Podcasts are getting better and better and more numerous. They run the gamut of true crime to covering certain TV shows and films. There’s something out there for everybody. At GGA, we’re huge proponents of fandom and spreading that fandom joy wherever we go. Thankfully, there’s a bevy of podcasts that take a deep dive into the fandoms we’re part of and the properties we enjoy. 

With that in mind, we decided to share six of our favorite fandom-related podcasts with you. May you love them as much as we do!

Advanced Community Studies: A Greendale Three Rewatch Podcast

advanced community studies logo

Advanced Community Studies Podcast logo

I’m an avid Community fan. In fact, I’d confidently list it as one of my top three favorite shows of all time. Like any enthusiastic Greendalian, I try to absorb (not physically) anything Community-related I can find. Enter: Advanced Community Studies: A Greendale Three Rewatch Podcast. It’s comprised of TV’s Kevin LaniganCaleb Sawyer and Jacen Ziev. As you can glean from the podcast title, the Greendale Three re-watch and rank Community episodes, two at a time.

Now, I’ve made lists of my favorite Community episodes, but ranking them? That’s a whole other can of worms (I was going to attempt a Chang pun here.). If you love Community, if you love meta humor zaniness and if you love having a good time, then may I suggest giving Advanced Community Studies a listen? I’m not just saying that because yours truly guested in an episode (which you can find here). — Melody McCune

EsGAYpe from Reality

EsGAYpe from reality logo

EsGAYpe from Reality logo

Probably the only thing I love more than reading is listening to people talk about the books I read. The thing is, other people’s opinions are so often wrong (/slight sarcasm). Not so with EsGAYpe from Reality, a podcast dedicated to the Simon Snow series by Rainbow RowellThe show is hosted by, I quote, “two queer IRL witches” (Jessie Blount and Lark Malakai Grey). They break down the series, a couple of chapters at a time, in biweekly episodes. They’re irreverent, insightful and slightly NSFW. In other words, it’s pure joy for anyone in the fandom. — Melis Amber 

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Hunt a Killer Deep Dives

hunt a killer deep dives logo

Hunt a Killer Deep Dives logo

In the last year, myself and a friend of mine have dived into the world of Hunt a Killer. Perfect for anyone in the true-crime fandom, it’s an immersive murder mystery game told over multiple episodes that are shipped monthly (or sooner if you’re like us) to your door. With it came my introduction to the Hunt a Killer Deep Dives podcast. It’s hosted by Kristen Anderson and covers paranormal and horror happenings from across time. Most episodes run between 10 to 12 minutes, making them a perfect addition to my morning routine. Plus, some can be too spooky to listen to right before bed. — Julia Roth

Tales of the Black Badge

tales of the black badge logo

Tales of the Black Badge logo

When an obscure IDW comic-to-television show adaptation was announced, Kevin Bachelder, a podcaster, Syfy fan, and Emily Andras follower, jumped on the mic. As someone already covering Syfy content, he was able to get access to early screeners for Wynonna Earp and released “Episode 0: Introductions” before the show even aired. Together with co-host Bonnie Ferrar, Kevin helped build the online Earper fandom.

The podcast gets its name from the covert cross-border government agency that Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) works for: The Black Badge Division. The podcast recaps and reviews episodes, interviews cast members and recaps Earper convention panels and fan meet-ups. Tales of the Black Badge is more than just another fandom podcast. It’s the epicenter of a great social circle full of welcoming fans. There’s no gatekeeping to be had and fans from all backgrounds are welcome. — Talyna Morrison

The Parabatai Podcast: A Shadowhunters Podcast

Parabatai Podcast logo

The Parabatai Podcast logo

Meredith and Poppy met over their mutual love of Shadowhunters and decided to start a podcast. And thus was born, The Parabatai Podcast: A Shadowhunters PodcastWhat’s great is that the two go through Cassandra Clare‘s novels, one trilogy at a time, but have also analyzed the TV series. The hosts are true fans but are able to criticize the franchise and relate it to the real world. There are myriad Shadowhunters fandom podcasts out there, but this is truly the best one I’ve found. — Melis Amber 

The Webtoon Room Podcast

webtoon room podcast logo

The Webtoon Room Podcast logo

It’s no lie that I have a slight obsession with Webtoons. I mean I write a weekly column where all I do is talk about how much I love different series. So, of course, one of my favorite fandom podcasts is The Webtoon Room Podcast by friends Will and Kruti. They don’t focus on a single webtoon, but the fandom as a whole and blend together recaps, reviews and theory crafting. It’s fun to tune in every week and listen to which webtoons they are currently reading, and what they might be adding to their must-read list in the future. — Julia Roth 

What’s your favorite fandom podcast? Share with us in the comments below! 

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