You knew we hadn’t see the last of Troy Otto on Fear the Walking Dead. We also knew he was crazy. So we shouldn’t be surprised by anything he does, right?

Things were pretty touch and go a couple weeks ago on the ranch. Nick (Frank Dillane) was designated the militia leader after Troy  (Daniel Sharman) was exiled. Jake (Sam Underwood) pretty much shut down, leaving Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) to make some tough choices. And Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) had her hands full trying to control Crazy Dog (Justin Rain) and the Nation. The two groups appeared to have squashed their differences to look for water on the ranch.

As for Madison (Kim Dickens) and Walker (Michael Greyeyes), the two went on a trip to buy water and ended up buying Strand’s (Colman Domingo) freedom instead. They were able to make a deal with Lola (Lisandra Tena) at the Tijuana Dam, with help from Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades). They are on their way back to the ranch. What will they find when they get there?

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Daniel Sharman as Troy Oto – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Let’s check in with Troy. He’s making his way in the desert, killing snakes for dinner, writing in his journal, looking for shelter…. Lucky for him, he found the McAlester outpost. Troy looks around and finds food in the barn and a grenade launcher in the main building.  

Troy looks at the gun that Walker gave to him. It has a single bullet. He hears something in the distance and goes to investigate. It’s the groans of the infected. Troy smiles and shoots the gun in the air.

At the ranch, Nick, Crazy Dog, and Coop (Matt Lasky) are killing the infected who reached the ranch perimeter. Nick tells Crazy Dog that the dead are coming for the cattle. Crazy Dog says the cattle will die soon from lack of water. Crazy Dog watches as Nick shoots a cow.  

Jake is upset that they have to kill the cattle. Alicia tells him that she and Nick backed the Nation’s decision to kill the herd. He says the ranch isn’t a ranch anymore.  

Jake suggests that they run away together. They can go to the Otto family cabin on the border, or other smaller places like the ranch. Alicia says they are lucky to have the ranch and she’s not ready to leave.

Crazy Dog is still giving the evil eye to some of the ranchers. Apparently the digging to find water led them nowhere. Ofelia reminds him that he’s in charge until Walker returns. If he doesn’t make it back, they have to keep the peace. Ofelia says Jake is weak. Nick has emerged as the leader and has found middle ground with both sides.  

Alicia checks in on Nick. He says he’s feeling conflicted about killing Otto. He killed Otto so Madison wouldn’t have to. He’s worried about Madison.

Alicia asks Nick if he’s worried about Troy. Nick reminds her that he took Troy’s father from him. She says he doesn’t owe Troy anything.  

Alicia does point out that Nick and Troy are alike. They share the same self destruction. Nick says he might be as sick as Troy is.

Later that night, Nick wakes to hear someone in the house. He walks out on the balcony to check things out. Troy emerges out of the darkness with a warning. No, Nick is not hallucinating.

Nick offers Troy a seat, but Troy declines. He says if he sits, he will fall asleep. And he can’t fall asleep because he’s on a  mission.

Troy is sleep deprived, probably hungry, and maybe a little dehydrated. He says Nick saved his life, in his own way. He’s just there to return the favor. A reckoning is coming… a beast from the desert that’s bigger than Nick can imagine. He tells Nick to bring Jake, locks Nick out of the house and leaves.

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The next morning, Jake tries to talk to Alicia about leaving the ranch again. She says she is fighting for the ranch. Jake gets upset and asks Alicia if they are in a relationship or an alliance.

He accuses her of seducing him while Nick bonds with Troy and Madison warms up to Jeremiah. Alicia is not happy with the accusation, but their conversation ends when Nick stops by to tell them about Troy’s visit.

Jake starts to leave with Nick and Alicia says Troy is baiting them. Before they leave, Alicia tells Jake that she does care for him and is doing everything for him.

On their way to find Troy, Nick says he thinks Troy was trying to warn them, not harm them. Jake says he plans on killing Troy. He’s sick and he won’t get better. They are distracted by a dust cloud in the distance.

