The group is being watched on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Humbug’s Gulch,” everyone sets out to find whoever is watching them. They go near and far to find signs of these people. Luciana (Danay Garcia) makes a map so they know how far they can go. All of the walker roadblocks are northwest of the truck stop and they are starting to form a perimeter. Luciana and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) stop to report their latest roadblock. Morgan (Lennie James) is working alone.

John (Garret Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman) are together and the furthest out. They lose radio contact with everyone else but keep going until they hit another walker roadblock. They start to cut down the walkers, but someone starts shooting at them. John yells that they don’t want any trouble, but they keep shooting. They get into the car and drive away before anyone is hurt. 

John is pretty sure they can outrun these people. He mentions that someone took their weapons back at the truck stop. He sees a sign for a place called Humbug’s Gulch. John tells June their luck has just turned.

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Humbug’s Gulch

Take a trip back in time to the Wild West town of Humbug’s Gulch, or the Gulch. John used to work in a place like this as a gunslinger. There’s even a brothel in the town. John knows there are weapons there that they can use. Along with a good number of walkers. To make things even better, a dust storm is coming. The gun cabinet is locked when they find it but John isn’t the only one with tricks up his sleeve. June takes a bobby pin and opens the cabinet with ease. There are plenty of guns and ammo in the cabinet.

They pack up the guns as the storm gets stronger. June is amused by the idea of John in a gun show. John is focused on getting back on the road. He thinks the storm isn’t strong so they can get out. June finds a pamphlet about the gun show and starts asking questions. John ignores her though. He’s just ready to leave.

They leave for the van and someone starts shooting at them. The group of walkers hears the gunfire and heads for the saloon. June is safely on the side of one of the building and John is at the van. John shoots back at the guy and hits him. He goes to check on him and the walkers follow him. John takes care of the walkers easily. When he turns to follow the guy, he’s met with a gun in his face. The man wants to know where “she” is and is ready to shoot John if he doesn’t answer. June sneaks up behind the guy and hits him with her shotgun. They drag him inside the saloon to patch him up.

Familiar Face
Austin Amelio is Dwight in Fear the Walking Dead.

Austin Amelio as Dwight – Fear the Walking Dead  Season 5, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

This man is Dwight (Austin Amelio) from Virginia. Of course, John and June don’t know that. All they know is he’s looking for someone. When he wakes up, he’s hesitant to talk to them. He even refuses help for his wound. John tries his best to calm him down, saying they only want to help. Dwight says they can’t help him because everything is screwed up.

John and June barricade the door. The only way out now is through the roof and then they don’t have a working car to get out of the town. Dwight offers his car, saying they should leave him behind but John doesn’t want to do that. He insists on helping Dwight find whoever he’s looking for. He knows how Dwight is feeling because he went through the same thing with June. Dwight finally starts talking and they learn that he’s looking for his wife Sherri.  

Run For It

John and June finally introduce themselves to Dwight. He can’t help but laugh at John’s last name. John gives Dwight his gun back. They prepare to leave the saloon by starting the electronic piano. The walkers break the barricade, just as they are climbing out of a window on the second floor. The awning won’t hold them all, so Dwight jumps. He tells them to go on without him. A walker approaches him, but he can’t grab his gun. June shoots the walker and John jumps down after Dwight.

Dwight and John slowly walk their way toward a car on one side of town. June is already there and covers them as they run. Dwight stops and runs the other way towards the van. The walkers follow Dwight. When he gets to the van, he goes through all of the paperwork in the car, looking for a note from Sherri.

John calls him on the radio, asking what’s going on. Dwight tells them to leave him behind again, but John refuses. Dwight says every time Sherri moves to a new place, she leaves a note. The last note was on the registration for that van. He’s been looking for her almost a year with a lot of dead ends. He asks where they found the car. They found that van at Camp Cackleberry. The place where everyone was dead from radiation poisoning. June tells him that doesn’t mean she’s not out there. 

San Antonio Split
John relives his gunslinger days in Fear the Walking Dead

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead  Season 5, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Dwight is ready to give up. He feels like he doesn’t deserve to find her because of the bad things he’s done. June says they’ve all done bad things. Dwight says he’s never going to find her and he’s never going to make things right. June says giving up is just as bad as the things he did in his past. He as a second chance right now, but he doesn’t think he deserves it. She did the same thing. She ran because she didn’t think she deserved John. Sherri is still out there. She hasn’t given up, and he can’t either. Dwight says she’s right, but he’s surrounded by walkers. No worries, Cowboy John is here.

