The old crew met the new crew a few weeks ago on Fear the Walking Dead.  They don’t know a lot about each other, but they just found out they one person in common.  Laura. John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) has been looking for a woman named Laura for a while. It’s his personal mission to find her.  Last week , after the group buried Nick (Frank Dillane), they loaded up supplies into Al’s (Maggie Grace) van.  John recognized one of the bags.  It was Laura’s bag and inside the bag was a six shooter. The twin gun to the one that John carries.  Luciana (Danay Garcia) told John the bag belonged to Naomi (Jenna Elfman), who didn’t make it out of the stadium. Naomi is “Laura.”

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Here’s what we know about John Dorie up until now.  He has lived alone for some time. He talks to himself a lot.  When he met Morgan Jones (Lennie James), he says he hadn’t talked to an actual person in about a year.  So what’s his story?

John lived in a cabin on a lake.  Everyday he cleans his six shooter set.  Every now and then he’d find a walker washed up on the bank and kill it.  John built a moat around the cabin, with a little bridge. He does chores around the house, talking to himself as he works.  John plays scrabble by himself, makes coffee and eggs, and on Tuesdays, he watches movies and eat popcorn. At night, he lays awake listening to the quietness.  John lives a simple life.

One night, he hears a walker in the lake. John doesn’t sleep much, so he gets up to take care of it.  He finds a woman instead. She is unconscious, so John picks her up and takes her inside of his house.  She moans in pain and John finds an open wound on her side. It’s not a bite, thank goodness. The woman falls asleep before John can patch her up.  He sets two pieces of candy on the nightstand and lays on the couch.


The next morning, John catches her trying to leave in his truck. He tells her the keys are in the visor, but the truck won’t start.  John says the battery is dead. He offers to get her a new one and load her up with food before she leaves.  The woman goes inside with John to clean up her wound.  John sews her up with a fish hook and then makes her fish stew.  He tells her his name, but she won’t say hers. John says she looks like a Laura, so the woman agrees to be called that.  

Fear the Walking Dead

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

John has admitted to being a cop before the fall.  He tells Laura that he also used to put on wild west shows on the weekends.  Laura doesn’t say much about where she’s from.   John puts up a sheet as a curtain between rooms to give Laura some privacy.  Laura says she won’t be staying long. He has figured out that she’s a nurse.  He says he can take the bed to rest. She says he will take the counch, but John says he doesn’t sleep much. So she closes the curtain and goes to bed. She wakes up in the middle of the night and John is not on the couch. She gets up to look for him and he’s on the porch, cleaning his guns.  

The next day, two more walkers wash up on shore.  John tells Laura that he is going to town and she decides to go with him.  He tries to give her a pair of boots, but she prefers her tennis shoes.  They go to town by boat and along the way they cross under a bridge with a fence.  Laura sees a hole in the fence and that’s how the walkers are getting into the lake.  

John tells Laura to take whatever she needs from the store. The store is well stocked.  John only takes a hammer. She needs supplies to keep her wound clean, but before she leaves, she set up the supplies for someone else to take.  John takes a movie and signs it out on the rental log. Laura sees his last name and remarks about it. He tells her it’s like Dory, the fish, but with an ie.  She asks if he likes fishing and of course he does. That’s cute!

Later that night, Laura gets up while John is watching his movie.  He thinks he woke her up, but she gets a glass of water and sits next to him.  He tries to talk to her about his candy and popcorn, but Laura still doesn’t say much.  John falls asleep on the couch and wakes up to Laura staring at him. She tells him that she lost her child and goes to bed.


The next day, Laura asks John to teach her how to fish.  Laura catches a fish on her first try. John teacher her how to clean and cook it. She says that will come in handy when she leaves.  John is a little disappointed to hear her say she’s leaving. Later they play Scrabble and John smiles at her.

