All good things must come to an end on Fear the Walking Dead. In “Amina,” despite the destruction of the Tower, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is still determined to save everyone before saving herself. This is the 100th episode of the series. 

Last week, a spark from the beacon lit a fire on top of the tower. Everyone was trapped inside with the radioactive walkers just outside the gates. Just before the fire started, Alicia sent out a message to anyone who could hear her. She told them the Tower is the new Padre.

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Alicia wakes up in the midst of chaos. The tower is burning and everyone evacuated. They are running to the beach, deciding to sail away to safety. while Alicia rests, she sees a familiar bird fly by. June (Jenna Elfman) examines her and fills her in on their situation. When the radiated walkers start burning, it will release the radiation in the air. Everyone left except for Victor (Colman Domingo). They haven’t heard from Morgan (Lennie James), so they decided to sail anyway. June insists that Alicia rest, but she refuses. Alicia sees the masked girl (Anniston Almond) from her previous dreams. The girl says she needs to find her friend and asks for Alicia’s help. Alicia follows the girl back to the Tower. 

The group radios Alicia, asking where she is. She tells them that she found a little girl who might know where Padre is. She also tells them not to look for her. Alicia is having hallucinations of walkers. She even thinks walkers are regular people and tries to ask them about Padre. There’s one moment when she looks in a puddle of water and sees herself as a walker. 

Alicia ends up in the M-wrap and the masked girl is with her. The girl won’t remove her mask or say what her name is. She heard Alicia’s message, so she knows who she is. They talk about Alicia’s arm and the possibility of finding Padre. The girl says she needs to find her friend because he can lead them to Padre. And she tells Alicia that she won’t die from the bite. The girl knows because she was bitten and survived. She says her friend saved her and he can save Alicia too.

Along the way, they run into a walker. Alicia has a hard time killing it and gets an assist from the masked girl. The girl asks why Alicia didn’t shoot it. For one, she does not want to attract other walkers. And two, she’s saving it to use on herself. Alicia does not want to turn into a walker. Once she knows her friends are safe, she will take her own life. The girl says Alicia won’t end up like that and encourages her to use the bullet the next time. 


Dwight helps the group evacuate the beach on Fear the Walking Dead

Austin Amelio as Dwight – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

When they get to the tower, Alicia says it’s too dangerous and wants to turn back. The girl refuses to go and Alicia refuses to leave her. Three walkers see them and walk towards them. Alicia prepares to fight and passes out again. She sees the girl fight off and kill the walkers. The girl picks up the radio and calls for help.

When Alicia wakes up, Sarah (Mo Collins), June, Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) are carrying her on a stretcher. Josiah (Demetrius Greene) … you remember him.  He tried to kill Morgan. Anyway, he got to Alicia before the group got there and saved her from the walkers. The group heard Alicia’s S.O.S., not a little girl, but Alicia’s call for help. And she was alone. Everyone thinks she’s being affected by her fever.

Alicia thinks the girl went back into the tower to send her message. Alicia decides to go back and help her, despite the group telling her no. She tells the others about the girl’s friend and her walker dreams. Alicia insists that the girl is real, even though she sounds crazy. Daniel (Rubén Blades) speaks up for Alicia, saying it hurts when people don’t believe you. She stood by his side and helped him, so he wants to help her. Luciana, June, Dwight, Sarah and Josiah all volunteer to go too.  

When they get to the tower, Alicia radios the girl. The girl says she’s on the stairs to the roof. The radio cuts out. Alicia loads the one bullet into the gun and heads for the tunnel into the tower. The others are determined to go with Alicia, but she tells them to go back to the rafts. Luciana doesn’t want to leave her, but agrees to go. 


Alicia finds the girl on the roof. She’s happy to see the girl and admits that she’s not ready to die. They find the radio and it’s broken. The girl says it’s okay because her friend is in the tower. Her friend is Victor Strand. Alicia is distraught and hears Victor’s voice in her head. She decides to back to the beach. The girl stands in her way and says Alicia has to save Victor. He’s family. She’s convinced that Victor can save them. 