June stays at the car to cover John. John sets up several guns and ammo in the road leading towards the van. One by one, he kills the walkers with one shot each. He clears a path for Dwight to get out of the van. Dwight starts running and a walker gets in front of him. He hits with an ax and the walker falls on top of Dwight. There are two walkers left and John only has one bullet. He tells Dwight to raise his ax. John shoots at the ax and the bullet ricochets toward one walker, then the other. That shot is called a San Antonio Split and it only the second time John has ever successfully pulled it off.

Here to Help

Alicia and Luciana are driving around looking for more roadblocks when they hear Annie (Bailey Gavulic) and Dylan (Cooper Dodson) talking on the radio. Alicia reaches out to them, trying to get their location so they can help the kids. Annie tells her to leave them alone, but Alicia is persistent. Annie can’t say where they are or “they” will find them. Alicia decides to keep driving, hoping to find the kids.

Alicia radios Morgan to let him know she’s going after the kids. She says there’s something she needs to tell them. Something she should have said the first time they met. Morgan tells her to slow down because she doesn’t have back up. Alicia’s car hits something and she loses control. The car goes off the road and crashes, leaving Luciana in a lot of pain. Luciana’s arm is still bandaged up and she can’t really move it.  

Getting Close
Alicia offers her help in Fear the Walking Dead

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead  Season 5, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia goes back to the road. They find a board with lots of nails sticking out. Someone is trying to stop them. Luciana tells Morgan that they’re okay. He jumps in his truck to rescue them. Alicia tries to radio the kids again, but no answer. She wants to keep going to find the kids, so they start walking.

Morgan catches up. The kids aren’t answering Alicia and she’s ready to give up. He tells her to keep talking to the kids. She should tell them what she wanted to say when they first met. Alicia walks to the side and tells the kids about losing her mom and brother. She says she knows they are scared because she’s still scared. She asks them to give her a chance to help. They don’t have to go through this alone. They leave to catch up with the rest of their group.

Six Shooter Sam

Later that night, John finds the registration from the van. Dwight is carving a message for Sherri on the wall. John tells him the registration papers don’t match the car. So that means Sherri is probably still out there. Dwight asks if he’s sure. John says he used to be a cop. His training comes in handy sometimes.

John tells June his stage name was Six Shooter Sam. She kisses him for telling her. He says he needed to hear what she said to Dwight. He’s been doubting what he has, feeling bad for their good fortune. But that only kept him from sharing it with June. She kisses him again and a car approaches. Morgan, Alicia, and Luciana have found them.  

Morgan greets a familiar face in Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead  Season 5, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

They all check in, saying everyone is okay. Then Dwight approaches Morgan, calling out to him. Morgan is surprised to see Dwight. He tells everyone that they are from the same place. Dwight starts to apologize for what happened back in Virginia, but Morgan stops him. He says they are all trying to start over.

Alicia asks if he knows who is leaving the roadblocks. He hasn’t seen much, but he takes them to one of the roadblocks he encountered. He says he tried walking around, but the dead are strung up everywhere. Alicia decides it’s time to tear them down. They start to kill the dead and Max (Ethan Suess) calls for Alicia on the radio. He says they are headed toward the gas station. Alicia replies that they are right behind him. They leave the roadblock up.

Along the way, Alicia tells Morgan that she feels like they are on the right track. Then they find the kids van on the side of the road with walker guts all over it. Dylan is inside, crying and covered in goo. Alicia asks if he’s okay and what happened to Max and Annie. Dylan doesn’t answer though.

The Real Villains

Max and Annie are busy. They are the ones who are tying up the dead to create roadblocks. They set up Alicia and her group. Annie thinks Dylan will crack, but Max is confident he will succeed. Dylan is supposed to find out why they came and who took Al. After that, they are going to make sure they never bother them again. Annie tells him not to be scared, but Max says he’s fine. They set up their latest walker roadblock and leave.



What is it with kids these days? First Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) kills Nick (Frank Dillane) and now these kids are stringing up walkers like Christmas lights. I know they want to be left alone, but I think there’s more to it than that.  

Slowly but surely we’re getting the answers we want about this place that our survivors have landed on. However, it’s obvious by now to us, that no one wants their help. Helping people is all good and everything, but people have to want to be helped. And that’s the part that is missing. At some point, you have to just let people live how they want to live. If they die, they die…but at least they tried, right?

It’s actually good to see Dwight again. He has a lot to atone for. He was off to a good start in Virginia, but we knew he wouldn’t be able to stick around. Especially with Daryl (Norman Reedus) in charge of things. For those of you who don’t know, Dwight tortured Daryl in The Walking Dead. He was one of the Saviors that started a war with Daryl’s group. Morgan was in Daryl’s group, but before he left, Dwight had switched side and helped Daryl’s group win the war.  

Anyway, the group really needs to focus on finding Al (Maggie Grace) and getting back to the rest of their group. These kids have made it clear they don’t want help. They seem to be doing fine on their own. 



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