It was only a matter of time before a new villain emerged on Fear the Walking Dead.  The world is a big place. And even though most people are dead, there are still some bad ones alive.  It’s the crazy ones you have to watch out for.

Morgan (Lennie James) is headed back to Texas to find his friends.  We know Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) are alive, but who else survived?  June (Jenna Elfman) and Al (Maggie Grace) were in a sturdy vehicle so they probably survived. But what about John (Garret Dillahunt), Strand (Colman Domingo) and Luciana (Danay Garcia)? Did they find shelter in time? It’s times like this when we see who is strong and who is “Weak.”

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June and Al survived the storm. The van is out of gas though.  To pass the time June watches John’s tape. He talks about finding Laura/June.  Every so often June leaves the van to try and reach John on the radio.  This time she tells him that she watched his tape. He knew he would find her.  She’s not so sure if she could find him. John knows how she is. When the going gets tough, she runs. And things are pretty tough right now. 

Al walks up with two gas tanks. She didn’t find any gas though. She tells June to conserve the radio battery because they can’t recharge it.  They sit in the van for a couple of days before June finally tells Al that they need to start walking. They are out of water and food is scarce.  The radio goes off. June tries to answer. They listen to the message, but it’s not clear. 

The message is coming from Morgan, but he can’t hear their replies.  Sarah (Mo Collins) stops the truck to clear off a walker that she hit. She and Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) are playing a game to pass the time.  Morgan gets out of the truck to try and get a signal.  He tells whoever is listening that he’s bringing help. 

Fear the Walking Dead

Jenna Elfman as Naomi, Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

June and Al don’t know that it’s Morgan trying to reach them.  June tries to reply, calling out for John.  She wants to leave to get a better signal to radio back. Al discovers that June ran down the camera battery, watching John’s tape.  Al locks up the camera and gets dizzy. June feels her forehead and she is warm.  Al says her blood sugar is low. She will be fine once they get some food.  They have to leave to find food and water.

Morgan tries the radio one more time.  Wendell and Jim (Aaron Stanford) sit in the truck, complaining about not moving.  Sarah asks if he thinks anyone can hear him. He says he has to try.  A friend did  the same for him once.  But it didn’t work.  It will work this time.

June and Al walk along the road and find a truck.  They kill the walker inside the truck and drive away.  June keeps trying the radio, but doesn’t get an answer.  She apologizes for using up the camera battery.  Al understands that the video is the next best thing to talking to John. June asks if Al had anyone special.  Al says she spent most of her time collecting other people’s story. She never had time for her own.  June gets back on the radio, asking if anyone can hear her.  Someone can hear her.  The villainess (Tonya Pinkinsfrom the truck stop.  She is in a car on the side of the road with Pervus tied up in the back seat. She turns off the radio and Pervis that he made them weak.

Fear the Walking Dead

Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell, Aaron Stanford as Jim  – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Sarah tells Morgan that it’s time to go.  His radio goes off, but he can’t make out the voice.  He tells Sarah that he needs to find a better signal to answer whoever is on the radio.  Wendell asks what they are supposed to do. Morgan tells them to wait. Sarah says they are tailgating and tells Jim to open up the beer. Morgan gets back on the radio to try and says to hold on. 

June is still trying to reach Morgan. They’ve stopped the truck to get a signal.  Al gets sick, vomiting out the door. When she closes the door, her van goes by. Someone stole her van.  Al starts the car and chases after the van.  June gets scared because there is a lot of debris in the road.  Al hits something and blows out a tire. They stop the truck and argue about what to do next. June tells Al to forget about the van.  She says they need to find antibiotics to help Al. Al tells her there are antibiotics in the van. 

Morgan walks up to see a woman, the villainess digging through one of the boxes.  He tells her to take what she needs. Things are tough and the box helped him. It can help her too. She turns to smile at him, saying she doesn’t need help. She’s not weak.  He didn’t mean that she ways.  He decides to keep going, walking past her and around a fence.  She tells him that he’s right.  Things are tough. He is the one who should be careful.  Morgan nods at her and keeps walking.  After he leaves, the villainess takes a little bit of dirty water out of a suitcase and pours it in one of the water bottles in the box. 

Al is laying in the back of the truck. She is really sick now, sweating out a fever.  She hears a walker nearby and sees one stuck in the mud in a field.  June tries to keep Al awake by talking to her. They hear gunfire nearby. Al knows it’s from her van.  Al asks June to go get her van.  June is hesitant to leave until Al says it’s the only way they are going to get the meds. June gives Al the radio and leaves to find the van. 

