We all know that Stargate fans don’t mess around.  Well, they’re on the march.  Led by former Stargate writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi, fans are taking to social media with #WeWantStargate to very forcefully inspire owners MGM to give them a new Stargate series.  Deadline reported Friday.

The fan response has been really big.  There’s even a video.  Because… they are not messing around.  Many fans felt left in the lurch after the incomplete ending of Stargate: Universe.  And, though there have been graphic novels and a 2018 web series (Stargate: Origins), they are hungry for more.  So much more.  

They don’t mince words in this video.  They’re going for the jugular.  This is not a ‘catch more flies with honey’ kind of situation.  There’s a specific plan with a specific mission.  

Fan outcries have been known to work.  Social media uprisings have brought shows like The Expanse and Brooklyn Nine-Nine back from the dead.  It is not at all beyond the realm of possibility that this could work out; especially with a Stargate veteran leading the charge!  

The official Stargate Superdrive happened on Friday, December 6th.  But you can still take part!  So get on the internet, people!  Tell MGM what you want!  Give them the pitch of a lifetime!  #WeWantStargate!!!

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