A tornado hit the survivors homes on Fear the Walking Dead.  Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) are safe, but where is everyone else?

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Before the storm hit, Alicia left Morgan (Lennie James) alone in the woods.  He made his way to the road and finds a semi-truck. The front of the truck is locked, but the back is open.  Morgan climbs in and finds a bunch of boxes. The lid of the box says, “Take what you need. Leave what you don’t.”  Morgan digs through the box and takes a bottle of water, a peanut butter protein bar, and a pocket knife.  He covers up with a blanket and falls asleep.

Not In Kansas Anymore

A walker wakes him up the next morning, trying to get in the truck. Morgan kills the walker, jumps out and realizes he’s not in Texas anymore.  The truck is parked outside of a convenience store in Mississippi. Morgan goes inside and finds a lot of supplies.  The place looks abandoned, but then he spots a coffee pot that is on.  Morgan turns on the power and sees a radio.  Someone calls in asking for Polar Bear.  Morgan answers that he accidentally hitched a ride to the store.  She asks for his location and says Mississippi is the furthest they’ve heard from.  She tells him to take what he needs, leave what he doesn’t.  Morgan asks who she is, but the woman hangs up. 

Morgan packs a bag with food, water and other supplies.  He finds a map and tracks how far he has to go to get to Virginia. He sees the map is marked up showing which roads are clear.  Morgan enjoys a cup of coffee, taking some for the road and then heads to the bathroom.  While he’s doing his business, Morgan hears a shotgun pump.  A man tells him to get out. Morgan asks if he can finish first.  Once he is finished, he walks out to a man in a wheelchair with a gun on Morgan.  

Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The man in the wheelchair asks why people like Morgan always use the handicap bathroom stall. Morgan says it’s like a little apartment in there. The man agrees, saying he especially like the sink.  He asks what’s in Morgan bag. Morgan empties the bag.  Morgan asks the man to lower his gun, and he does, but just a few inches.  He tells the man about the message on the radio.  A woman joins him, telling Morgan to excuse her brother.  Morgan questions the validity because she is white, and the man in the wheelchair is black. They say they are twins. 

The Code

The twins, Sarah (Mo Collins) and Wendell (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell), show Morgan the boxes in the truck.  They tell him they are the ones packing up the boxes with supplies and leaving them in random places.  Sarah makes Wendell lower his gun.  Morgan asks if there are other places. Wendell says there isn’t. They ask Morgan where he’s going. He says he’s headed home.  Morgan tells them about the communities in Virginia that are trying to rebuild and help people like they are.  

The twins say they saved him from a hurricane.  The storm really tore things up back in Texas.  Morgan wants to go back and help his friends.  The twins load up a car for him and tell him out to get back.  Morgan thanks them. They say it’s a part of their code to do good.  Wendell says you have to help people when they need it and keep on truckin. 

Fear the Walking Dead

Mo Collins as Sarah, Daryl Mitchell as Wendell – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The Bridge

Morgan drives back towards Texas, but stops because of a tree in the road.  He stops and sees one of the boxes on the side by mile 154.  He smiles and starts walking with a bag of supplies.  Morgan comes to a bridge and stops in the middle.  He hears voices that make him turn around and run back.  Morgan stops again and looks at the bridge again.  He gets on the radio and calls for Sarah and Wendell.  

Morgan lies, telling them the bridge is out and he’s turning back.  Since they know which roads are clear, he asks them to take him to Virginia.  They ask about his friends in Texas. Morgan says he can’t get across, so he’s going back to the gas station.   When he gets there, he calls them again. They say they ran into some trouble on their route and give him a new location to meet.  Sarah gives her condolences to Morgan, saying she knew how much helping his friends meant to her. 


Morgan arrives at the location and sees a man running from a group of walkers.  The man’s hands are tied and he has a burlap hood on.  Morgan gets out of the car to help him, killing the walkers.  He pulls the hood off and the man yells at him for taking so long.  Morgan mentions that the man smells like beer. The man brews beer. That’s why he’s in trouble.  A couple of people kidnapped the man and tried to force him to give them the recipe.  

Morgan and the new guy drive along the road.  Morgan asks why he’s still brewing. The man says they will rebuild everything they lost. The world will start again and he will have beer.  Morgan tells him that he’s going home to Virginia. He tells him about the communities there and asks if the guy wants to go with him.   They come to a dirt road and find a truck. Morgan radios the twins. They say they are close. When the new guy hears Sarah’s voice on the radio, he starts running.  Wendell appears out of nowhere and points his gun at them.  Sarah joins them, thanking Morgan for finding the beer brewer. 

Fear the Walking Dead

Aaron Stanford as Jim, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Sarah and Wendell tie up Morgan and Jim (Aaron Stanford), the brewer in the back of their truck.  They aren’t putting out supplies, they are taking them.  Wendell says the boxes are going to waste sitting on the side of the road.  They stole the truck, leaving the driver in Texas.  And now, they want to know where the Virginia community is.  Morgan stays silent, so Wendell tells Sarah to start driving that way until he talks. 

