People handle the apocalypse differently on Fear the Walking Dead.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen this type of crazy.  The strange woman (Tonya Pinkin) who is stalking Morgan (Lennie James) and his group is determined to stop them from helping people.   Morgan had just reconnected with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) when they encountered the strange woman. She has Al’s (Maggie Grace) van and used it to open fire on the semi truck.  Did anyone survive? 

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Meet Martha, the strange and filthy woman.  She is trying to find help for her husband. They were in an accident and hit a guardrail. The guardrail impaled Martha’s husband.  She assures him that someone will stop and help. Martha sees three cars pass by them, but remains hopeful that someone will stop.  A garden hoe falls out of the back of a truck that passed by.  Martha has to use it on walkers that approach her.  She continues to wait, telling her husband that someone will stop and help. The next morning, her husband dies.  Martha buries him in a field nearby.  She sets up a campfire and begins talking to herself.  Martha loses it.  No one came to help.  

Some time after, a semi truck stops at the mile marker and sets out a box.  Martha approaches the truck driver, correcting her grammar on the box.  The driver tells her that the boxes has food and supplies if she needs some.  They set out the boxes about every ten miles.  The driver thanks Martha for helping her.  Martha says she doesn’t help people and kills the driver.  She uses the walker/driver to find the next truck driver. She kills that driver and uses them to kill the next, and so on and so on.  

Fear the Walking Dead

Tonya Pinkins as Martha/Filthy Woman – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Martha finds a driver who almost gets away. As the driver fights off the walker, Martha asks who Polar Bear is and where she can find him. The driver says he won’t talk.  As he is getting eaten, Martha jumps up in the truck and hears someone on the radio.  She replies, asking if she’s speaking to Polar Bear.  It’s not Polar Bear.  It’s Morgan. And that was the day he found himself in Mississippi. 

Present Day

Morgan and June (Jenna Elfman) get up and check on everyone.  Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Al are unconscious, but slowly wake up.  Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) yells at Sarah (Mo Collins) to make sure she’s okay.  Jim (Aaron Stanford) fell behind Sarah, causing her to lay on the steering wheel.  Morgan looks out of one of the bullet holes to see what Martha is doing.  She starts to drive around again, so everyone prepares for another shooting. Martha stops the van and waits. Al think she used up all of the ammo in the van.

Morgan sees some kind of liquid flowing out of Jim’s beer tanks.  He tells everyone to get out of the truck.  Wendell is already trying.  His wheelchair is damaged though.  Al jumps out and runs straight to the van with Morgan and June running behind her.  Martha opens the back door and Quinn jumps out, landing on June. Martha has a gun on the group. Morgan tries to talk her down, but she reminds him that she warned him. 

Wendell shoots Martha in the shoulder and she lets Quinn go.  Morgan runs up and kills Quinn, saving June.  The semi truck catches fire and explodes.  Sarah and Jim jump out just before it blows up. The explosion gets the attention of a group of walkers. As they descend upon the group, Martha makes a run for it.  

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Alicia and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) drive up on the burnt semi and lots of walker bodies, but no Morgan and company.  There is no indication of which way the group went.  Alicia pulls out a map and decides to travel East.  

Morgan and company have walked quite a distance, but the walkers that are following them has increased. They don’t see any shelter nearby.  Jim is getting anxious, blaming Morgan for their situation.  He’s been complaining the entire trip. The group tells him to go his own way, they are following Morgan. Morgan sees a sign pointing to a hospital.  They need someplace to rest, so June can examine everyone. Al is sick, Luciana is hurt, Sarah was shot in the arm, and June had a stick in her leg at one point. They head to the city and Jim reluctantly follows. 

Once inside the hospital, June takes care of everyone but Morgan. She finds him to examine him and Morgan says they can’t stay there long. The rest of the group clears the halls of the hospital floor.  They find all entrances are blocked by walkers.  Al takes the opportunity to get to know Sarah and Wendell. She asks Wendell how he ended up in wheelchair. Wendell says when he was ten, he saved another boy from getting hit by a car. The car hit him instead.  Al asks if it made him not want to help people. He says it made him want to help more. He even tried to sign up for the Marines, but they denied him for obvious reasons. 

Alicia and Charlie run out of gas. They get out the gas can and start walking.  Charlie makes note that Morgan’s group could not have gone as far as they have.  Alicia fesses up that she’s not looking for Morgan. She’s taking Charlie to Galveston and to the beach. 

Maggie Grace as Althea, Aaron Stanford as Jim, Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Jim finds Morgan to apologize for blaming him.  Before he can finish, the walkers break down the front doors and flood into the hospital.  The group reconvenes and look to Morgan for guidance.  He decides that they need to go upstairs to get away from the horde coming in.  Jim and Sarah grab Wendell’s new chair and follow everyone up the stairs. The second and third floor are infested, so they have to go to the fourth floor. 

Once they get there, Morgan barricades the doors. They realize that they are stuck. Luciana, June and Wendell hold the barricade while everyone else secures the floor. Morgan wants to go to the roof, but every stairway is blocked.  June tells him that the hospitals store their generators on the top floors in case of flooding.  If they can turn the generators on, they can use the elevators. Sarah and Al volunteer to turn on the generators.  

The walkers start to break through the barricade, so Luciana decides to leave it.  Morgan tells them to go to the elevators.  On the way, Jim and Morgan encounter walkers. Morgan fights off two walkers, while one of the walkers attacks Jim. Jim and the walker fall through a window, throwing glass everywhere.  Jim is able to fight off the walker just as Morgan arrives to help him.  They leave for the elevators. 

As the walkers flow into the hospital floor, Al sends Sarah back to the group. She tells her to spend time with her brother because she may not get another chance. Sarah runs to meet the rest of the group at the elevators. The walkers follow them from both sides of the hall. Just before the walkers get there, the elevator doors open.  

Morgan and the others make it to the roof.  They call for Al, but there is no answer. June says Al is resourceful. She’s sure that Al got out.  Jim looks at the fire escape. It’s broken and more walkers are heading into the hospital. They are stuck.  Morgan notices that Jim has blood on the back of his shirt. He says he got cut by the glass from the fight with the walker. June raises up his shirt and sees a bite mark. Jim flips out! He starts blaming Morgan again for putting them all in danger and storms off.  Morgan starts to feel guilty, but June knows he will get them out safely.

Elsewhere, Charlie and Alicia continue their search for gas.  Charlie wants to find Morgan and the others, but Alicia says it’s impossible. They could be dead or Charlie and Alicia could die trying to find them.  Alicia says they are going to Galveston.  She’s taking Charlie to the beach because Charlie has never been there. That’s all she knows that she can do for now. 

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Charlie hears water.  They walk toward the sound and find a pond.  Alicia says it wasn’t on the map, so a road must have flooded.  Charlie is excited, saying they found a beach.  Charlie finds a black hat that looks really familiar. She gives it to Alicia.  Then she sees it and tells Alicia to look.  Alicia smiles. They are at the same flooded road where Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) are trapped.


I’m a little annoyed by Morgan’s group.  Running into a hospital that was already surrounded by walkers…rookie move.  I know, I know, they needed a safe place to mend some wounds, but Morgan is smarter than that.  And the situation they are in is going to make him lose it again.  Jim isn’t helping by constantly complaining about their situation.  And now he’s going to die, putting more guilt on Morgan’s shoulders.  The next two episodes are going to be intense, but I don’t have a good feeling about the ending.  Something tells me that Jim won’t be the only one to die…


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