It’s a life or death situation on Fear the Walking Dead.  In “Is Anybody Out There?,” Morgan (Lennie James) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) are pressed for time to get everyone on the plane and a safe distance from the power plant.  John (Garret Dillahunt) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) are to far to contact by radio. Can they make it on time? The clock is ticking…

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Is There Anybody Out There?

Before anything happened, the group set up the denim factory to receive people.  They set up beds, collected food and supplies and got on the radio everyday to see if anyone would answer.  Strand (Colman Domingo) even says they don’t have an angle, they just want to help people.  If they’re sick or hungry, they can help.  There’s beer!

Despite no one answering their call, the entire group spent time on the radio to contact anybody.  And then one day, Alicia tells Morgan that it was a good idea, but maybe they’re the last ones left.  Morgan knows their not.  She tells him to take a break. As they leave the room, someone answers the call. They run back into the room to answer.  Morgan asks for the man’s name and he replies Logan (Matt Frewer).  Morgan asks where he is.  

Now, Logan has taken over the denim shop.  His people have dug up the ground and destroyed the beds.  The place is a mess.  One of Logan’s people asks him to meet them outside. They’ve searched everywhere and it’s not here.  She wants him to tell them where it is or the next hole will be his.

Still Hope

Alicia decontaminates herself after her ordeal with the radioactive walkers.  She told Grace (Karen David) and Morgan about the blood splatter. Grace is pretty sure Alicia will be okay, but that remains to be seen.  For now they have to get back to the truck stop and get everyone out of the area before the power plant explodes.

The herd of walkers followed Alicia to Grace’s truck. Morgan decides to lead the herd away.  The plane is almost ready, but they haven’t heard from John and Dwight.  Morgan tells them to keep working and they will catch up.  Grace knows where they can take the walkers. 

Dylan (Cooper Dodson) can tell June is worried about John. He asks if she believes he will be back in time.  June answers that they’ve seen so much bad, its time for some good to come their way. 

Dwight and John raid an abandoned car lot and have no luck finding a car that will start. John continues to reach John, but they are still too far away.  John finds a car with golden wrapped candy in it.  He says that’s their car. They jump in and it starts right up. 

Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Fear the Walking Dead

Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell, Mo Collins as Sarah – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Alicia is second-guessing her decision to run from the walker herd, but she couldn’t continue killing them.  Morgan says everything will be okay.  He says once they are home, he wants to start training her. He thinks Aikido will help Alicia the same way it helped him. Alicia agrees. 

Grace stops the truck and tells them to hide.  She thinks the herd will follow the sounds of the siren. Once they’ve past, she can turn the truck around and get to the plane.  It works, except, the sirens stop.  Morgan tells Grace to hurry and get to the plane.  In her haste, Grace runs into an other car and they have to get out to run.  Morgan grabs his Aikido stick before they take off.

Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) talks to Sarah (Mo Collins) on the radio as she’s on her way to visit Logan.  She pulls up to the factory and Logan is leaving. He’s alone and has a black eye.  Sarah asks him for help setting up the runway, but Logan isn’t interested.  Sarah tells him about how she and Wendell stole Polar Bear’s truck and she feels guilty every time she drives it or when she reads his journals.  If Logan walks away from them, he will spend the rest of his life making up for it.  She says he owes it them and Polar Bear.  Logan doesn’t care and says he won’t help. 

If You’re Reading This

John and Dwight’s car dies. They still have about 15-20 miles to go.  John doesn’t understand because they have a full tank of gas.  Dwight says the gas is going bad. They look into the distance and see a cloud of smoke.  June calls John and he can hear her.  They are definitely closer.  Everyone has stopped what they are doing and watch the cloud of smoke coming from the power plant.  He tells her they aren’t going to make it and June offers to get in a car to pick him up. 

John says he will do his best to get there, but he wants her to promise that she will take off without him if he can’t. He wants her to find a reason to live whether he’s with her or not.  She hesitates, but promises.  John says he loves her and his radio dies.  John sees a tree with the message,  “if you’re reading this, it means you’re still here.” John asks Dwight how far Sherri’s car is from where they are. 

Luciana (Danay Garcia) checks on June.  They notice that the wind has changed directions and the nuclear blast is headed for them.  Morgan radios in to see if the plane is ready.  Luciana says it’s almost, but John isn’t there yet. Morgan says they won’t leave without him.  June and Luciana can see Morgan, Alicia, and Grace running toward them.  Morgan says they need help holding off the walkers.  Morgan asks Grace if the stick is okay to use. She says it doesn’t matter because the nuclear cloud is headed for them.  

Fear the Walking Dead

Sarah returns to the runway with three flares. Logan and his people took all of the supplies.  A truck drives up to their location and Daniel (Ruben Blades) gets out.  Skidmark runs to greet him.  He heard their conversation on the radio and brought stuff from the warehouse to help.  

