Morgan Jones (Lennie James) left one war and walked straight in another on Fear the Walking Dead.  The Vultures threatened the residents at the stadium, but invited them to join the crew.  And to force their hand, the Vultures raided everything within a 50 mile radius.  This left Madison’s (Kim Dickens) group no choice but to search further out than they had before.  Will they find what they need? And will they find it before they are forced to leave the stadium? 

Last week we found out who Laura is…it’s Naomi (Jenna Elfman).  Naomi has been very mysterious since we met her. She met John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) after getting injured somehow. He patched her up and she stayed with him until she healed.  It’s wasn’t a long time, but enough time for John to fall in love with Naomi.  The day after he revealed his feelings, Naomi left. The only bit of background that she revealed to him was that she had lost a child.  There’s a lot more to Laura/Naomi, whether she is dead or alive.  One thing is for sure, Madison needs to be cautious…”Just In Case.”


A couple of weeks ago, John found a map on a walker that was once member of the Vultures.  The map showed where the Vultures rendezvous point would be.  Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Strand (Colman Domingo), Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Al (Maggie Grace)  left to attack them.  John had just found out that Laura/Naomi is dead.  Morgan stayed with John while he grieved.

The Vultures on the other hand, continued to scavenge.  They take anything they find of use. John and Morgan encounter one of the Vultures. John gave the guy an opportunity to peacefully answer his questions. The guy reached for his gun and John shot off his finger.  He finds a map that matches the one they found at the silo.  John pressures the guy for answers about Naomi. Morgan stops him and tells the guy that they are coming for the Vultures.   John gives his guns to Morgan, saying it’s best that he hold on to them. Morgan tells him they will find the answers he’s looking for.  John wants to find out how Naomi died and to know she didn’t suffer. They take the guy’s van and head for the rendezvous point. 

Alicia, Strand, Luciana, and Al continue their trip to the Vulture rendezvous.  Alicia asks questions about the truck and the guns.  Al says her truck and her guns are not for sale. She stays behind the camera.  She’s seen things like this go down before. They should stick to their deal, a ride for their story. Luciana is okay with that as long as Al gets them to their destination. 

Road Trip

Fear the Walking Dead

Jenna Elfman as Naomi, Kim Dickens as Madison Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

After Naomi removes glass from Alicia’s arm, Madison tells them they have some food, but it’s going fast.  Alicia leaves to get her share of the food.  Madison thanks Naomi for helping and tells her that they have to go out for more food the next day.  

The next day Nick (Frank Dillane) stress the importance of finding seeds and fertilizer.  He ask Strand where he found his truck of food. He lies, saying he found it on a county road already loaded for an escape.   Cole (Sebastian Sozzi) covers for Strand.  He says he was wrong about who Strand really is.  He thanks Strand for showing him who he really is. Cole says he will keep Strand’s secret because he’s scared of what he would do to him.  Madison comes up after and asks Strand if everything is alright.  He says he’s worried about the food situation.  Madison reveals she has some alcohol and they head upstairs for a drink. 

Madison and Strand watch the Vultures, who don’t give up easy.  Strand asks Madison why she saved him after what he did.  Apparently, she and Alicia pulled Strand out of the water and nursed him back in a cave. They found Nick, who then left to find Luciana. He was in bad shape, but she waited for him.  Why did Madison save him?  She simply answers that she knows the type of person he is deep inside. And he’s her favorite drinking buddy. 

They hear a commotion and leave to see what’s happening.  Stadium resident Viv (Rhoda Griffis) is holding Naomi at gunpoint.  Naomi is in a car, trying to leave the stadium.  Madison says she doesn’t have to sneak out, she can leave whenever she wants. Naomi explains that she was headed to an abandoned military base to look for food, fertilizer, seeds and other supplies.  She wanted to go alone because it’s too dangerous and she didn’t want anyone to get hurt.  Everyone offers to go with her, but Madison says someone has to stay and watch the Vultures.  She and Strand will go with Naomi.  

The trio heads out, but the base is further than they’ve searched before.  They stop at a motel and find a few infected that killed each other over a can of beans.  Strand finds snacks and they settle in for the night.  Naomi notes that they’ve been together for a long time.  Madison tells Naomi that they are both from Los Angeles and have been together since the beginning. Naomi reveals the place they are headed to is a FEMA shelter, but doesn’t look like someplace anyone would want to search.  She admits that she was trying to sneak out.  She had a map to the place and planned on leaving it at the gate for Madison to find. Victor calls her a coward.  He takes the car keys from her and they all go to sleep.  


