Things have gotten son bad that no one wants help on Fear the Walking Dead. In “The Little Prince” Morgan(Lennie James) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) do their best to prove to the kids that they need their help.  Dwight(Austin Amelio) continues his search for his wife. And Strand (Colman Domingo) is determined to bring everyone home.

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Annie (Bailey Gavulic) and the kids went with Morgan and Alicia to the truck stop.  Annie cleans up while the rest of them watch cartoons and eat popcorn.  Morgan calls in to make sure they are all okay. He also has a surprise for them and asks her to open the gates. They brought back the plane so they could fix it and get back home.  Morgan tells the kids that they’ve had a hard time getting there, but they made it. And together they can get home, but he wants the kids to come with them. Luciana (Danay Garcia) asks for help and Dylan (Cooper Dodson) is the first to step up.

The next morning, Morgan tries to call Grace (Karen David).  He tells her that they are trying to get home. And they found people she will want to meet. Grace hears him, but doesn’t answer.  She goes beyond a radiation road block to do some more searching.   Morgan goes about his day too, practicing with a new stick, but it doesn’t feel right.  So he goes to the broom closet to see what his options are. Alicia catches him trying to break the mop.  She asks for help with the landing gear.  

Dylan follows Luciana around.  He asks if she thinks it will work.  She turns the question back to him and he takes off his glasses. He says it will work because the book…the Little Prince…says to look with your heart, not your eyes.  

The Plane
Al fixes the plane on Fear the Walking Dead

Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Al (Maggie Grace) needs help to fix a part on the plane and radios Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) to get advice. Sarah (Mo Collins) looks at the plane that they have to try and figure it out, but ends up causing an oil leak.  Charlie radios the truck station it may be a while before they have an answer for her. Dylan takes the call and Annie doesn’t like it.  She reminds him that they are only helping to Luciana and her friends can leave. 

June (Jenna Elfman)overhears her and asks to look at Annie’s ankle. She tries to talk to Annie, but Annie isn’t saying much.  June advises her not to run for a couple of days and to get new shoes.  John (Garret Dillahunt) interrupts to let June know that he’s leaving with Dwight to continue their search for his wife. 

Al starts up the plane and everything appears to be in working order. Then the propeller flies off of the plane.  They have no way of getting a new one, so Morgan says they will search for one.  He is interrupted by a call from Grace. She asks for their generator to stop another meltdown from happening.  Apparently the generator that cools the fuel at the plant is offline. A melt down is imminent, but the new generator will give Morgan and his group some time to get out.  

Note from Honey

John and Dwight make it to a diner and find a note from Sherri. Dwight realizes he’s been on the wrong road.   Along the way he tells John about how they got separated and why Dwight has her wedding ring.  Sherri gave up her ring and Dwight to save his life.  Dwight is ashamed that they were split up in the first place and wants to make it right.  He says he may be able to find her, but he may not be able to make it up to her.   Dwight says he likes John’s attitude about life.  John says he had it worse before the world ended. Now the world gave him more than he had before.  

They find a car that matches the registration that Sherri left behind for Dwight.  He goes inside the house to see if she’s there. John checks out the car and finds a note from Sherri. She says she had to kill someone. It made her realize that she didn’t want Dwight risking his life for hers.  She tells him to stop looking for her and to go live his life.  Dwight reports back to John, saying he found food and supplies.  John lies and says he didn’t’ find anything.  Dwight says this is the closest he’s ever gotten to finding her.  He thanks John for giving him hope.

Put It All Together
Sarah helps Strand find a solution on Fear the Walking Dead

Mo Collins as Sarah – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Strand and his group are trying to find parts for their plane, but all of the air strips and airports are either destroyed or too far to travel.  Strand is losing hope, but charlie and Sarah remain optimistic.  Sarah says they have an propellers, but no engine and the other group has an engine, but no propellers. They have to find away to put it all together. 

Strand says they are hopeless and looks at a photo of Jim, the Brewer.  He says Jim had the advantage of self sacrifice.  Charlie looks at the photo too and finds something. She asks Sarah if they got everything from the brewery. Sarah thinks so, but the Charlie shows her the picture. They forgot something. 

