Things got pretty sticky on Fear the Walking Dead.  Morgan always says, “I lose people, I lose myself.” After escaping the strange filthy woman, Martha (Tonya Pinkins)…Morgan (Lennie James) lead his group to an overrun hospital.  Al (Maggie Gracebroke off from the group to turn on the power.  The group ended up on trapped on the rooftop and discovered that Jim (Aaron Stanford) had been bitten.  Meanwhile, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Charlie (Alexa Nisensonfound a familiar looking hat that led them to a familiar looking lake.  They smiled as they looked across. 

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June (Jenna Elfmantries to reach Al to make sure she’s okay, but there is now answer. Jim continues to complain and blame Morgan for his situation. The rest of the group, Sarah (Mo Collins), Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell), and Luciana (Danay Garcia)are sick of listening to him.  Wendell asks if he can be the one to put Jim out of his misery. June ignores Jim, saying she knows Morgan can get them to safety.  Morgan is unsure of how that can happen.  She tells him its okay if he doesn’t want to lead the way, but he needs to help.  She continues to call for Al. 

John (Garret Dillahunt) and Strand (Colman Domingo) sit near the water.  They hear Alicia call for him across the lake.  They are happy to see them, but don’t know how they will get across.  Strand says John was right, they just needed to believe.  Alicia looks around to see if there is way across and hears June come across the radio. She answers her to let them know they found John and Strand.  Morgan gets on the walkie and tells her that they are trapped.  He can’t tell her where they are because it’s not safe.  Alicia says she save Strand and John and then find them. He tells her to be careful and radio him when they are ready.  Morgan and the others have to get off the roof the same way they got up there. 

Fear the Walking Dead

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia and Charlie leave to find something to get help get across the lake.  John and Strand wait, but the alligator is still in the water.  John isn’t sure the girls will be able to find anything, but Strand tells him to stay positive. He had his doubts before too. John says he has used up all his faith. John says he put himself on an island before and it took someone special to get him out of there.  Strand says Alicia will help them.  They know what Charlie did to Alicia, what she took from her. And now they are out there working together.  If that doesn’t’ make John believe that anything is possible, nothing will.

Jim looks over the building and steps up on the edge.  Morgan stops him, asking him what he’s doing. Jim isn’t going to jump, he’s going to pee on the dead.  He asks if Morgan needs anything else to make himself feel better for what he did to Jim. Morgan says they are going after Al and they need his help.  He says he can’t do anything about the fact that he’s going to die. Jim can decide how he goes though. Jim refuses to help. 

Morgan leaves as Sarah approaches.  He tells Sarah that Jim will not be joining them. Sarah asks Jim for his beer recipe.  Sarah says Jim is unpleasant to deal with, but his beer is “poetry in a bottle” It’s part of Jim and it can live on.  Jim says she’s right. His beer is so good, it can bring comfort to a dying man. What brings him comfort is for Sarah to go away. Sarah says bye and walks away.

Alicia and Charlie find a canoe on top of a truck.  As they approach the truck someone shoots a gun at them. They run for cover and hear Martha yelling at them.  She says they shouldn’t be helping them. They broke her chain, but she’s going to fix it. She is going to make them strong. Alicia tries to help Martha, but Martha says she doesn’t need help. She’s not weak. Martha faints, falling backward.  Alicia goes to check on her. Charlie recognizes her as the woman on the walkie. 

Jenna Elfman as June, Danay Garcia as Luciana, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell, Mo Collins as Sarah, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan takes his group back into the hospital to find Al. The walkers are cleared out. They slowly walk down the hall and find the roof caved in, blocking the walkers from the hallway.  Sarah leads them to the generator room, but Al isn’t there. She left a note saying she was headed for the freight elevators.  If she doesn’t make it, she asks them to find her videos, make copies and stash them somewhere.  That’s what she’s going to do.  The generator is almost out of gas. Morgan leaves to find the freight elevator.

John checks on his gunshot wound. He’s afraid it will get infected from being in the water. Strand pours the liquor on it to clean it, causing John to scream in pain.  John stops and hears a car approaching.  It’s Al’s van. The van is able to drive across the lake.  They are saved. Alicia opens the door and says they were looking for a canoe and found the van.  Charlie gives John his hat with a smile. They open the back to get in and find that Alicia has Martha tied up in the back. 

Morgan comes back. He tells the group that there is a way out if they use the freight elevator, but they have to hurry. The roof is caving in throughout the hospital.  He tells them how to get to the elevator and they start to leave.  Morgan sets his staff down, indicating that he’s not going with them.  He says the hospital is surrounded. Someone has to stay behind to create a distraction.  Luciana and June object, but Morgan says it’s the only way.  The group leaves as the power starts to go out.  Morgan drags a dead body to the roof. Jim asks if he has gotten everyone else killed yet.  Morgan tells him to get up…they have work to do. 