Fear the Walking Dead

Jenna Elfman as Naomi – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Madison wakes up the next day to find that Naomi is gone.  Strand and Madison debate on going after Naomi.  Strand argues that Naomi’s true nature is to betray them.  Madison says everyone can be saved.  They have to pick their moments.  Strand reveals to Madison that he planned on leaving the stadium.  He tell her that the car of food he found was his contingency plan if the stadium fell.  Madison asks if she should have left Strand to drown.  He says that’s what he would have done. Lucky for Strand, Madison is not like him.  They leave to find Naomi

Naomi hotwired a car and left.  She gets to the FEMA shelter and the doors are chained shut. Naomi taps on the door and a small herd gathers at the doors.  She finds a box labeled J.I.C.  It has  guns and a notebook about gardening and other supplies. Naomi finds a set of keys labeled “J.I.C”  She takes the keyes and tries to sneak past the herd.  When Naomi gets to the kitchen area, she finds some children’s drawings and hand prints.  It causes her to get emotional and she falls to the floor. The herd hears the fall and turn their attention to the kitchen.  She runs to the back and is cut off by more infected.  She has to climb on a scaffold.  The infected surround her and she just tells them that she’s sorry.

Madison and Strand catch up to Naomi.  She tells them where the supplies are and tell them to leave.   Strand says he can get to her, so Madison distracts the walkers.  Strand is able to get a rope across the room like a zip line.  Naomi has to climb across, above the infected reaching for her.  They get out and lock the infected inside  Naomi reveals that she lived in that shelter with her daughter Rose.  The place was safe.  She says there was a woman who taught them how to survive outside.  They made “just in case” plans.  Then Rose got pneumonia, but Naomi didn’t tell anyone for fear that they would get kicked out.  Instead she hid Rose away left to find medicine.  She found the medicine, but when she returned, Rose had died and turned.  Rose infected the shelter. 

Naomi blames herself for killing everyone at the FEMA shelter. She hasn’t been able to get over it.  Naomi thought she had found a way to live with it through Madison and helping her to keep going.  She takes them to a truck filled with supplies.  It’s her “just in case” truck.  She hands the keys with a tag, J.I.C. to Madison.  Victor tells Naomi that she did what she had to do. He did too. Madison taught him that they could start over.  

A Win

Fear the Walking Dead

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Frank Dillane as Nick Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

At the stadium, Alicia, Nick and Luciana meet with Mel (Kevin Zegers).  They tell him it’s time to leave.  Madison, Strand and Naomi drive up in trucks with supplies.  They tell Mel they have enough supplies to start their crops again.  Mel rounds up his people, saying it will take longer than they can wait to take the stadium.  Madison stops and motions for her kids to get in the truck.  Mel warns her that no one ever sees the bad stuff coming.  The Vultures leave the stadium parking lot.

As everyone is unloading the supplies inside, Cole is surprised that Strand came through.  Strand says Madison pulled it off.  He says he was premature in letting Cole know who he is.  Nick takes the gardening supplies and immediately begins planting.  Madison pulls Alicia aside. She tells Alicia not to ask any questions, but do as she says.  Her instructions are to load up one of the cars with supplies and hide it.  Just in case. 


Alicia, Strand and Luciana wait for the Vultures to show up at their final destination. Al stands by to film it all. One car shows up. It’s John and Morgan. Alicia holds them at gunpoint and makes them get on the ground.  Morgan says they came to help.  John asks Al to help them, but she’s busy recording.  Morgan tells Alicia that he warned the Vultures. He told them to stay away. Morgan says Alicia still has time, he says he should have told Nick.  What she is doing is only going to make things worse. 

The Vultures’ caravan arrives. They all emerge from their vehicles with guns in hand.  Mel asks who warned his guy. The guy from the gas station points out Morgan.  They allow him to stand aside, but Morgan stands between Alicia and Mel.  Mel apologizes to Alicia for Nick’s death, but Alicia isn’t sorry about Ennis.  Morgan tries to stop them, saying it doesn’t have to be like this.  They both tell Morgan to move. 

A woman radios in.  Mel starts laughing, asking if anyone told her.  He tells Alicia that they are going to like this. A Land Rover drives and Naomi emerges.  John sees her and starts calling her Laura and walks toward her.  Alicia is angry. She thought Naomi was dead.  It appears Naomi has joined the Vultures. Alicia turns around and shoots at Naomi.  John steps in front of Naomi, taking a bullet to the chest.  Naomi kneels to help John and Morgan rushes to them.  

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I really hope we find out what happened at the stadium soon.  Alicia, Strand and Luciana are quickly becoming the bad guys here.  Something really bad had to happen for Alicia to change so drastically.  I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with Madison and what happened to her.  My prediction is the Vultures took Madison and are holding her hostage.  I don’t know why, but I really don’t think she’s dead.  

Poor John!  He finds Laura only to get shot.  That was an intense moment.  Of course Naomi is going to do what she has to.  She’s just like Strand in that matter.  But she’s reunited with John and it turns tragic real quick.  Please don’t let John die!




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