If helping people makes you weak, then I don’t know about the future of Fear the Walking Dead.  Morgan (Lennie James) and his new crew found June (Jenna Elfman) and a very ill Althea (Maggie Grace). Why is Al sick? It may have something to with the strange woman (Tonya Pinkins) that Morgan encountered. He didn’t see her put dirty water into a clean bottle of water.  Did Al get some of that dirty water?

The group is now looking for the rest of their friends and setting out supply boxes to help people.  The strange woman is following them, killing people along the way to keep them from being weak. What does this woman want? And how far will she go to get it?

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Not Weak Anymore

We pick up where we left off last week. The villainess has just killed Quinn and took Al’s van.  Morgan, Al, and June drove to mile marker 21 to look for Quinn, but no one is there. June wants to keep looking and so does Al, only because the guy has her van. Morgan radios to Sarah (Mo Collins) that they are going to look around. Sarah waits with Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) and Jim (Aaron Stanford) by the truck.

While they are waiting, the twins and Jim hear a walker.  Sarah goes in search of it, leaving Wendell and Jim to watch the truck.  Jim sees walker approaching. Wendell waits until the walker is close by before activating swords on the back of his wheelchair. The Walker is stuck to the back and Wendell offers Jim the kill, saying he gets points for every walker he kills.  Sarah beats them too it though. While the twins argue over the point, Jim looks at the walker with writing on his face. He points out the writing to Sarah. She radios Morgan to come back to the truck.

June confirms that the walker is not Quinn, but it is Pervus.  June tries to radio Quinn again and is answered by a walker.  The villainess finally talks to them, saying she let Quinn become what he was meant to be. He’s not weak anymore.  Morgan recognizes her voice. He gets on the radio, saying he saw her. She asks if she’s talking to Morgan. He asks how she knows his name. She says she knows a lot about Morgan.  

Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Jenna Elfman as Naomi – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Al realizes the woman has her van and she watched the tapes.  Morgan asks what she wants. She wants them to stop leaving the boxes on the side of the road. The boxes make people weak and Morgan is not weak.  She tells them to stop helping people so they will be strong again, and she won’t have to make them that way. The strange woman wants Morgan to trust her, saying it’s better for both of them.  She knows who Morgan really is. She knows what he’s really capable of. He said enough on the tapes and she can see it…it’s still there.

Across the Pond

Strand (Colman Domingo) wakes up in a ranger’s station. He goes outside to look around and only sees the large pond before him.  John (Garret Dillahunt) is outside, cutting up a tree. He ties a long piece of the tree to another, creating a raft. He pulls out a piece of Blackjack candy and smells it.   A walker approaches and John kills it. Strand watches on, saying John is disturbing his morning reading. 

The two talk about John’s plan to get across the pond.  Strand reminds John that those are not friendly waters. John shrugs saying there’s room for both of them on the raft.  It could be weeks before the water recedes. Strand is fine with his power bars and white whale. He says if he had alcohol this would be paradise. He’s not getting in or on the raft. 

 Strand says it’s time to stop being foolish.  John is just trying to get out of a dangerous situation.  He asks Strand again if he’s coming with him, but Strand says no.  John says okay but after he finds June and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), he’s coming back for him. Strand wishes him well, hoping his raft doesn’t fall apart.

John prepares to leave and Strand sits on a bucket watching him.  John put the raft in the water and steps on it, causing it to sink. Strand laughs, but John keeps trying. Strand sees something racing toward John and yells for him to move. John turns and shoots at an alligator. The gator swims away though.  John mentions that the gator should be full by now. Looks like John isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Stranger Things

Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Luciana (Danay Garcia) walks around a small town and finds a library.  She goes in and calls out for Charlie, but gets no answer.  When she gets outside, she sees a walker trying to into a car. There is a man inside, so Luciana fights off the walker.  She opens the door and sees metal stuck in the man’s leg. The man’s name is Clayton (Stephen Henderson) and he’s been in that car since the storm.  The car crashed into a light post causing Clayton’s injury. Luciana vows to help him, but he asks why. She says she has things to make up for.

