Here it is.  The Crossover/Premiere that will change everything for Fear the Walking Dead.  Season three ended with quite a cliffhanger. The Clarks- Madison (Kim Dickens), Nick (Frank Dillane), and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades), and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) were all close to the Tijuana Dam when it exploded last season.  At the end of the episode, Madison woke up on the side of the river, alone. The biggest question was whether or not everyone made it out alive.

Season four starts with a fresh story, fresh new faces, and a fresh new showrunner.  And of course, the crossover character, Morgan Jones (Lennie James). It’s a new world on Fear the Walking Dead.  It will be interesting to see how the two worlds collide.

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A lone cowboy sits by a fire in a field in the middle of nowhere Texas.  He hears a snap and starts talking to whoever is there.  John hasn’t used his voice in a while, so that means he’s been on his own for about a year.  He would like to hear another voice saying anything.  He invites the stranger to his camp for food, popcorn or if they need a book.  He realizes that there may not be anyone there.  But he keeps talking, telling story about a woman that he has feelings for.  He hears a walker approaching and quickly turns to shoot it.  Morgan is standing behind the walker in attack mode.  The cowboy smiles and asks, “What’s Your Story?”

Morgan decided he needed to be alone after the war.  He settled in at the Scavenger junkyard, thinking that no one would bother him there.  Think again, Jesus (Tom Payne), Carol (Melissa McBride), and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) all pay separate visits with the same message.  Morgan belongs with people because he saves people.  They all tell him that he belongs with them.  Rick says he can hide, but he can’t run.  So Morgan packs his things and sets out for his return.  He comes to a crossroads and starts thinking about everything that has happened and everything that Rick said.  You know what it is.  Morgan starts running away from the world he knows. 

Morgan runs, walks, and drives through the country.  He sees people along the way, but avoids them.  He comes upon a man in a SUV, lying in the back seat. The man has been bitten and is feverish.  Morgan opens the door to leave him medical supplies, but the man refuses.  Morgan says he’s just wants to help because the man is alone.  The man says they are all on their own.  Morgan takes his supplies and leaves. He keeps walking, running and driving.  Then he passes a Welcome to Texas sign. 

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Fear the Walking Dead

Garret Dillahunt as John – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

We return to the field where the cowboy is talking to himself.   His name is John Dorie (Garrret Dillahunt). He offers Morgan food and candy.  John sees that Morgan has tape around his feet.  He asks where he’s from and if he came across a woman with a pistol like his.  Morgan tries to leave, but John invites him to camp with him for the night. He accepts but leaves before dawn. 

Morgan comes upon a campsite.  He looks inside a tent, but no one is there.  He turns around and someone hits him.  When he wakes up, two men hold him at gunpoint and going through his stuff.  He tells them to keep the food and give him the rest.  They say they can’t let him go or he could tell people about their trap.  Morgan says he doesn’t know anyone and he doesn’t want to know anyone.  John shows up and shoots the gun from the guy’s hand.  He says he’s just looking out for his friend.  The marauders have friends too.  Morgan and John are surrounded. 

The marauders hold them at gunpoint when a large SWAT truck pulls up. A woman named Al (Maggie Grace) is driving the truck.  She asks the guys what’s up.  Al sees Morgan and John and starts to bargain for them with a guy named Leland (Clint James).  At first she offers them food and cigarettes. Then she pulls a lever and reveals her armory in the back of the truck.  

As Al, short for Althea, drives down the road, John starts asking questions about her and her vehicle. Morgan asks her to drop him off, but Al says she didn’t rescue them out of the goodness of her heart. They owe her.  Morgan and John get uncomfortable.  Al takes them to an abandoned trailer park.  When she opens the door, John pulls his gun on her.  She says she’s not going to kill them. She’s a reporter and she wants their stories.

The next morning Al interviews John about Laura, the woman he’s looking for.  He knows he will find her.  She asks how they got split up, but John says that’s an unhappy story.  Morgan is next, but he refuses to talk.  Al says she saved him so he owes her his story.  Morgan pulls food out of his back to pay her back for the food she paid to get them.  Morgan says he didn’t ask her to save him, so he’s going to leave.  John runs up to catch him to give him clean socks.  Morgan accepts the socks.   John spots a truck parked nearby.