June, Morgan, and Grace walk together to hold off the dead.  Strand and Al (Maggie Grace) power up the plane.  Everything is in working order, but they can’t wait much longer for John and Dwight.  Alicia lets Strand know that everyone is on the plan and ready for take off, including the kids.  Strand grabs her hand and says her mother would be proud of Alicia. Alicia replies that she would be proud of Strand as well. 

Luciana, Max (Ethan Seuss), Annie (Bailey Gavulic) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) join Morgan.  June tells Morgan that she promised John to leave him behind if they have to.  Morgan says they have time, but they both know they don’t.  Morgan tells everyone to get on board. They start to run to the plane and hear a car horn.  John and Dwight barely make it to the plane as the dead reaches the doorway.

The Golden Wrapper
Fear the Walking Dead

Danay Garcia as Luciana, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

As the plane goes down the road, some of the dead hold on to the end of the cargo door.  The nuclear cloud is in the path of the plane.  John and Morgan are able to get the dead off of the cargo door and the plane is in the air.  Al and Strand have to raise the plane quickly to avoid the smoke, causing some major turbulence. Once they are clear, Morgan and Alicia talk about what’s next.  They’re not sure, but they will figure it out when they get home.  Grace keeps staring at Morgan’s staff and break off the end to make it safe to use.  

June asks John if he’s okay. He starts to tell her about their search for Sherri and how it made him realize how much he’s wanted to say to June.  He won’t live without saying those things now.  John takes a piece of the candy from the car and rolls the golden wrapper into a ring.  He proposes to June and she says yes. 

Looks Like Christmas

Wendell waits on the runway while Sarah and Daniel set up Christmas lights around the runway.  Strand radios Sarah to let her know they are close and are almost out of fuel. Al sees the Christmas lights.  Wendell spots a walker in his rear view mirror and prepares to eject the blades on his chair.  The walker gets to Wendell before he can get the blades fully extended.  Another walker comes to the road from the other side and unplugs the lights.  Wendell shoots the walker. Sarah and Daniel hear the gunshot and radio Wendell to make sure he’s okay, but he dropped his radio.  At the same time, the airplane malfunctions. 

Wendell jumps out of his chair and grabs the radio. He tells Sarah that she makes some bad beer, but he loves her anyway.  Wendell crawls to the power generator to plug the lights back in.  He gets the light back on just in time for Al to see the edge of the runway.  She pulls up the nose of the plane just in time to have a bumpy landing.  

Greetings and Salutations

Everyone is reunited.  Daniel meets Morgan and Dwight.  Sarah greets Morgan as MoMo and Grace hears it.  Dylan give The Little Prince book back to Luciana and says it helped him a lot.  Sarah meets the kids and says she has some vending machines that need raiding.  Alicia and Daniel are reunited. He gives his condolences for Madison and Nick.  Alicia say she’s ready to make things better.  Charlie is happy to see Daniel too.  He tells her that he visited Ophelia’s grave to say goodbye.  Strand finally emerges and Daniel admits to being wrong about him.  Strand says they all have their moments. 

Everyone starts to relax and Morgan tries to get a feel for the staff again.  Someone radios in asking if that was Morgan’s group on the plane.  She heard him on the radio before and saw the supply boxes.  She didn’t answer because she thought it wasn’t real.  The woman says she needs his help. Before she can tell him anything else, Logan cuts them off.  He drives up in a truck and everyone draws their guns.  

Fear the Walking Dead

Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell, Mo Collins as Sarah – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Logan says he has a proposition for them.  The reason they need a plane to cross the mountains is because its the only way to get there. The Earth’s natural wear make it impossible and it will only get worse.  Polar Bear saw it coming and set people up to cultivate gasoline.  Polar Bear wrote down the location in his journals and asks if they have them.  Luciana says they do and Morgan urges her to keep quiet.  

Logan says he will take them to Polar Bear’s place if they give him the journal. The group doesn’t trust him because of what he did to them.  And he has a convoy of people that could hurt them.  Logan says the convoy would kill him if they knew he was there and he has stuff to make up for.  If they want to help anyone, they have to be able to get to them.  They have to help him find the place or they will beat them to it.



All of that build up and no drama.   These eight episodes could have been covered in four episodes, plus Althea’s.  The show is avoiding the questions we really want to know.  What is this organization that Isabelle told Al about?  What are they building?  And why can’t anyone know about it? Fear the Walking Dead opened that can of worms, they should follow through with it.  

It’s clear that the group is trying to redeem themselves this season, but they are making a lot of rookie mistakes in doing so. And now they are trying to make a life on the side as well.  That’s really what they need to be doing.  It worked for Alexandria.  Morgan has seen what they can do and should be using Alexandria as an example.  Of course, someone will always be there to cause trouble.  It should be expected.  They shouldn’t live their lives in fear, but be cautious.  Too much happiness has become a warning sign for disaster. 

In closing, this isn’t a fairy tale. Morgan and his crew aren’t lost.  Let’s hope the second half is more like Fear the Walking Dead that we already know. 



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