The van is close. June finds it parked in front of an overturned bus.  She tries to sneak up to the van, but a man (Charles Harrelson) sneaks up on her, pointing a gun to her head.  He tells her to move into the street and get on her knees. June tries to talk to the man, saying she needs the medicine in the van.  She tries to empathize with him, saying she’s been where he is now. She says he doesn’t have to live like this, they can help each other.  He disagrees.  People only help the people they cares about.  He can’t go with her, because he’ll be the guy who held her at gunpoint. June jumps at him, trying to get the gun.  

Jenna Elfman as Naomi – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Al hears a single gunshot. She makes her way to the tire to fix it. Meanwhile June fights off the man and gets the gun.  She makes her way to the van, and he tells her its out of gas.  She makes him get up and get in the van with him. June looks for antibiotics while holding the man at gunpoint. She asks the man where the medicine is, but he doesn’t know anything about it. He says you can’t help people anymore. She kicks him out of the van, telling him to walk. 

June tears up the van looking for the antibiotics. Meanwhile, Al is trying to change the tire to get to June. The walker breaks its foot off, getting out of the mud. It crawls toward Al who has to stop working the tire because she is weak.  Her fever hasn’t broken. She lays on the ground and the walker reaches her. She has a hard time fighting it off, but is able to kick it back, under the truck. Al kicks out the jack on the truck and smashes the walker’s head. 

June calls Al on the radio over and over. After Al kills the walker, she grabs the radio to answer.  June says she can’t find the medicine. Al answers back that there isn’t any medicine. She just wanted her truck back. June throws the radio in frustration.

June returns to the truck. She found antibiotics on the bus and gives them to Al. June is upset. She says she almost killed someone to get medicine that wasn’t in the van.  She is trying hard to not become the person she was before.  June asks why the van is so important to Al.  She wants the truth this time.  Al says the tapes are she has left of people she interviewed.  She sasy June saw what the tapes did for Alicia. June says Al can’t help people if she’s dead.  Al replies that her story, and the people she loved are on the tapes and she won’t leave them behind. 

Morgan climbs up a water tower to get a better signal.  He gets on the radio and tells whoever is listening where the truck is at.  And they will be leaving soon.  Al hears it.  June tries to reply, but the battery is dead.  They look at a map to see where Morgan coordinates are. He’s 50 miles away. June says they have to go now so they don’t miss him.  Al doesn’t want to leave her van.   June tries to change her mind, saying the tapes are all that’s left of some people, but they are here and they are alive.  Al takes a gun and starts walking. June drives off, but stops when Al shoots the gun in the air.  She backs up to Al. Al gets back in the truck and they drive to find Morgan. 

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan is still waiting.  Wendell doesn’t think anyone is coming, so they prepare to leave.  Jim hands Morgan a beer saying he knows when someone needs a drink.  Sarah sees a truck approaching.  They get out to see who it is.  June and Al get out of the truck.  June asks about John and everyone else, but Morgan says he’s still looking for them.  Al acknowledges the new people.  She likes new people.  Morgan introduces everyone and Sarah gives them food and water. 

June asks Morgan about his truck. He explains that they are taking the truck to its owner. They continue the good work by putting out boxes of supplies along the way. June asks to borrow his walkie. She walks to a clearing and reaches out the man from the van.  She apologizes for making him walk away. He was wrong about people.  She tells him there is a box of food, water and supplies at Mile Marker 27.  The man answers. He found diesel fuel and put it in the van.  June invites him to join them. He answers with his name…Quinn. 

Morgan checks on Al. She says she’s okay, she just got a bug.  She acknowledges his new ride to Alexandria. He says she is still welcome to join him. She says when she stays with people, she stays. But she doesn’t plan on staying once she gets that story.  She asks about the owner of the truck. He tells her there was a network of them, keeping the roads clear.  They have power and water. Al is wishing for her camera. 

Quinn calls June, saying he’s at Mile Marker 27, but she’s not there. She tells him to look at the marker again. Someone painted a 7 over the 1 on Mile Marker 21.  He turns to go back to the van and Pervus grabs him. The villainess watches as Pervus kills Quinn.  June calls out for him, but gets no answer. 

The villainess tells Pervuas that she has to let him go. He served his purpose. She is in Al’s van with Quinn’s body. She writes on his face, “People You Know.”  She says he isn’t going to be weak anymore, as he reanimates. 

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I’m glad Morgan found Al and June. They were the obvious survivors next to Alicia and Alexa.  But Al is getting a little annoying about keeping her van. I get it, you have a vehicle you like, but you can put the tapes and the camera in a bag and carry it all.  

So. The villainess. What is she putting in the water? And why? I thought she might be trying to control something that Morgan and his group has. In a way she is, but not for power. She thinks the boxes of supplies are making people weak.   I assume she the one who killed the owner of the semi truck. 

That’s the only truck we’ve seen.  I wonder what happened to others in the network?  


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