John radios Morgan, tells him that Martha isn’t listening. June answers and asks if he’s okay.  He says he’s better now that he can hear her voice. He tells her he ate her candy. She tells him where they are.  Shs says to meet them on the outskirts. The city is full of the dead.  June and her group get outside of the hospital and the dead are lined up along a fence.  Sarah tells Morgan that they are going need the distraction now.  Morgan tells them to get back inside while he prepares.  

Martha wakes up to John and Strand staring at her. She notices that her wound has been cleaned and bandaged. She gets angry that someone helped her.  Alicia says she wanted to leave her on the road, but Charlie says she would have died. Martha prefers to die so she’s not weak. Alicia says Morgan wanted to help her once and that’s why she did it.  Martha laughs saying soon Morgan will be thanking her. 

Aaron Stanford as Jim – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan’s plan is to throw the body over the edge of the hospital onto a car in hopes of setting off an alarm. If it works, the alarm will distract the dead long enough for June and the others to get to safety. He asks Jim to help him, but Jim is useless. Morgan’s plan goes exactly as planned. The alarm goes off and the walkers leave the fence. Morgan radios the group and tells them to go.  

There is an ambulance right outside the gate. Everyone gets in, but June. She radios to Morgan, saying they will wait for him and Jim.  Morgan says the power is out and the stairways are full of walkers. There’s no way for him to get downstairs.  He needed to get them out of harm’s way to make up for some of the things he’s done.  The car alarm stops and the walkers turn back around toward the ambulance.  Morgan tells her to go.  Luciana yells at June to get in the ambulance.  June reluctantly leaves with the others.  Jim says Morgan is off the hook with them, but he can’t make up for everything.  The only certainty is death.

Jim asks Morgan to kill him when he passes.  They hear a truck pull up to the hospital. June radios him, saying they are there to save Morgan and Jim.  Morgan says they should have kept going.  He will find a way out.  John gets on the radio saying they won’t go anywhere without him.  One by one, Alicia, Sarah, Luciana, and Strand tell him they are there to save him. Morgan tries to argue with them to leave him, but they say they need him and nothing he says will change their mind.

As Luciana gets out of the van, Martha tells her this won’t end well. She says they should all leave.  Luciana ignores her and gets out to help. They found a fire truck with a ladder and raise it up toward the roof of the hospital, but the ladder is too short.  There is balcony that is closer to the ladder, but Morgan and Jim will have to climb down to reach it. 

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan lowers a wire to the balcony and starts to climb down.  He tells Jim to follow him. Jim says there’s nothing they can do for him.  He tells Morgan to go. Morgan apologizes to Jim for what happened to him.  He climbs down to the balcony and meets a walker. The walker smashes through a window, falling on top of Morgan.  Morgan tries to fight the walker off, leaning backward over the edge of the building.  John is able to shoot the walker in the head from the fire truck, saving Morgan. 

The walkers start descending on the fire truck.  They don’t have much time to get Morgan and get clear of the hospital.  Morgan climbs on the ledge and jumps into the box on the ladder.  He looks up at Jim one last time as the ladder descends to the truck.  The walkers move in. Everyone has to climb on top of the truck for safety.  They are surrounded. 

The group stands on to of the truck, looking for a way to escape. Jim radios in and says he’s’ got this. He says Morgan told him he gets to decide how he goes.  And he’s going to do something to distract the walkers.  First, he has to give Sarah is recipe for his beer.  She writes the recipe down, except for the secret ingredient.  After he’s done, Jim steps out on the ledge, closes his eyes, and falls.  Jim’s body lands on a car, causing the alarm to go off.   The walkers leave the truck.  RIP Jim the Beer Guy. 

The group gets off of the fire truck and head to Al’s van. They open the doors and find Martha has escaped. Charlie is concerned because Martha is hurt. She wants to look for her, but Alicia says Martha doesn’t want their help.  They get in the van and leave, thinking about Jim’s sacrifice.  Luciana suggest that Sarah name the beer after Jim.  They throw around a few names, but settle on Jimbo’s Beer-bos.  Morgan says Jim would have hated that name. 

June asks Morgan where they are headed next.  He says they have to get out of the city.  Morgan says he told Jim about Virginia when they first met. He thinks they can make it to Virginia. First they have to find Al.

Later that night, Martha writes Jim’s recipe on his face and waits for him to reanimate.  Walker Jim wakes up and Martha stabs a spear through his neck.  She tells him that he’s strong now and they are going to make him strong too.

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I’ve got a bad feeling about this.  I think Martha is about to make a really bad move that’s going to seriously damage Morgan’s mental health.  We’ve seen him lose it before.  And he’s level headed now, but he cares so much about this new group of people.  She’s going to hit him where it hurts. 

Get ready folks. The Fear the Walking Dead season finale is next week!

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