Tensions are running high on Fear the Walking Dead.  The residents of the Black Hat Reservation have moved onto the ranch, weapons have been confiscated, and Troy became the greatest danger of them all.  Resources will become an issue if the leaders cannot get the two groups to cooperate and coexist soon.  But then again… who is really in charge of the ranch?

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Nick (Frank Dillane) is put in a hot box as his punishment.  There is a small window in the door.  Nick looks out and sees Troy (Daniel Sharman) walking towards him, like he’s infected.  Troy falls to the ground and bounces back up in a playful way.  He is not infected.

Nick asks for water.  Instead of helping Nick, Troy asks Nick if Otto was his first kill. He shuts the window on Nick.  Nick begs him to open the window. There’s no air in the box.  Troy says he has the key and opens the hotbox.  Nick reaches out to get up and no one is there.  Nick is still in the box, hallucinating.

Madison (Kim Dickens) tells Walker (Michael Greyeyes) about how little water there is on the ranch.  She says that Otto was aware of the low reserves.  She says they need to find water to keep the peace on the ranch.  Walker knows of a trading post in Mexicali where they can buy water. They tell Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Jake (Sam Underwood), Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), and Crazy Dog (Justin Rain)about their plan to get a back up supply in case of a hot summer.  They enforce water rationing across the ranch.

Alicia knows there’s something that Madison is not telling them. There’s only about 6 weeks of water left on the ranch.  Madison tells Alicia to keep it a secret. If they do, everyone will panic.  She tells Alicia to get Nick out if things go sideways.  Madison gives Alicia a long range radio to keep in  contact with her. Madison goes to the hotbox to give Nick water.  She tells him she is leaving.  Walker and Madison leave with a tanker.

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Michael Greyeyes as Qaletaqa Walker- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Crazy Dog removes Nick from the hotbox. Alicia takes him to Otto’s house and fills him in on what’s going on. The ranchers complain to Jake about the water rationing.  Alicia speaks up and reminds them of the sacrifices that Jake has made.  She tells them to trust Jake.  Madison contacts Alicia to check on Nick.  Alicia says the people are suspicious and paranoid, but they will be fine.  Walker says Madison is overprotective.  Madison takes offense to his comments. He tries to empathize by telling her about protecting his dogs.  

Walker and Madison arrive at the trading post the next morning. At the security gate, the guard tells them that their long range radio will get them two days admission.  Madison gives it up and they enter the bazaar. Madison and Walker approach a lady named Maria Lu (Keyko Duran).  They ask her for 10,000 gallons of water.  Walker offers gold for payment and Maria Lu agrees.  Walker continues negotiations while Madison looks around. She spots Victor Strand (Coleman Domingo) in an altercation. She goes to help him.

Maria Lu stops negotiations when she sees Madison talking to Strand.  She accuses them of being in the wrong with the man who runs the trading post, the Proctor.  Madison and Walker help Strand fight off his attackers and they run.  Once they get to a safe place, Madison asks Strand about the trouble he’s in. He doesn’t tell her, instead introduces himself to Walker.

Walker suggests that they leave and Madison agrees. Strand says no one leaves until their debts have been paid.  Madison asks if it was his plan to get trapped at the trading post when he refused to leave the hotel. Strand says he reconnected with an old friend who controls the dam in Tijuana.  He tells Madison that she doesn’t want to go there.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Michael Greyeyes as Qaletaqa Walker – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Walker doesn’t trust Strand. He knows he’s in a lot of trouble and asks if people want Strand dead.  Strand answers that there is a good reason he’s still around.  Madison suggests they rest and figure everything out later.

The next day, Walker walks around the trading post, following Maria Lu and keeping a low profile.  Madison wakes up and Strand hands her a cup of water.  He asks about her family. She says they are alive, only mentioning Nick and Alicia.  Strand deduces that Travis is dead.  He is sad about the news and consoles Madison.

The trading post guards barge in with Walker.  Walker says the guards threatened to kill them all.  A guard tells Madison that Strand must pay off his debt to the Proctor by defending the gates.  Strand tells Madison to leave him and go back to her children. Strand is taken away and chained to the gates.

Walker returns and tells Madison that he was able to salvage the deal with Maria Lu. They will have their water in the morning.

At the Ranch…

Coop (Matt Lasky) and Blake (Michael William Freeman) visit Nick and thank him for helping Troy.  They want to rise up against the Nation and take back control of the ranch.

Nick says it’s best that they keep a low profile.  They give the only gun the ranchers control.  They say he deserves to hold the gun.