Fear the Walking Dead

Clint James as Leland, Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Leland approaches Al and asks for her truck. Morgan and John are held at gunpoint again. The men take John’s gun and tell them to put their hands up.  Morgan does so, but keeps his stick in his hands.  Morgan starts fighting back.  A sniper starts shooting at him and John.  Al fights to get into her truck so she can pull the lever on the guns, but Leland pulls her out.  Morgan goes around to another truck and jumps on top of a trailer.  John runs to a different trailer and lets out a bunch of walkers.  Al throws the keys into the group of walkers and Leland runs after them.  John covers Al so she can run to get the keys too.  Leland finds the keys, but when he grabs for them, he gets bit by a snake.

Morgan runs towards the sniper and is shot in the leg.  The sniper has to reload, so Morgan runs at him again, knocking him off of a trailer.  The sniper hangs on as walkers try to pull him down.  Morgan pulls him up, saving his life, but the sniper starts fighting again and they fall through a roof.  Morgan is able to get up and away.  The sniper is eaten by the walkers.  Morgan sees a grenade on one of the walkers and pulls it.  Morgan emerges from the trailer and tells everyone to run. 

Al runs to her truck and Leland kicks her backward.  John and Morgan fight off the walkers.  John sees Leland threatening Al so he shoots him.  Al is able to get into the truck. She pulls the lever and starts shooting the walkers, saving John and Morgan. 

They take a flag from the park and John asks what it means.  Al says markers have been showing up recently, but there’s no one to ask but the dead. Morgan says he calls them walkers. It looks like he’s ready to talk. He tells her to pull over. 

Morgan tells Al that he’s from Georgia and lived in Virginia.  He talks a little about Alexandria and the Kingdom, saying there are good people there.  Al is amused by the Kingdom’s king and tiger and says they will come back to that later.  Morgan talks a little about the war.  He says they won, but he left before he really left.  Al tries to get more out of him, but Morgan is done talking.   Morgan starts asking Al questions, but she won’t answer.  Morgan decides its time to go.  Al pushes one more time asking why he left Virginia. Morgan answers, “I lose people, then I lose myself.”  Morgan leaves. 

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Morgan continues walking and see the car of the injured man from before.  He looks inside and around the car, but no one is there. Then he sees a walker up ahead and tries to catch up to it.  Two walkers come from the brush and follow Morgan.  Morgan’s leg is badly hurt, so he can’t move very fast. He falls and loses his stick.  The walkers are about to get him, but John shows up and kills the walkers.  He helps Morgan stand up and Morgan keeps going.  Morgan says he has to know.  He has to see the walker’s face.  John helps him catch up to the walker and they make him turn around.  Morgan sees that it is the man he encountered before.  Morgan kills the walker and goes back with John.

They drive along. Morgan says he’s only staying until his leg is healed.  He tells Al to stop asking questions. She’s interested in the story about the tiger. Morgan says he has no more answers.  Al made a deal with John to look for Laura in exchange for more of his story. John says he doesn’t know if they will find her, but he doesn’t think about it.  But it’s truth and that’s something you can’t get around.

Fear the Walking Dead

Maggie Grace as Althea, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

They spot someone laying in the middle of the road.  Al tries to give Morgan a gun, but he tells her that he doesn’t kill people. John says he doesn’t either unless he really has too.  Al and John get out of the truck.  The girl appears to be hurt.  Morgan gets out to watch.  Al picks up the girl and it’s Alicia Clark.  Alicia says there are bad people at there.  Alicia grabs Al and holds a knife to her throat.  Strand and Luciana jump out with guns pointed at John and Al.  Morgan steps forward, but Nick jumps out behind him yelling for Morgan to drop his stick.  Al looks at Alicia and asks, “What’s Your Story?”


For a crossover, this was very Morgan-centric.  It’s a good thing though. You get to see his journey and how he feels about leaving.  I have to try and look at this as if we know nothing about Morgan.  He’s very mysterious, but why?  I’m sure that will be a question throughout the series.  

As for the new characters,  I like John.  He’s funny and lighthearted.  His backstory seems interesting, but it remains to be seen if he’s a good guy or not.   Althea looks like an interesting character. I’d like to see the stories that’s she collected.  Everyone has experienced different things in the apocalypse.

So we experienced a major time jump for Fear, maybe 2-3 years after season three.  It also took Morgan some time to get to Texas, so this also has to be several months after the war ended on The Walking Dead.  We know what Morgan’s been doing during this time, but what have the Clarks been up to?  Why are they so hostile?  And what’s with the numbered flags? Who’s marking territory?  I’m ready to find out!





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