A couple of days go by, Laura fishes more and cleans her catch.  John notices the boots are still on the porch. He helps her cut out her stitches.  Laura decides it’s time for her to leave. Before she goes, Laura wants to help John patch up the fence at the bridge so the walkers won’t get through.

Fear the Walking Dead

Jenna Elfman as Naomi – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

They find a car that has a charge.  Laura hotwires a car and reveals that she learned that at her last camp.  John finds one of his guns in the car. He gets upset, but Laura says they may need it to save themselves.  John says the guns belong in a box. They clear out the walkers on the bridge and push the car to block the hole in the fence.  A walker with a machete in its chest comes upon them. It breaks through the drivers side window. Laura yells at John to shoot the walker, but John won’t do it. He violently stabs the walker in the head several times, splattering blood everywhere.

They get back to the cabin to clean up.  Laura tells him that the walker blood can make you sick. He says it’s better that he gets sick than others.  She asks him about the guns and assumes he doesn’t’ like guns from when he was a cop. John reveals that he shot someone in the leg and the guy bled out.  People called him a hero, but he felt back about the guy dying. That’s why he moved to the cabin. Laura tell shim that everyone can say it’s not his fault, but until he believes it, it is. John thinks that statement also applies to Laura losing her child.


At the bridge, a horde of walkers has gathered at the car. They are able to push over the walker onto the gear shift and the car moves.  The walkers start falling into the lake. John wakes up to the sound of the walkers in the lake, but it’s more than he’s used to dealing with.  He yells for Laura to help him. They are overwhelmed by the number of walkers. Laura falls down in the moat and the walkers fall on top of her.  John gets his guns and shoots them all to save her.

Laura thanks him for saving her. She says he is hero and an honorable man.  Laura considers herself lucky to have washed up on his shore. John hands her one of the guns because she insists on leaving.  Later than night, Laura sits next to John to watch a movie. She sits closer to him than she did before and John has to get up. He says he’s going to sit on the porch and starts to put on his boots.  Laura asks what’s wrong, but he tells her to leave it alone. She asks why he won’t look at her and gets up to face him. He holds out his arm to stop her from coming near him.

John tells Laura that he loves her.  He loves her and he didn’t want her to know.  She’s leaving and he doesn’t want her to. He even offers to leave if she will stay.  He says, knowing that she is alive, makes the world feel alive. Laura kisses John in response.

The next morning, John is such a deep sleep, he doesn’t hear his alarm go off.  When he finally wakes up, he’s alone. He looks outside and finds Laura’s tennis shoes. She took the boots.  He goes to the kitchen and on the table is a note from Laura in Scrabble pieces. “I love you too. I’m sorry.”

Fear the Walking Dead

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC


John carries the Scrabble pices with him.  He has just told Morgan his story about meeting Laura/Naomi.  Morgan asks if she loved him. John thinks so. He second guesses his decision to tell her that he loved her; thinking she might not have left if he didn’t.  Morgan says it was the right thing to do. John thinks he should have waited, but Morgan says there’s no waiting in this world. That’s how you lose people.

John thought he’d find Laura and have a second chance. Morgan says they all have a chance to start over. They don’t have to go out and seek revenge like Alicia, Strand and Luciana.  John says he can get behind what they are doing. Morgan thinks it’s wrong. They are alive. They are a part of this world and shouldn’t waste one second. The two men stand up and start walking towards their next journey.

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It’s not often that you get to see a love story in the zombie apocalypse.  This was such a nice change for Fear the Walking Dead because John and Laura were so isolated and safe…for the most part. They had a chance to really connect and the chemistry between them made the emotions believable. And John Dorie is just so lovable! You want him to get his happy ending.

I really like the addition of Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman.  Their stories bring new life to the show. John Dorie just brings an innocence to the show that we needed. He still has hope that a lot of people have lost.  And Laura/Naomi…I’m just wondering why she’s so ready to leave and be alone. What hurt her? At this point, I’m more interested in their story.

But I still need to know what happened to Madison!!!  


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