Luciana tries to get the metal out of Clayton’s leg, but it hurts him too much.  He says the car is the only thing holding him together. Luciana doesn’t want to give up, asking if there’s anyone he wants her to find.  He laughs, saying there is one person, but it’s not anyone he wants to see. The rest of his people are gone. Clayton laughs, saying he’d love to have one last beer. Luciana says she will find him one. She pulls out two radios and gives on to Clayton. He tells her to go to channel 17, no one uses that channel.  

The Man’s Name is Polar Bear

Al finds the notebooks in the truck and asks if there’s more. They have two of the notebooks written by a man named Polar Bear. Wendell calls Polar Bear a poet because he wrote a lot of memorable saying in his notebook.   Al doesn’t think Polar Bear would what his words on the faces of the dead.

Morgan says she’s out there, hurting people, not just them. If they are giving help or in need of help, she is hurting them. So they are going to find Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and the others, including Polar Bear.  Jim says they don’t even know if Polar Bear is still alive. Sarah says he’s alive. They wouldn’t have stolen his truck if he wasn’t able to take care of himself. June says Quinn looked like someone who could have taken care of himself too.  They have to find everyone…now.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Jenna Elfman as Naomi, Mo Collins as Sarah, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell  – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Jim wants to talk about what the crazy woman said.  She said she knows what Morgan is capable of. Jim asks what that means. Morgan says it doesn’t matter, but Jim says they deserve to know. Sarah agrees.  Morgan says he has some things he has to make up for, just like anyone else.  He tries to let it go, but Sarah tries to say they won’t go with him.  Morgan threaten to take the truck. Wendell laughs saying he doesn’t know how to drive the truck, but Al says she does. And she wants to interview Polar Bear. Sarah pulls out her knife and starts to protest, but Morgan knocks the knife out of her hand.  All Sarah can say is OK. They are going with Morgan.  


John and Strand continue their discussion about getting across the pond.  Strand doesn’t think any of John’s plans will work.  He doesn’t understand why John continues to try. He knows John wants to find June, but look where finding her the first time got him.  John says he’s being realistic.  He knows every story doesn’t have a happy ending, but he has to keep fighting.  He found someone who he wants fighting by his side.  

John shows Strand the Blackjack candy. He found it in his pocket when they washed up at the ranger’s station.  He says little things like that keep him motivated.  John is determined to get off the island, find June and give her that last piece of candy.  Strand asks why he thinks things will get better.  John says if they don’t fight for everyday, then they’re no different from who they were in the past. Strand says the only difference between now and the past is a few more days rations.   John goes back to the trees, cutting down bamboo, and sees a truck on the hill.

Strand and John look at the truck.  John wants to use the camper on the back of the truck  to get across the lake, but Strand doesn’t think it will work.  John can’t get the camper off of the truck because of his gunshot wound, so he asks Strand to do it for him.  Strand stands on the truck.  He’s supposed to release the latch that attaches the camper the truck.  He sees a bottle of wine in the car and tries to get it. The walker reaches for Strand and grabs his hand.   

Strand gets pulled into the truck and the truck rolls into the water. The walker was killed in the crash with a tree through the head.  Strand walks away with a bottle of wine. John yells at Strand for almost killing himself for a bottle. Strand just looks at him and wishes him luck. He says he’ll be the noise maker when John needs one.

Channel 4

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Jenna Elfman as Naomi – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan’s group stops to put out another box.  The group talks about Polar Bear again. Morgan says if they are lucky he’s still walking around somewhere. Jim says he could be walking around with sharpie on his face.  He asks if they should be leaving the boxes, knowing that they know. Morgan says yes, they should.

June writes on a box the usual phrase, “Take what you need, Leave what you don’t.  Morgan adds “If you need help uhf CH 4.” She asks if he thinks John will see one of the boxes. Morgan assures her that they will find him. One way or another, they will find them all.  

