All good things come to an end on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Divine Providence,” Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) takes the fight to Victor (Colman Domingo). Last week, Morgan (Lennie James) and Baby Mo (Avaya White) sailed away for safer lands. Alicia vowed to take the tower and save more people. With the radiated walkers loose, things are even more dangerous on the coast. 

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Alicia and Victor come face to face at last when he invites her inside the tower for a drink. He makes note that Morgan is not among Alicia’s group. Alicia says he took the baby far away from Victor. Wes (Colby Hollman) is with Victor and doesn’t like that Alicia is there. He knows Victor has a soft spot for her and tries to keep him focused on protecting the tower. Victor is ready and already instructed the rangers to be ready at sundown. 

Alicia isn’t the only visitor. Daniel (Rubén Blades) pushes his way through the barrier to find Ofelia. Victor is aware of Luciana’s (Danay Garcia) lie … Wes told him everything. He puts Daniel in the basement while he talks to Alicia. Victor admits that he built up the tower for Alicia. He knows exactly who he is and what’s done. He just stopped apologizing for the man he is. Victor says their story isn’t over, but Alicia says it is. She’s ready  to defeat him. 

Victor tells the ranger on the roof to turn on the beacon. And a second group of rangers to lead the radiated walkers to the tower. He’s trapping Alicia’s people in between the guns at the tower and radiated walkers from the crater. Alicia tries to run, but the rangers stop her. Victor says he lit the beacon to keep her out; now he will use it to keep her in.

Alicia pleads with Victor to turn off the beacon. Victor orders Wes to take Alicia to the basement and throw Daniel off the roof to make an example of him. Alicia fights back, acquires a gun and takes Victor hostage. She leads him to the elevator and the rangers turn it off. 


Victor tries to convince Alicia that he’s doing all of this for her own good. She knows he’s doing it for selfish reasons. She attempts to jump to the top of the elevator but collapses. Victor grabs the gun and says they have a long future ahead of them. Alicia tells him that she’s dying. He promises to find a cure for whatever is killing her, but she’s certain the end is near. She’s not afraid to die. Alicia just wants to find a safe place for everyone who follows her. 

Alicia asks Victor to turn off the light and she will call off her army. He says that’s not good enough. He wants her to stay with him in the tower. She says she doesn’t have much time left, so Victor asks for what time she has left. Alicia agrees. They exit the elevator with an agreement.

Victor informs the rangers of the arrangement with Alicia and Wes does not like it. He thinks Alicia is only telling Victor what he wants to hear. He turns his gun on Victor and the rangers follow suit. Victor starts shooting at the rangers so he and Alicia can get away. 

Wes radios the basement and tells the guard to kill Daniel. Daniel is one step ahead of them and kills the guard. Victor and Alicia show up and ask for Daniel’s help to get to the roof. He refuses until he can see Ofelia. Alicia tries to remind him what happened to his daughter, but Daniel won’t accept it. Victor plays along and says Ofelia is on the top floor.


Daniel's state of mind puts Alicia and Strand in danger on Fear the Walking Dead

Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Daniel leaves to clear the stairs.  Alicia asks why Victor is lying. He says June (Jenna Elfman), Grace (Karen David) and Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) are on the top floor. He wants to free them and get them on their side to stop the conflict. Alicia is afraid the lie will destroy Daniel, but Victor knows it’s what they need to get through the night. Besides, Luciana put that idea in Daniel’s head. He’s just finishing what she started. Victor says he’s not a monster, he’s the same man he’s always been. He just stopped apologizing for it. 

Alicia collapses. Victor catches her and Daniel comes back to them. They carry Alicia to the infirmary to get her some medicine. The rangers catch up to them and start shooting, but Daniel takes care of them. Victor finds an epi-pen and prepares to give it to Alicia. At the same time, Daniel finds the roster of residents and Ofelia’s name isn’t on it. Victor admits he lied because it’s the only way Daniel would help him. 

