Fear the Walking Dead is slowly building up to a confrontation. In “You’re Still Here,” has that time finally come?  The group’s objective is to help people. There are forces out there trying to stop them. A force known as Logan (Matt Frewer) in particular. The group has been able to avoid him, but at some point, they will have to stand up to him.  Is that time now?

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If You’re Reading This…

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) decided to stop killing walkers and put her energy into learning aikido and helping people.  She found a tree with a message of hope. Now Alicia wants to find the person painting the trees.  

Strand (Colman Domingo) is with her, killing the walkers she can’t kill.  He’s not so sure they are going to find the artist and tries to talk Alicia into returning to the convoy.  Alicia wants to keep looking. She doesn’t know if this person can help her, but she can’t ignore how she feels when she sees the trees.

Al (Maggie Grace) has been on the road alone, so Morgan (Lennie James) left to find her to keep her safe.  Dwight (Austin Amelio) recently ran into one of Logan’s men on the road. Logan is listening to the group’s communications and tracking their moves.  

Al takes her tapes to a bank vault. Morgan isn’t so sure that this kind of security is necessary. She thinks that it’s a good way to preserve their stories, even after they’re gone. Al is more interested in finding out the real reason Morgan joined her. He knows she can take care of herself, but Morgan says it all comes down to protecting each other. 

Meet Wes
Meet Wes on Fear the Walking Dead

Colby Hollman as Wes – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

A man calls for help on the radio and Alicia answers. He immediately recognizes Alicia’s voice, so he has seen the tape. His name is Wes (Colby Holman).  We’ve seen him before. He had an encounter with Logan that left him with a shit up motorcycle. He claims that Alicia and Strand owe him a ride.

Wes tells them about his encounter with Logan.  He tried pushing the bike home before calling for help. He says his brother is waiting for him.  Even though Alicia and Strand showed up to help, Wes is skeptical of their motives.  

Wes asks if Alicia is still looking for the tree artist. She is, but Wes sees no point and wants to know why it’s important to her.  Alicia wants to know why they are painting the trees. She wants to see the world the way this person sees it. Wes doesn’t think it will end well because nothing ever does.  Alicia apologizes to Wes for his encounter with Logan. Wes shrugs it off, saying that people are people. 

The Real Story

They take him to an abandoned police station and discover that he lies about his situation.  Wes doesn’t have a brother. The person he was hoping to find is an unnamed man who stole his bag.  Wes shoots the man, but the man gets away in Stand and Alicia’s truck. He knocks down the fence around the station when he drives away, allowing walkers to get to the building.

The trio have to fight the walkers off and get inside the building.  Wes grabs a bag of weapons from the back of a police car. The bag is full of riot gear, so it’s not effective on the walkers. Wes shoots a smoke bomb into a walker that is approaching the station door. Realizing his mistake, Wes runs inside to avoid the tear gas.  Strand tells Alicia to get inside while he stops the walker from entering the building. Strand gets a big whiff of the smoke bomb, causing his eyes to swell. 

Alicia helps Strand flush out his eyes, but he can’t see much of anything. While he rests, she asks Wes about his real motives.   Wes says he just wants it back. Since the man has been shot, they need to find him before he dies. But the walkers are blocking the entrance and they don’t have a vehicle to get away. 

Alicia calls for help from Morgan and Al, despite the fact that Logan is probably listening. She gives them her location and tells them to find the man. After she gets off the radio and checks on Strand. Alicia apologizes saying he’s right, she shouldn’t be out on the road. She wants to help, but it’s tough finding a way to help and helping herself. Strand says they have to keep trying until the universe tells them something different. 

Logan sets a roadblock on Fear the Walking Dead

Matt Frewer as Logan – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Morgan and Al race to find the man and run into Logan.  Logan definitely heard their conversation with Alicia. He blocks the only road that Morgan and Al can take..  Logan continues to ask for the location of the oil fields and Morgan continues to refuse to tell him.  Hetries to make Morgan feel guilty for any and all deaths that happen because he won’t give up the location.  But Morgan is stronger than that.  Morgan and Al decide to try and find a way around him.  

The nearest road will take too long to get to.  The man they want to help could be dead. Morgan offers to help Logan  if he tells him why they need the gas. Logan says what he’s trying to do is bigger than all of them, but he won’t say anything else.  He knows Morgan won’t like it though.  Morgan tries to reason with Logan, saying they can help each other, but Logan doesn’t want to help anyone but himself.  Morgan gives up so Logan takes one more shot at him. He says helping others won’t make Morgan feel better about not being able to save his family. 

That triggers Morgan and he rushes up on Logan, pushing him up against the semi.  As Morgan holds his stick to Logan’s neck, Logan is visibly scared. His people pull their guns on Morgan. Al grabs Morgan and tells him to stand down. As Morgan pulls away, Logan says he shouldn’t put his business on TV if he doesn’t want other people know it.  