Later Gator

John works on getting the camper off the truck off.  He patches up the sides with duck tape. When he’s finished, he checks in on Strand.  He asks Strand if he drank a lot before the world ended. Strand says he was an amateur, now he’s a pro.  He drinks to forget that he doesn’t have anyone to drink with anymore. John has things to look forward to on the other side, but Strand says he doesn’t.  He only has things to look back on. John disagrees. He says Strand has someone to drink with, just on the other side. John tells Strand that he has to believe. He has to fight for the next day. Strand agrees to go with John.  

John rigs up the car horn to the battery, causing it to sound really loud. This will attracts the walkers into the water and the gators to the walkers.  If all goes well, it should give them time to get across the pond. They get in the camper and start rowing. Four walkers walk toward the water and two get eaten. The horn stops and the other two walkers walk away before they can get to the water.  

John and Strand stop their raft and argue about whether to keep going or to turn back around. The alligators start circling the raft, bumping into it to try and turn it over.  John starts shooting at the gators. Strand wants to turn back, but John wants to keep going, saying they can make it. The gators bump the raft again and water starts pouring in.  John wants to shoot his gun to draw the walkers back so they can get across, but Strand wants to swim back. He shoots his gun, the walkers enter the water, drawing the gators away from the raft.  John and Strand swim back to the island.

John and Strand wash up on the bank. Strand goes back to the ranger’s station. John takes out the Blackjack candy that he was saving for June, and eats it.

99 Bottles of Beer

Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Luciana searches for a beer for Clayton, but doesn’t find anything.  He radios her to check in. She apologizes for not being able to help.  He tells her that he got so tired of being around people that he found a job that would take him away from everyone he knew and loved.  And then the world ended and he realized it was the biggest mistake of his life. He couldn’t help the people he loved. So he chose to help people who are still around.  He says just because she wasn’t able to help him doesn’t mean she won’t be able help someone else. Luciana keeps searching. She finds one of the boxes with the radio channel on it. She also finds one of Jim’s beers.  

Luciana makes her way back to Clayton and hands him a cold beer. She used the ice pack in the first aid kit to keep it cool.  Luciana says she watched someone die and she couldn’t do anything to make him feel better in his last moment. She doesn’t want to let that happen again.  He thanks her and wants to give her something. He tells her there are a couple of notebooks in the back seat. Lists of places where he left supplies and other helpful information.  She asks what job took him away from the people he loves. He says he drove trucks.

Clayton dies and Luciana buries him.  She puts the empty beer bottle on a stack of bricks that marks where Clayton is buried. Luciana gets on the radio, channel 4 and says thank you to whoever left the box.  She says it helped more than they will ever know. Morgan answers back.

Strength in Numbers

The truck picks up Luciana. She gives the notebooks to Morgan.  She says the notebooks are important. He asks if she told him where she found the beer, but she didn’t get a chance to.  Someone radios in. It’s Charlie.  Alicia takes the radio from her, saying the note on the box could be a trap. Morgan answers.   Alicia tells him where they are. Morgan says they are just north of them. They are turning around to pick them up.

The villainess gets on the radio saying she gave Morgan a chance.  Alicia starts to answer, but Morgan stops her. He says helping people doesn’t make them weak, it makes them strong.  He says he’s been where she is. She’s stuck out there on her own, thinking she’s doing the right thing, but it’s not. They are going to find the people they are looking for and help them. And then he’s going to help her.

Sarah radios to the back, asking what Al’s van looks like.  Al describes it. The van is coming up behind them. Sarah speeds up, but the van catches up.  They are on a bridge, so the van pulls up beside the truck. The woman opens the gun window. She gets on the radio saying she is making them strong.  “You lose people, you lose yourself.” Morgan yells for everyone to get down as the woman starts firing on the semi-truck. Alicia and Charlie hear everything on the radio. They start calling for Morgan, but get no answer.

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The villain wants them to stop leaving supplies on the side of the road because it makes people weak.  Where is the logic in that? Does she think people will rely on the boxes and never fend for themselves without them?  And an even bigger question…does the woman know Clayton? We know that Clayton is Polar Bear.  Is this the woman we heard on the radio when Morgan found the supply station?  And did she make Al sick with her contaminated water? 

We need more answers about this new villain! For starters, what is her name!?



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