she needs to figure out what she needs for herself. Morgan admits that he thought his way was the only way, no matter what harm it brought to others. He realized differently after it was too late. Dwight works on getting his tape off so Sherry doesn’t have to go through what they did.

The ranger convoy shows up and Sherry gets scared. Dwight gets free and runs to the van. He opens the van to talk Sherry out of killing the rangers. Rollie watches from higher ground and sees that Ginny isn’t with them. They could kill the rangers then go find Ginny, but Dwight says they could end up killing innocent people. Sherry gets nervous, saying someone has to do something. They can’t just let him keep doing this. 

Dwight continues to talk to Sherry, saying she didn’t want him to turn into someone else. He doesn’t want that for her either. The rangers radio Al and Dwight, upset that no one is there. Sherry doesn’t pull the trigger and the rangers drive away. 

Dwight makes a difficult decision on Fear the Walking Dead

Austin Amelio as Dwight – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Sherry gets mad at Dwight for stopping her. He asks what Ginny did to her, but it’s not about Ginny. She needs to kill Ginny to make up for not doing enough to stop Negan. Dwight says they can’t change the past, but he can’t be with her like this. He can’t let other people try to change them into people they’re not. Sherry tells him to leave. There’s no turning back for her. And she won’t drag Dwight down with her. He reminds her of who he was before everything. Dwight leaves at Sherry’s insistence.

Dwight catches up with Al and Morgan, but everyone else is gone. Morgan asks him to come with him. He promises that he will take out Ginny, but they will need more than that van. Al says he found his way back to Sherry once, he will find her again. 


Dwight asks for Al’s hat and jacket.  They go ahead with Dwight’s escape plan, finding two recently deceased walkers and dressing them up like Al and Dwight. The walkers are released in an area that Ginny’s rangers frequently patrol. 

The next morning Dwight and Al introduce Morgan to Nora (Devyn Tyler) and her people. They tell Nora that they found a safe place for them, but it needs a lot of work. The group decides to follow Morgan to their new home. Before Dwight leaves the truck he puts an infinity sign on the door of the truck.

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