Sometimes a threat is nothing more than a hurt soul on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Breathe With Me,” Sarah (Mo Collins) encounters a dangerous man while searching for Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), who turns out to be searching for Morgan (Lennie James). 

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The day the bombs went off, there were ten warheads released. One of them landed and didn’t explode. But it’s emitting radiation from a crack in the casing. 

Al (Maggie Grace) saved Sarah, Luciana (Danay Garcia), Daniel (Rubén Blades), Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), Jacob (Peter Jacobson), and Wes (Colby Hollman) from the nuclear blast by sending a CRM helicopter for them. That helicopter overheated and the pilot had to make a rough landing. Sarah was knocked out for two days after. They all ended up in Fort San Josente that is now an AirBnB. 

Sarah woke up to a walker coming for her. Al saved her by shooting the walker in the head. The walker is emitting high levels of radiation. They think it got through the only gate to the house that Daniel may or may not have left open. Sarah asks if Wendell made it to the fort, but he did not and no one knows for sure if he’s alive. Sarah loses it, determined to go out and find Wendell. She’s unaware of the state of the world outside though. She feels like the others didn’t look hard enough.

Sarah sits up on a lookout point near the fort. She calls for Wendell on every channel on the radio and eventually reaches Morgan. He tells her that he’s at the submarine. She tries to tell him where she is, but the radio dies. In her frustration she looks around and sees a truck parked nearby. Upon investigating, Sarah finds Rufus the Dog and a man named Josiah (Demetrius Grosse).

Josiah is the man who encountered Morgan and Grace (Karen David) when they tried to leave the blast zone. He is also the twin brother of the bounty hunter that Virginia sent after Morgan. Morgan beheaded that bounty hunter and sent his head to Virginia. Now Josiah carries the head around and a vow to kill Morgan Jones. 

Josiah knows who Sarah is and that she’s friends with Morgan. He says she will give up Morgan and he will help her find Wendell. He asks Sarah to contact Morgan and tell him where to meet her. That’s when Josiah will make his move. 

Along the way they have to stop and check the radiation levels. Sarah has pills to help them from getting sick. She says Wendell has been missing for 78 days, about 11 weeks. Josiah thinks Wendell could be in Washington state by now, until Sarah tells him that Wendell is in a wheelchair. Josiah asks for something that belongs to Wendell. Sarah hands him the hat. Josiah lets Rufus sniff the hat to better track Wendell.

Rufus leads them to a man named Sage (Jacob Kyle Young) in a gas mask with a wagon full of naked dead. Sage says he was ordered to disperse the dead in the area. Josiah holds Sage at gunpoint. He asks Sarah if she sees Wendell’s corpse, but she doesn’t. They force Sage to strip and find a bandana that belonged to Wendell. Josiah asks Sage to take him to where he found the bandana.

Sarah runs into danger while searching for Wendell on Fear the Walking Dead

Mo Collins as Sarah – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Sage takes them to a barn with more naked walkers in the stalls, but no sign of Wendell. Sarah finds Wendell’s bloody wheelchair though. She asks Sage what happened to Wendell. Sage there was a walker strapped to the chair, but it was of no use to him, so he left it where it was. 

Sarah gets angry and lunges at Sage. He turns and opens up a stall of walkers to get away. Josiah and Sarah run after Sage, but he runs too fast and the walkers get in the way. Sarah runs to the truck to get away from the walkers. Josiah stays behind to fight off the walkers.

When Sarah gets in the truck, she hears Morgan calling for her on the radio. She doesn’t answer him but she also doesn’t help Josiah. When Josiah reaches the truck, Sarah takes off. Josiah is able to get in the truck but Sarah doesn’t want to help him get Morgan, so she tries to push him out of the truck. This causes them to drive over a cliff and crash.

When Sarah wakes up, it’s nighttime. Josiah was knocked out as well. There are walkers on the back of the truck trying to get in. Sarah tries to call for help from Morgan, but the radio is dead. She finds out more about Josiah. He says he’s only been lost once and it was Rufus who found him. And the day his twin brother died, he felt his heart stop. Sarah told Josiah that Wendell was her twin. He says if her brother was dead, she would feel it.

There’s one other problem. The warhead that didn’t explode is fifty feet away from the truck. They have to get away from there. Josiah opens the back door and starts killing walkers. Sarah and Rufus jump out and join Josiah. They are surrounded and more walkers are emerging from the woods. Someone shows up and saves Josiah from getting killed. It’s Morgan and he’s surprised to see the face of a man he already killed. 

Sarah stands on top of the truck and sees Morgan and Josiah start fighting. Josiah is able to get the best of Morgan and runs to grab his brother’s head. He plans to let his brother’s corpse bite Morgan. Morgan knocks the head out of Josiah’s hands and Rufus runs up to attack it. The corpse’s head bites Rufus instead.

Josiah starts crying for Rufus while Morgan destroys the corpse’s head. With all of the walkers dead, Josiah holds Rufus as he slowly dies. He feels bad for what happened to the dog and how he behaved with Morgan. He says he’s not that person, but seeing his brother dead made him crazy. That’s what happened to Sarah when she thought Wendell was dead.

Throughout the episode, Sarah is having trouble breathing. She tells the guys that she wasn’t breathing well on her own when she was born. The only time she did is when she was laying next to Wendell.

Morgan may know where Wendell is and takes them to Victor’s building Victor (Colman Domingo) and his men are waiting for them. He says Wendell is in the building, but we never see him. Sarah asks to talk to Wendell, but Victor is holding a grudge against her for talking Morgan’s side at the submarine. She has to decide if she trust Victor enough to let Wendell stay or he will release Wendell with no guarantees of safety.  Sarah asks Victor not to tell Wendell that she came looking for him.

Morgan admits that he and Grace are barely making it. But he’s willing to share what he has with Sarah and Josiah. Josiah decides to go his own way and figure things out for himself. Sarah gives him the pills so he doesn’t get sick. Morgan says the others aren’t safe with an open warhead so close to them. He wants to gather them and get ready for what happens next.

Meanwhile, Sage goes back to his people. Instead of naked walkers in the wagon, he has the warhead. He tells his friends that it’s going to get them everything they want. 

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