With so much loss on Fear the Walking Dead, sometimes it’s hard to let go. In “Ofelia,” Daniel’s (Rubén Blades) mental state leads Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Wes (Colby Hollman) on a dangerous path. 

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The crew on the submarine continue to prepare to fight for the tower. They found a stash of guns and ammo that they plan to use to win their fight against Victor (Colman Domingo). The only problem is Daniel. He’s showing signs of dementia and often calls Luciana, Ofelia. He does so while she plays a card memory game. A photo of a boat reminds Daniel of Ofelia. She corrects him and he says he knew of his mistake. But then Daniel disappears. Wes and Luciana go after Daniel while everyone else goes after the guns. They find Daniel and then Arno (Spencer Granese) finds them. Arno also knows about the guns. He takes Daniel, Luciana and Wes hostage to try and get the location of the guns. He takes Wes to question him first.

Arno and his people live at a dried up shipyard. Daniel believes that Arno is holding Ofelia captive on one of the boats. He confronts Arno while Arno questions Wes. Questioning includes putting Wes inside of a shark cage and slowly lowering him to a group of walkers. Daniel stops Arno by agreeing to give him the location of the guns. He also asks to see Ofelia. Arno agrees to everything. Arno sends most of his people to find the guns, leaving only a few people to guard Daniel, Luciana and Wes. They come up with a plan to escape and to find Ofelia. 

Daniel knows his memory is getting worse, but when he thinks about Ofelia, everything is clear. He says his memory is bad because he didn’t tell Ofelia the truth about his past. He never gave her an explanation or apology for the things he did. To clear his mind, he needs to talk to Ofelia and talk to her. Luciana tries to talk Daniel down from his belief that Ofelia is alive, but Daniel doesn’t believe her. He says when he finds Ofelia, they will thank Luciana. Then she will be a part of their family. 

Luciana tries to help Daniel back to reality on Fear the Walking Dead

Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

They get out of their cell by pretending that Daniel collapsed. Daniel tells Sage (Jacob Kyle Young), Arno’s guy, to take him to Ofelia. Sage says Ofelia is not there. Wes wants to go but Daniel refuses to leave without Ofelia. Luciana tells Sage to take Daniel to the boat. She knows Daniel won’t leave until he sees the truth. Sage informs the trio about the crater full of walkers that they found. Arno and Sage know it’s a matter of time before those dead get out. Arno is scared of them getting about but doesn’t tell Sage why.

When they get to the boat, Daniel gets upset to find it empty. He is certain that the boat card is from Ofelia. Luciana reminds Daniel that Ofelia died and he buried her. Daniel has a hard time accepting the truth and gets upset that Arno used Ofelia to get what he needs. Sage turns to Wes for help, saying he knew his brother. Wes has some questions, but Daniel kills Sage before he can answer. Daniel says Wes is better off not knowing about his brother. The truth about people is always worse. 

Daniel goes after Arno, but first he traps Wes and Luciana on the boat. He says Arno needs to pay for what he did and he doesn’t want Luciana to stop him. He promises to return for them. Wes is very frustrated and upset. He needed to hear that his brother knew he was at Tank Town when it was attacked.That way he can justify killing him. They focus on trying to get off the boat safely.

Some of the radiated walkers are showing up at the boatyard. Arno is concerned and watching the walkers when Daniel finds him. Daniel puts Arno in the shark cage. Arno tries to talk his way out of his fate saying he would do anything to protect his people. That’s why he lied to Daniel. Daniel lowers the cage to the ground. Arno tries to keep from getting grabbed by the walkers, but two walkers grab his legs, making him fall. The walkers start eating his legs as Arno screams. 

Luciana and Wes show up and raise the cage. Daniel says Arno made him do it. Arno says he wanted a new beginning. Everyone is going to die because of Daniel. Arno is fading, so Luciana asks him what’s coming. He says someone is letting the walkers in the crater out. It’s too dangerous to touch them. He wanted to get everyone to the tower. There’s nowhere else that is safe. 

Daniel is still very upset that Arno lied to him. He tells Luciana to leave him there. She understands why he killed Arno. She says Daniel needs her help. Daniel says no one knows his background, but Luciana does. She’s seen it. He asks why she’s still there with him. Luciana says they all make mistakes. Daniel says she is his family, even though they are not blood related. 

Wes's patience with Daniel is tested on Fear the Walking Dead

Colby Hollman as Wes – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

More of the radiated walkers show up. Wes asks what they should do about Arno’s people. Everyone needs to leave now. Luciana talks to the remaining members of Arno’s people. She invites them back to the submarine and to help them Victor’s tower.  Arno’s people all agree, it’s what Teddy would have wanted. 

Daniel says they won’t win with Arno’s people. Arno had a nuclear warhead and still couldn’t take the tower. Luciana says they have something Arno didn’t. They have someone who knows what Victor is going to do before he does. Daniel. Luciana also knows the only way he will focus on the task at hand is Ofelia. Wes knows what she’s thinking and tells her not to do it. 

Luciana tells Daniel that Victor has Ofelia in his tower. He asks why she didn’t tell him before. She says she was afraid Daniel would go there by himself and get killed. She’s telling him now because of what he did. He can lead everyone and take Victor’s tower. Daniel tells her to be certain because if she’s wrong, if it’s another lie, it could break Daniel for good. He asks if she is sure and she says yes. Daniel vows to get into the tower. Then he, Ofelia and Luciana will be together … always. 

They join Arno’s people. Wes says everyone is ready to go. He will not be going with them though. Wes doesn’t like what Victor, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Morgan (Lennie James) are doing to each other.  He really doesn’t like what Luciana is doing to Daniel. He says he can’t be around someone who’s pretending to be someone they’re not. Daniel is confused but he can’t help it. But Luciana knows exactly what she’s doing. Daniel sees Wes leaves and asks Luciana why he’s leaving. He wants to go after him but Luciana says nothing will change Wes’s mind. 

Back at the submarine, Dwight (Austin Amelio), Sarah (Mo Collins) and Morgan look at the guns when Luciana arrives. Arno’s people follow her to greet Morgan. Daniel says they need to start planning on how to overthrow Victor. 

Wes shows up at the tower. He gets on the phone and calls to make a deal to Victor. The voice on the other side asks why Victor would want to make a deal with him. Wes says he can save Victor’s tower. 

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