A new trailer for the continuation of Fear the Walking Dead season 6 dropped this morning. And there’s a lot to unpack. Dubbed, “The Best Season Ever” by Entertainment Weekly, Fear TWD continues its anthology-style storytelling with nine new episodes coming this spring. You know what spring means.  A time of renewal and new life. Hmmm…


The battle between Morgan (Lennie James) and Virginia (Colby Minifie) continues as two new groups pose a threat to Virginia’s way of life. Morgan is in the process of finding the Fear family and taking them to a new safe place. This place is a dried-up river that covered a town and sits behind a dam. He found Al (Maggie Grace), Dwight (Austin Amelio), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), and Dakota (Zoe Colletti), Virginia’s sister.

Virginia has Strand (Colman Domingo), June (Jenna Elfman), Luciana (Danay Garcia), Daniel (Rubén Blades) and Grace (Karen David). John Dorrie (Garret Dillahunt) didn’t like his job as a Ranger and fled without June. We don’t get to see Sarah (Mo Collins) and Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) in this trailer, but they were with June the last time we saw them. 

Virginia faces new threats in the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 6

Colby Minifie as Virginia- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

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In the new trailer, Alicia meets someone she calls ‘the king of the crazies,’ played by John Glover. He narrates the first part of the trailer, saying “Death is inevitable. But from this death comes new life”. I’m very interested to find out who this man and his people are. And what they are truly after. 

Sherry (Christine Evangelista) and her group show up to wreak havoc. There is a scene where Virginia is hiding behind a moving car. Did Sherry’s group hit Lawton? Or maybe it was the doomsday people? Either way, people are coming for Virginia and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. 

 In the last trailer and this one, we saw Virginia is holding Grace, Daniel, and Luciana at gunpoint in the streets of Lawton. But in this trailer, there is a scene where Grace is standing next to Charlie in the river. It looks like Morgan saves her after all. And then there’s also a scene where people in cowboy hats are making their way toward the dam that hides Morgan’s new, well-guarded home. Does Virginia find Morgan and his people? Or are these more deserters looking for freedom? 

The second half of Fear TWD season 6 looks intense and action-packed. Lots of explosions, chases and lots of walkers. Death, destruction and decay never looked so fun. Check out the trailer for the next nine episodes of Fear the Walking Dead below. 

Fear the Walking Dead season six returns Sunday, April 11 on AMC.




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