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Sam Underwood as Jake Otto – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

They stop on the side of the road and see a horde of the infected. Nick radios Alicia to let her know a horde of infected is headed their way. Jake and Nick come up with a plan to try and change the horde’s direction. They hear an explosion and go to investigate. Troy is standing nearby, shooting off grenades to lead the horde.

Alicia tells Ofelia about the horde. Ofelia asks why Nick and Jake went alone to scout. She has to tell Ofelia about Troy’s visit. Ofelia becomes suspicious about Jake and Nick, asking if they are planning an ambush. Alicia tells her that she believes Nick and to have some faith.

Nick tries to talk Troy down, saying he’s going to kill a lot of innocent people. Troy says he is cleansing the land. He mumbles about leading the horde…how it’s evolution. Nick says he’s murdering everyone at the ranch.  

Troy points the launcher to set off another grenade. Jake warns him not to do it or he will kill Troy. Troy shoots another grenade into the air and Jake tackles him to the ground

Nick tries to stop Jake from killing Troy. He tells him it will always be in his head and he can never get away from it. Troy makes Nick tell Jake that he killed their father. Jake figures it out before Nick can confess.

Jake doesn’t care. He points the gun at Troy and Nick hits him in the head. Jake falls down the hill and in the path of an infected.  

Alicia, Ofelia, Crazy Dog and Coop see the dust cloud headed for them. It’s too late to run. They have to protect the ranch.

Troy and Nick jump down to help Jake, but an infected man bites him.  Jake screams for Nick to cut off his arm before the infection can spread. Troy is in shock and hesitates to help Nick. Nick and Jake both yell at Troy and he finally holds Jake’s arm so Nick can chop it off.

Alicia tells Coop and Crazy Dog about Troy’s warning. Crazy Dog asks if Troy brought the horde to the ranch. Ofelia says he may have saved them. She makes Crazy Dog give her the keys to the armory so they can defend themselves.

Nick is driving the brothers back to the ranch. Nick says they can treat Jake at the ranch, but Troy tells him there is no ranch to go back to. The horde is ahead of them.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Justin Rain as Crazy Dog – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Alicia, Ofelia and Crazy Dog have set up a line of RVs to shield them from the horde and to shift their trajectory to the east. There are so many infected that the RVs start shifting. Some of the infected climb under the RVs to get to the living.

Nick can’t do anything but watch through binoculars. Troy is sitting by Jake who has lost a lot of blood and died. Troy is in shock. He says this wasn’t supposed to happen. Nick tells him to put Jake down.  

Troy says he wanted Jake to see what he did for them, for their family. Nick picks Troy up and shows him what he did. He shows him how the horde have taken over the ranch.

Troy tells Nick to kill him. Nick gives him a gun and tells him to kill himself.

The horde continue walking across the ranch and the RVs are shaking. One of RVs is tipped over and the ranchers make a run for the pantry. 

The infected are able to catch some of the ranchers, including Coop. He tries to shoot himself in the head so he won’t turn and he’s out of bullets. Alicia shoots him in the head as a mercy killing. An infected has Ofelia pinned to the ground and Alicia saves her.

They run to the pantry with Crazy Dog, but the infected are blocking their way to the entrance. The three fight their way to the pantry entrance and get in safely.

Nick continues to watch from afar.  Troy watches over Jake who has turned. He hesitates, but eventually puts a knife in Jake’s head. Troy says he needs to sleep. Nick tells him he has to figure out a way to save everyone…he can sleep when he’s dead.



Troy was bound to do something that was going to get his brother killed. It’s too bad Jake left feeling like no one cared about him or his feelings. RIP Jake.

Nick is turning into a great leader. He had brought the ranch together. Granted, they aren’t one cohesive group, but they are learning to lean on each other. And now that their lives are at stake they really have to trust one another.  

This is the scariest thing that could happen to a community in the TWD universe. And it makes people stronger as a community. So in a way, it was good.

But…what will happen now? Will Madison and Walker get there in time to help Nick and Troy? And will Nick tell everyone what Troy really did? Can Alicia and Ofelia keep the peace in such a tiny space.  

This is getting good! I can’t wait for the next episode!

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