Do you need some Game of Thrones before your Sunday fix?  Need a laugh?  Need a reminder of how much you truly love Jon Snow and his story?  Get your earbuds and get ready, because Youtubers schmoyoho have given us Songify Game of Thrones: The Shape of Jon Snow oh oh oh oh oh….  It is amazing and funny and heartwarming and it will make you swoon.

Sometimes you just can’t get Jon Snow out of your head.  And, well, this won’t help.  I’ve been singing it to myself since I first watched the video.  So, if you’re not into earworms, maybe wait until you have to do something else with your brain immediately after watching.  But, watch.  Because this is only awesome.  

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Surprisingly, it also sort of reminds you of some of the things that Jon Snow has been through.  It’s a nice little refresher, I found, and a whole lot of delightful.  Keep an eye out for the band at Dragonstone.  That’s my favorite part.  Watching those guys dance and play next to Daenerys hasn’t gotten old yet.  I’ve watched this video 10 times. 

Let’s go oh oh oh oh! 

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