Morgan takes the generator to Grace.  She asks him to help move the cars in the roadblock and offers him a suit to go in with her.  After they move the cars, Morgan helps Grace with her suit and then goes to get the second suit in the back. He finds his stick and holds it.  He tells Grace that the man who gave it to him, helped him at a time when he thought death was the only way.  Now it’s just a stick wrapped in plastic. 

Morgan thought holding it would give him the wisdom he needed to convince the kids and Grace that they are stuck. Grace says she’s not stuck, her life is over.  He asks for the second suit, but there isn’t one.  Grace lied to get him to help her. Grace knows Morgan out there trying to make up for his mistakes. That’s what she’s doing too.  She thanks him and leaves him behind.

Off the Record

June checks in with Al, who’s really frustrated with the plane. She says if she could have stopped the helicopter, they could be at home now.  June figures out that Al isn’t telling them everything about the time she was missing. She reminds Al that she confided in her once, off the record.  June can do the same for her, if she ever needs to talk. Al avoids talking to check the battery.

Annie asks Alicia if Grace is from the power plant. After Alicia confirms, Annie says it’s time to go.  Alicia says they can’t hide behind the dead anymore. Annie disagrees, saying they were fine before last melt down  they will be fine now.  Luciana, Max (Ethan Suess) and Dylan all try to convince Annie to stay, but she says they don’t get to decide. She makes the decision for her and her brothers. 

Annie packs some food for their trip. Alicia offers to give her a car if she tells her why Annie won’t go with them. Annie tells her what happened when they found the camp. She says it was perfect because it was built for exactly what was going on.  Some growlers followed some of their people back on a scavenging hunt. There were too many and they were from the power plant. When their walls were about to give, the grown ups sent the kids away with Annie in charge.

They had a hiding place already located for things like this. The kids waited for their parents to come get them, but they never did. Annie went back to the camp alone to find out why. The grown ups weren’t dead, but they were sick.  They wouldn’t let Annie inside the cabin and told her they would get better. They told her to protect her brothers and the other children.  

Alicia says she gets it.  She understands why they can’t leave. She asks Annie to make sure she’s doing what they really asked her to do. Are they surrounding herself with the dead to protect her brothers? Or because it’s easier than being surrounded by the living? Alicia gives her a set a keys and says it’s up to her if she wants to use them.

Beer or Balloon
Morgan prepares to help in a dangerous situation on Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Luciana finds Alicia sitting alone after talking to Annie.  She tells her that Annie thinks she the only one who can save them. They hear Strand on the radio.  He’s in a good mood. He says they found a way and they are bringing the propellers. He tells them to look up. Strand and Charlie are flying in a hot air balloon shaped like Jim’s beer bottles.  Everyone comes out to see the balloon, even Morgan can see it. Luciana sends Alicia to get the kids, but they are gone.   

Morgan ask if the kids can see it. Alicia says they’re gone, but shes going to find them.  Morgan says they need to get the kids back asap. Grace is giving them some time to get out, but it’s not much.  

Strand and Charlie are running out of fuel and the balloon is going down.  A gust of wind pushes them to the contaminated area of the land. They crash land, but are okay.  

Alicia drives up to a walker road block, left by the kids.  It’s a deep roadblock, made up of dozens of walkers. Alicia radios Morgan saying she’s going in.  Morgan says he’s going in too. He walks past the radiation roadblock to find Strand and Charlie.  He tells them not to kill any walkers or get their blood on them. Strand and Charlie jump out of the balloon and a group of walkers are approaching them, some with signs of radiation.



Fear the Walking Dead is taking us to a place we haven’t been before in the TWD universe. A community of kids, trying to make grown up decisions and being successful at it.  They survived a while before Alicia and Morgan’s group showed up. I get it, they’re kids. Grown ups always think they need to help the kids because they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves.

 I like what the show is doing, I just think the pace of the story is slow and the dialogue is cheesy. Yes, you want to motivate people, but these kids don’t want to be talked at, they want to be included on the decision making.  So I am all for Annie leading her group away. Even though I know Morgan and Alicia won’t give up on them. But at what point do you realize, they don’t want to be helped? I’m sure something will happen that will either change their mind or the kids will die.  Especially since we know another melt down is happening.



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