MiThis past year, 2021, has been a pretty remarkable one for the WEBTOON community. We’ve seen some of our favorite series make their way to TV. Some were published into graphic novels. And we even got a few fun crossovers with the likes of DC and BTS! But, we know that the best part of the year was all of the series that kicked off in it. I wanted to take a look back at all of our favorite series that kicked off in 2021. This list includes WEBTOON originals and canvas and are absolute must-reads!

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Of Swamp & Sea

Jonah and Mercy in Of Swamp & Sea Webtoon.

Of Swamp & Sea Webtoon series.

Now, these are in no particular order, but I will say that Of Swamp & Sea from Mia Jay Boulton and Laurel Boulton was my absolute favorite find in 2021. I’ve always found my favorite series are the ones that blend some of my favorite genres and tropes and the initial grouchiness of Jonah was all I needed to fall in love with him. Plus, the fantasy world-building is top-notch mixed with a supernatural monster-hunting element. And we can’t forget Mercy! The book-loving new adventurer is one of my favorite characters to come to life in 2021. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year.

Catch up on Of Swamp & Sea here!

Lady Knight

Aurora sneaking food into the prison in lady Knight Webtoon series.

Lady Knight WEBTOON series.

I first fell in love with Lion Illustration‘s work when they released House of Stars in 2019. So it was pretty clear that Lady Knight would be a series I needed to check out when it dropped this year. And I am so thankful I did. I am in love with Aurora and the other characters within this story. The world-building so far has been fantastic and the mystery surrounding Aurora, the curse and the things behind the scenes have had me on the edge of my seat. I am excited to see where Aurora’s story will take her and what new characters and mysteries Lion Illustration will introduce in the new year.

Catch up on Lady Knight here!

Flatmates with Benefits

Flatmates With Benefits WEBTOON series.

Flatmates With Benefits WEBTOON Canvas series.

I initially found Nikkicha‘s Flatmates with Benefits when it was nominated for a WEBTOON Canvas award this year. It didn’t take long (two chapters, in fact) for me to fall head over heels with this comedic romance twist on the age-old trope of becoming roommates. I can hear the “and they were roommates” meme playing in my head right now. And while this is a trope that we have seen used over the years, Flatmates with Benefits nails everything I love about it and more. Ray and Ash’s constant banter back and forth is so fun to watch, and we all know the star of the show is really Cupcake.

Catch up on Flatmates with Benefits here!

I Love My Cyborg


I love a WEBTOON series that takes us out of the present day and sets us back about 100 years and that is precisely what ColorDropletsI Love My Cyborg does. But that isn’t all! The series mixes together elements of sci-fi, romance, mystery and even a bit of psychological horror. I love ColorDroplets’ attention to detail with the period-accurate outfits, dances and much more. I guarantee that the first few chapters will have you crafting theories on what is actually going on. But one thing we know for sure, Clive Westdale is a charmer and he needs our…I mean…Hazel’s help!

Catch up on I Love My Cyborg here!

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Like Wind on a Dry Branch

Rieta and Killian's first meeting in Like Wind on a Dry Branch.

Like Wind on a Dry Branch WEBTOON series.

I couldn’t make a list of favorites and not include Dalsaeowl and Hwaeum‘s Like Wind on a Dry Branch. It features elements of fantasy, historical and what I hope will eventually bloom into romance. I love the twists and turns this story takes and constantly has me guessing what will happen next. Plus, we all really want to know what is on the Archduke’s mind. Also, Rieta is one of my favorite female characters of all time. She is strong, generous, intelligent and that is just the tip of the iceberg. It has been such a pleasure to enjoy this story and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Catch up on Like Wind on a Dry Branch here!


Honbarian by Olive Coat is another recent addition to my WEBTOON reading list. I found it during a deep dive into the Canvas series on WEBTOON and it instantly became one of my favorite reads of the year. I even referred to it as a warm comfy blanket read in the Saturday Morning Webtoons installment that showcased it. And that is exactly how I enjoyed this fantasy, historical, mysterious series. I love the dynamics between Andrea and the Flinders family as she uncovers bits and pieces of her past. Plus, the art style is to die for! I wonder what 2022 has in store for Andrea and the others.

Catch up on Honbarian here!

Rain Girl

Rain Girl Webtoon Canvas Series

Rain Girl WEBTOON Canvas Series

Are you starting to see a pattern here? I love WEBTOON series that find a way to set themselves in a historical setting but add supernatural or mysterious elements to it. And Rain Girl from Ashtreehouse is precisely that. Set in a quiet fishing town, the story feels larger than life. What mysteries will Mina and the others face and what is her aunt hiding from everyone? So many questions and I promise I am waiting patiently to find the answers. I can’t wait to see where this story will take us and if everyone is going to find their happy ending.!

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Madame Outlaw

Estelle in Madame Outlaw Webtoon series.

Madame Outlaw WEBTOON series.

Finishing off this list of our favorite 2021 WEBTOON releases is Madame Outlaw by Junk Ren and WmW. It is set in one of my favorite time periods, includes the Oregon Trail and gives us the Estelle, a gun-wielding badass on a mission. Seriously, what isn’t there to love about this series? They are on quite the adventure and things are only heating up right now. And I have got to say, Thaddeus is one of my favorite villains to hate in a series. Seriously, I want to see more of him just so I can give him the Hans treatment. 2022 is sure to bring more adventure for Madame Outlaw.

Catch up on Madame Outlaw here!

What WEBTOON series made your list? What are you excited to dive into in 2022? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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