Alicia throws her to the ground and asks if the girl knows anything about Padre. The girl insists that everything she said was true and Victor can help them. Alicia refuse to help him because he took everything away from her. The girl say if she leaves him, Victor will die. Alicia collapses. She asks the girl why she cares what happens to Victor. The girl says it’s not about him, it’s about Alicia. 

When Alicia wakes up, the girl walks into the fire escape. Alicia tries to follow and finds the familiar bird. The bird leads her to Victor’s penthouse. Victor is lying on the bed, drinking. She tells Victor that he took everything away from her. This isn’t really about what Alicia wanted, it’s about what Madison (Kim Dickens) wanted. Victor starts crying, apologizing for everything he did to her. 


Alicia's journey comes to an end on Fear the Walking Dead

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Alicia pulls out her gun and Victor tells her to stop. He says if she turns, he deserves everything she does to him. She puts the gun to her head and starts thinking about everyone she loves. She sees the bird again and tells it to leave. The window is closed, so Alicia has to get up to let the bird out. This is the bird that Alicia saved when she was a child. She bangs on the window but can’t break it. The masked girl shows up and breaks it for her. Alicia picks up the bird and it flies away. 

This whole time, we hear Madison tell the story about how Alicia found an injured bird and nursed it back to health. Madison told this story to Al (Maggie Grace). The girl takes off her mask and she is Alicia at a younger age. Alicia is confused and asks why the girl brought her back to the tower. Younger Alicia says the answer is on the tape. Alicia is holding a video tape labeled “Amina.”

Younger Alicia says Madison didn’t die so Alicia could find some place safe. She died so the part of Alicia that believes in people will live. Younger Alicia says she survived the bite because she’s still a part of Alicia. The older version can keep the younger version alive if Alicia can make sure people remember why she lived. Alicia has to safe Victor.

The group is about to leave. Alicia radios them asking for help. They made it to the m-wrap. She says she found the girl and something else. Victor doesn’t think the group will take him with them. He asks why Alicia saved him. He laughs because he asked Madison that same question once. Madison saved him because she knew who he really was. He doesn’t think she really did; at least not the way Alicia knows him. Alicia says it’s not about him; it’s about her. He needs to do the thing that she doesn’t have time to do. Alicia asks him to get the people to a safe place. Alicia passes out.


When she wakes up, she’s in a raft and June is watching over her. Grace (Karen David) walks up and says the radiation levels are going up. They have to leave now. Alicia asks her about Morgan. Morgan radioed her. He cleared the radiation area, but he’s safe. She hands Alicia a radio to talk to Morgan.

Alicia apologizes to Morgan for not being able to take the Tower. He says it’s okay and tells her about the chatter on the radio. He thinks Padre is real. Morgan asks Alicia how she feels. She says he’s not doing any of this alone. He knows that and believes she will help him soon. The radio cuts out. Grace says she will tell Morgan what Alicia said if he didn’t hear her. 

One by one the rest of the Fear Family stop by to say goodbye to Alicia. Luciana says she will ride with her, but Alicia refuses. Victor volunteers and Alicia refuses him as well. He gets in as she gets out. Victor tells her to get back in but she won’t do it. She says she doesn’t know how long she has or how fast she will turn. She tells Victor to make sure everything they’ve been through means something. Alicia wants to stay in case anyone who heard her message shows up. Victor says Alicia made it all mean something. She saved all of them. Alicia saved him. She pushes his raft out into the water. As he rows away, Alicia says she didn’t save him to do what she can’t. She saved him because she loves him. 

Everyone rows away, leaving Alicia on the beach alone. She collapses after they are out of sight. when she wakes up, the sky is clear and the bird has returned. there’s color back in Alicia’s face. She no longer has a fever. Young Alicia returns and shows her older self that her bite mark is gone. She says Alicia saved her and asks how she feels. Alicia says she feels like herself. She picks up her gear and says she’s going to find the people who heard her message. She wants to spend what time she has left to make sure they have a safe place to go to. A walker appears and this time Alicia shoots it. 

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