People Are People

Alicia asks Wes what the man took from him.  Wes won’t tell, he only says it’s important.  He stares at her for a moment, waiting for her to try and relate to him in some way.  He says he doesn’t need them to heal his soul, he just wants his stuff back.  Alicia tries to ask more questions and Wes recoils from her. She starts to leave and then Wes opens up a little.  He says he did have a brother, but he was bitten and died at the beginning.  Alicia tries to tell him about her brother, but he says none of that has anything to do with shooting the man.  He shot him because that’s the way they live now. They shoot and kill or someone will kill them.  

Al radios Alicia to let her know that they encountered Logan and had to take a detour.  Wes says that proves his point.  Alicia still has faith in people. She says it’s not too late. Wes can still help that man, because he’s still alive. Wes isn’t interested in helping anyone. 

Alicia goes through the station, finding every gun and box of ammo she can find. She puts it all in a bag and grabs Strand.  She says they are going to fight their way to a squad car and go find that man.  Strand asks if she will be okay killing the dead and she says she will be.  Wes comes up and says he will clear the dead for her.  He takes the bag of guns and goes out through the back of the building.  He starts shooting the walkers, making them turn around and leave the station doors.  

A walker gets inside the building.  Alicia gets ready to kill it, but starts having flashbacks of when the blood splashed into her mouth at the kids camp.  Strand is able to see the walker once it gets close and kills it for Alicia. Two more walkers come inside and Wes kills them from behind.  

…You’re Still Here
Morgan and Al on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Al apologizes to Morgan for putting the story about his family on the tape.  Morgan knows its not her fault. He knew what he was saying in the interview and that people would see it.  They made that documentary so people would trust them.  People need to see who they really are. Al doesn’t necessarily agree.  She says its not about who they are. They aren’t ghosts or what they lost…it doesn’t define them.  So maybe it’s about what they do. Or maybe what they are running from.

They get a call from Alicia saying they found the missing man and it’s too late. They are pretty sure he’s dead by the way he’s walking down the road.  Wes rushes to catch up with him to get his stuff back. When the man turns around, he’s still alive.  The man throws the bag to Wes and tackles him.  He starts choking Wes and Wes has to stab him to stop him.  The man took Wes’ manuscript. He read it and loved it.  He just wanted to finish it.  The unnamed man dies shortly after the altercation. 

Alicia is mad that the man died for Wes’ manuscript.  Wes is mad because Alicia made him care about the guy. He wishes he never called for their help. Alicia was right, but this…helping people, is not what Wes needs right now. At the end of the day, People are People.  And they will always leave you wanting more. Wes walks away with nothing but his knife. Alicia yells at him, trying to give him the manuscript. Wes says the dead man can keep it. He died for it after all.

No One’s Gone

Morgan and Al catch up with everyone and they bury the dead man.  Alicia looks through the manuscript and on the last page is the phrase, “If you’re reading this, you’re still here.” Wes is the painter.  Alicia finds his art supplies in the back of his motorcycle.   Strand consoles her, but she realizes she’s not going to find what she needs from Wes.  She grabs the supplies and starts painting a tree.   Wes walks down the road and finds a tree that he painted. He steps to it and starts to cry.  Alicia paints a phoenix on the tree and the phrase, “No one’s gone until they’re gone.” 

Morgan and Al admire Alicia’s work. Morgan says Al was right and wrong at the same time.  He’s not running from anything.  He’s not a ghost and the things he lost do not define him.  Morgan holds on to what he lost because it’s all connected to everything that is good in his life.  There are things around him that remind him of his family and how they used to be.  Morgan can’t put it away, because he gets scared of losing the good stuff. So he holds on to it all. Al says they can find a way to make sure he doesn’t lose anything he doesn’t want to. She asks him to tell her about his family and Morgan says okay. 

Meanwhile, Logan goes to the bank vault where Al stored her tapes. How did he know it was there…well, he says everything is better than they think.  His men are looking for the journals, but only finds the tapes. Logan has his people watch the tapes in hopes that someone slipped up. He stares at Morgan’s tape and says adios to yesterday and hello to tomorrow. 



Fear the Walking Dead has been telling stories of redemption for each of the survivors. Is that what we’re doing here?  Grace wanted to do good things with the time she has left. She needed to deal with her health issues before she could really help others.  But she didn’t find out what is really wrong with her. She just came to terms with not knowing.  Alicia felt knowing who painted the trees would help her find hope.  It’s ironic that she found it in someone who has no hope.  Maybe her interaction with Wes will give them both the hope they were looking for. 

I am very curious about what Logan is up to.  How can it be something that is going to help people if Morgan is not going to like it?  Helping people is Morgan’s thing. The fuel won’t last and ammo will run out. That much we know from The Walking Dead.  There is no monetary value in anything but food and water. So whatever Logan is up to has to be big.  I can’t wait to find out.  Let’s hope that happens soon. 






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