Looking for a kickstarter to support this Holiday Season? Probably not, we’re all watching our shekels this time of year. However, I think you will want to put a few of those shekels towards this Kickstarter. It’s for a short science-fiction film called Hashtag.

Gigi Edgley is attached to star in the short. Edgley is well-known in many sci-fi circles for her amazing portrayal of the alien Chiana in the television series Farscape, (What? You haven’t seen Farscape? Go remedy that right now!) Most recently, Edgely hosted Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. (Sidenote – Henson’s company is responsible for the AMAZING puppets that you see on Farscape).

Along with Gigi Edgley starring in this sci-fi short, Ben Alpi will direct with Jyotika Virmani producing however production will never start unless they raise the funds. They need $40,000 and have raised almost $16,000 so far. The campaign has 9 days left. If you can, donate to the campaign. Five dollars, ten dollars, whatever moves you. They got some nice perks for folks who donate from $5 and up.

Below is some basic info about the film. Visit the Hashtag Kickstarter page as well and make a donation! I’ve already done so. Let’s see if we can get this thing made!!!

Hashtag is a science fiction short — a sleek, smart, and sexy view of a world where social media dominates every moment of our lives. Hashtag follows “X”, the ultimate social media maven, a charismatic woman attracting the attention of tens of millions of online followers. “X” has attained everything she’s ever wanted. She’s #famous, she’s #watched, and one unpopular move could mean the #end.

Hashtag is directed and co-written by Ben Alpi (Cowboy Creed, Silver Lining) who was inspired by a TED talk to write a story about our culture’s obsession with speed. Ben approached veteran sci-fi writer, Kevin Rubio (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ben 10, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, TROOPS), to co-write the script and the present incarnation of the script was born. Hashtag is an original, imaginative and thought-provoking tale in the wicked tradition of The Twilight Zone. Through the medium of classic science fiction storytelling, our writers weave a disturbing story of our all-too-possible future as a social-media society obsessed with virtual information and celebrity.

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