The next day, the ranchers and the Nation line up for their water rations.  Crazy Dog and Ofelia oversee the distribution.  A little girl knocks a cup of water out of Ofelia’s hands in disgust.

Blake tells Nick that the Nation members are double dipping.  He is positive he’s seen a woman from the Nation go through the line twice.

Alicia goes to see Ofelia and Crazy Dog.  She says they heard some of the Nation went through the water line twice. Ofelia says she oversaw the operation and no one from the Nation went twice.  Ofelia tells her that they heard the militia started back up. Alicia denies it.  Alicia insists that she is just trying to keep the peace. Ofelia tells her she needs to control her own people first.

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Matt Lasky as Coop – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Meanwhile Nick is meeting with the militia.  They believe the Nation is planning on killing the ranchers.  They want to take back the land, weapons and water before the Nation moves against them.  Nick talks them down saying that if the Nation takes one more thing, then they will move.

Nick goes back to the Otto house and is confronted by Alicia. She doesn’t like that he has the rancher’s gun.  He says he took it so the others wouldn’t use it.   He tells Alicia that the ranchers are listening to him. They look at him as some kind of hero who stood up to the Nation. Alicia says they only listen to him because they don’t know he killed Otto.  Nick is taken back. Alicia explains that no one told her, she just knew. She thinks he killed Otto for Madison.

The next morning, Alicia catches one of the ranchers taking more water than they are allowed.  Alicia pours out the water to stop her.  A member of the Nation calls her a thief and everyone starts arguing.   Alicia stops them and tells them there is only 6 weeks of water left. They have to work together or they will die. This causes a panic. The ranchers push Alicia out of the way and start fighting with the Nation.

Crazy Dog shoots his gun in the air to stop them.  He tells everyone to back away from the well. He says they are taking it to make sure everyone gets what they need.

Nick steps up to Crazy Dog telling to stick to his half of the ranch.  Crazy Dog says the well is on their side and they aren’t backing down. Nick tells them to pump from their side.  Nick pulls out the ranchers gun to let Crazy Dog know that he’s not leaving the well.  Other ranchers step up to stand with Nick.  Ofelia tells Crazy Dog to back down.  He says he will keep the peace at all costs. The members of the Nation leave.

Blake tells Nick they have to take as much water as they can before the Nation returns.

Alicia looks out over the ranch and see the ranchers gathering weapons.  She looks towards the Nation and see them searching for more water.

The militia devise a plan to strike against the Nation. Nick says if they can disarm the Nation, they can stop the eye-for-an-eye crap and there will be no bloodshed.  

Keyko Duran as Maria Lu, Michael Greyeyes as Qaletaqa Walker – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

The next morning at the trading post. Walker meets with Maria Lu at their truck.  He finds that his gold is missing.

Outside of the gate, the Infected close in on Strand. The guards open the gate and shoot the infected before they get to Strand. Madison releases Strand and says his debt has been paid. Walker is upset that Madison used his gold to pay off Strand’s debt. She says Strand has a permanent solution to their water problem. The dam.

At the ranch, the militia sneak up to the Nation’s HQ, with guns in hand.  Coop sees Alicia with the Nation members, digging a hole in the ground.

Ofelia and Crazy Dog know the militia is trying to sneak up on them. Ofelia wants to talk to them, but Crazy Dog says it’s too late. He says they won’t draw first blood.  Walker will understand if they have to defend themselves.

Nick looks around and gives the gun back to Blake.  He walks to where Alicia and the others are digging and offers to help.  

Ofelia and Crazy Dog leave their weapons behind and follow Nick to the digging site.  One by one, the Nation and the ranchers go to the site and start helping each other.


Just when I think things are getting worse, the Fear writers prove me wrong.  This was good to see two styles of leadership come together to keep the peace on the ranch.

Alicia is always doing what is right…can you say moral compass???  And Nick always pushes the boundaries. Their personal relationship with Ofelia helps a lot too.

It’s just annoying to see everyone so paranoid and divided.  And at the same time it is a realistic representation of our world today.  Us against Them.  Everyone is so afraid of those who don’t look like them.  I kept hearing Cersei Lannister say “anyone who isn’t us is our enemy.”  

In the, a basic human need for everyone is what brought them all together.  However it took planning a violent act to make them realize how far they’d go to have some sort of power.  Good think there was no bloodshed between the ranchers and the Nation.  

So…is Strand going to the ranch with Madison!?  That’s exciting!  I love his smooth talking ways…even with Walker he never let up.  LOL.

If Daniel goes to the ranch and there’s still tension…well…Daniel will make sure that tension is relieved one way or another.

I wonder when we will see Troy again?

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