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Tiny Bunny
Anton must make the choice to either take the mitten or run in Tiny Bunny.

Anton must make the choice to either take the mitten or run. Image courtesy of Mars Peoples Games.

The Basics

Tiny Bunny is a Russian, non-linear visual novel from developers Saikono and RUzura Interactive and publisher Mars People Games. They released the very first chapter on March 19, 2020 for PC through Steam. They are planning on releasing a total of five chapters that will tell the entire story. While originally created in the Russian language, the game is available in English as well. They also include a glossary that players can use if they do not understand a certain term.

The story follows the young Anton whose family moves from a major city to their late grandmother’s house in a small village. The home is surrounding by the Siberian forest and has been plaguing the nightmares of both Anton and his younger sister Olay. Something is lurking beyond the tree line, but what? Tiny Bunny just doesn’t tell you a story, it encourages the player to interact with the world and allows them to make choices that will affect the overall story.

Why Should You Play

Tiny Bunny is more than just reading through a scary story. From the art and cinematic style to the music and background audio this story is a theatrical performance worthy of your time. What really had me invested was that as things happen within the game the imagery in the back would be affected to help add the feeling of suspense. As far as gameplay, the choices feel meaningful and the consequences of making the wrong move or choice have an effect on the entire game.

The mix of Russian storytelling and the horror mystery that the developers have crafted work together to create a compelling story. The first chapter does everything to introduce the player to Anton’s world and draws them in with the mysterious events transpiring. It is hard to pull your eyes away knowing that something could happen at any moment.

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