The World Was Built on Beer

Morgan and Jim are in the back of the truck. Jim sees that there is enough supplies to start brewing again.  He asks Morgan about the Virginia community, but Morgan won’t tell him either. He says Jim is just like the twins, no good. The guy tells Morgan that he brewed beer before the world ended. He had just sold his small brewery to a large distributor and then the dead showed up.  They ruined his chance to be rich.  He wants it all back.   They hear a crash and the truck stops.

They come to a bridge that they truck is too heavy to cross.  Sarah starts unloading the beer supplies. Jim tells Sarah that he won’t give her his recipe for his beer, but he wants to work with her when they get to Virginia. He says he will make the beer for them. She agrees and cuts his bonds. They ask Morgan again, but he won’t say where the community is. 

Down By The River

Wendell sees a group of walkers approaching, so they get ready to leave.  Sarah throws out a piece of equipment that Jim needs.  He goes to pick it up and trips, pushing Morgan down to the river bank. Morgan’s hands are still tied, but he is able to make it on top of a truck that is parked by the river.  Morgan asks the other for help, but Sarah wants the directions first.  He gives her directions to Virginia, but she wants all of the directions.  Morgan gives in, not knowing if they will really help him or not.  

Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Sarah asks Wendell and Jim to help Morgan. Jim says he has never left his brewery until that day.  Wendell is in a wheelchair and doesn’t know how he can help. Sarah tells Morgan that he’s on his own.  Morgan yells that they can’t leave him there.  She says they are going to leave him behind like he left his friends behind.  They know the bridge wasn’t out.  Morgan isn’t the only one pretending to be someone he’s not.  They leave Morgan standing on the car with his hands tied behind his back. 

I Don’t Die

Later that night, Morgan sits on top of the car, surrounded by walkers.  He is able to turn on the radio to talk to Sarah, Wendell, and Jim.  He could have crossed that bridge, but he didn’t because he’s a coward.  Morgan thought he helped the people in Texas, but it wasn’t enough.  They needed something that he couldn’t give them. And he thought he’d only make things worse for them.  He’s not asking them to come back for him.  Or maybe they can come back so he can do the right thing.  

Morgan stands up and assesses his situation. He tries kicking the walkers in the head, but they grab on to his foot to pull him off.  Morgan gets loose and stands up again.  He jumps off the car onto the bank, but it’s not high enough to get away.  He slides back down to towards the river. Morgan looks around and sees a mile marker and some supplies from the box. There is a knife nearby, so Morgan makes his way to the knife to cut his bonds.  He uses the knife to kill a couple of nearby walkers.  Then he goes for the mile marker, using it to kill the rest.  Morgan walks away from the river. He radios Sarah and Wendell again.  Earlier they said the boxes weren’t doing any good on the side of the road. Morgan tells them they were wrong.

Take What You Need

Morgan keeps walking towards Texas.  When he gets to the bridge he refused to cross, Wendell and Sarah are waiting for them.  They know Morgan gave them the wrong directions to Virginia. 

Fear the Walking Dead

Daryl Mitchell as Wendell – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan meets them in the middle. He says the guy who left the boxes tried to help others.  If they want the directions to the Virginia community, then they have to help him.  He says they can be his ride to Virginia, but first they have to get his friend in Texas.  Wendell and Sarah are silent, as Wendell continues to point his gun at Morgan.  Morgan continues saying the universe gave them are a reason not to help.  It’s telling them something different now.  Wendell says they will pick up Morgan’s friends, but then they are headed straight to Virginia. Morgan says no.  They have some stops to make along the way. 

On The Road Again

Morgan gets in the truck. They stop every so often to put a box by a mile marker.  Jim even leaves a bottle of beer.  Morgan gets on the radio to let the original driver know that they are coming back for him.  He says they are headed to Texas and will see him soon.

At the Mississippi gas station, a woman (Tonya Pinkins) hears Morgan’s message.  She has pinned to the wall.  She takes a marker and writes “Take what you need. Leave what you don’t” on the walker’s face.  The woman laughs, telling the walker that they are headed to Texas. 

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We have our new people, but they are not what I expected.  I guess I thought they would be more helpful and easy to get along with.  But they all are selfish and looking for a way to make a profit.  I guess there would still be people like that.  It’s surprising, because at this point in time, commerce is dead.  

And we have a new villain.  The villains are interesting.  Most of them want to control a community’s resources.  I’m assuming that’s what this woman wants.  She found the convenience store and will take what is in there….or destroy it.  I’m intrigued by her story.    

Morgan has a way of bringing people together, but what happens when he needs to clear again.  Maybe this last clear was enough to keep Morgan’s faith in people alive.  



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