Daniel gets upset, saying Victor is always lying. Victor is trying to save the closest thing he has to a daughter. He takes Daniel to Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) and says it’s Ofelia. Daniel gets angry saying Charlie is not his daughter. Victor reminds him of what happened to Ofelia. Ofelia may be gone, but Daniel still has Charlie. 

Daniel gets angry with Victor and hits him. He points the gun at him and Alicia stops him. She says Daniel couldn’t be there for Ofelia but he can be there for Charlie. Charlie calls out to him and he tells her not to look at him. Alicia tells him to be the man that he wanted Ofelia to see. Daniel starts remembering what happened to Ofelia and lowers the gun.


Alicia passes out. When she wakes up, Daniel is sitting with Charlie. Strand explains what happened to Charlie. June says Charlie only has a few weeks left and there’s nothing they can do to save her. Victor says that’s another reason to preserve the tower. So Charlie can spend her last weeks in the tower instead of out in the wild.Alicia says they have to go but Daniel won’t leave Charlie. Charlie says it’s okay for him to go. Daniel is grateful for Charlie. She reminded him why he wanted to find Ofelia. And being with her helps him think clearer.

Victor and Alicia leave to find weapons. They take smoke bombs to use to get up the stairs. When Victor gets to the penthouse, Wes and the rangers are already there. Wes tries to remind Victor of his reasons for protecting the tower. He asks Victor not to throw it away from Alicia. Victor says he’s not and leaves to find Alicia.

Alicia is sitting on the stairs, exhausted. Victor picks her up and they run into Wes and the rangers again. The duo run into an empty room and block it with desks. Wes and the rangers pound on the door, trying to get in. Victor and Alicia are trapped. Victor apologizes. He wanted them to rebuild together. He thought they’d have more time to heal. Victor tells Alicia that he loves her. She’s the closest thing to family that he has left. He wanted to show her the tower was worth it. 


Wes and the rangers break in. Alicia pleads with Wes to save the people outside, but he refuses. He says people are people. He thought Victor was the exception. Victor says the tower can be stronger if they help people, but Wes disagrees. Wes pulls out Alicia’s transmitter. He asks why she brought a transmitter. Alicia admits that she wanted to broadcast a message to the people looking for Padre. She wanted the tower to become Padre. Wes says Alicia is lying. He says she’s telling him what he wants to hear. If Alicia sends that message, they don’t stand a chance. And if Victor won’t’ protect the tower, he will. 

Wes and the rangers prepare to shoot. Daniel shows up, kills two rangers before being shot by Wes. Alicia picks up a gun and points it at Wes. She checks on Daniel and tells him to save the others. Wes threatens to kill Alicia if Daniel moves. Victor lunges at Wes and kills him with his sword. RIP Wes. Alicia is shocked and asks why he did that. Victor says he did it for the same reason he built the tower … so Alicia wouldn’t have to. Victor and Alicia leave to turn off the beacon while Daniel saves the others. 

Luciana and the others are reunited with Daniel, Wendell, June and Grace. Daniel tells everyone to get into the tower. They aren’t so sure that Daniel is clear or not. He tells Luciana that he’s not a liar. Luciana apologizes for lying. They are interrupted by gunfire. Snipers on the roof are keeping them from going inside of the tower. The group runs to the gates anyway.


Victor makes his last stand at the tower on Fear the Walking Dead

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Alicia and Victor get to the roof and take out some of the snipers. Victor goes to turn off the beacon while Alicia prepares to shoot walkers. Victor hesitates. He knows Alicia will never forgive him. They start fighting. Alicia says Victor is only trying to save his life and he doesn’t care who he has to kill to do it. 

While they fight, they unknowingly cut the wires holding up the beacon. And Alicia inadvertently punctures a hole in a tank of gas. The beacon falls. Sparks are lighting up all over the place. Alicia sets up the transmitter anyway and sends a message. She tells people that the tower is the Padre they are looking for. 

Meanwhile, Daniel is able to lead most of the group inside the tower. They get inside just as the radiated walkers arrive. Alicia’s message ends with a plea for help from anyone who can hear them. A fire starts on the roof. Victor yells at Alicia as she passes out. 

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