Brought to you by the folks who created Kudo Banz, Farting Frenchies is a new card game for two to four players (or up to eight with the Labs Fart Too expansion). In Farting Frenchies, players will try to feed the smelliest items to their dogs and then once full, collect those dogs into their “Farty Army.” Players take turns drawing a card and playing a card. Cards include the aforementioned smelly items, which are good, and pleasant smelling items, which are bad. There are also action cards that provide some “take that” elements to the game.

Players will only score points for the dogs they have collected at the end of the game. Dogs range in points from two to five. The points represent how many smelly cards need to be played on the dog in order to collect it. Good smelling cards can be played on another player’s dog to cancel a smelly card. In order to do this, the good smelling card must be the same color as the bad smelling card. Action cards let players steal dogs (even collected ones) from an opponent, play two cards instead of one and the like. But some action cards can be used to cancel other action cards when played. This keeps you from being totally helpless in the face of attacks.

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Each game should take 30 minutes or less to play, and the packaging puts the minimum age at seven-plus, which keeps Farting Frenchies right in the family game wheelhouse. The art on the cards is well done, and the flavor text on the dog cards is funny and clever. I also feel like there is some room for house rules to make the game a little more strategically complicated, like maybe allowing players to work on collecting multiple dogs at once. As it is, I can totally see a family gathering around the table and laughing at fart jokes while playing this silly game. And that’s a good thing! Check out Farting Frenchies on Kickstarter beginning September 28th! 


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