Welcome to this week’s installment of F2P Friday, where we highlight our favorite Free-2-Play games. The video game market is oversaturated, and sometimes hidden gems can fall through the cracks. This is where we do all the digging for you and feature a new F2P game every week that we know you will enjoy. Let’s dive in!

Siren Head: Awakening
Abandoned buildings in Siren Head: Awakening.

Abandoned buildings in Siren Head: Awakening.

The Basics

We are keeping things spooky for this week’s F2P Friday with what I believe will become a cult classic in video games. Siren Head: Awakening from Prisma Games LLC is a horror adventure based on art from Trevor Henderson. It was released on PC through Steam on October 30, 2020. The story follows an unnamed protagonist who finds himself stranded on the side of the road. As he navigates through the wooded forest, he comes upon notes left behind, telling the terrifying tale of the creature known as Siren Head.

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The main goal of Siren Head: Awakening is to find four car parts and use them to repair our own broken-down car. The parts are scattered throughout the woods next to buildings or inside of abandoned buildings and railroad cars. However, searching isn’t as easy as you would think. Siren Head is quietly stalking in the woods. Keep an eye out for hiding spots just in case he gets on your trail. If you aren’t able to get to one, be sure to keep running and never look back. Suppose he does catch you – its game over.

Why You Should Play

There is nothing better than a good horror game. Siren Head: Awakening gave me everything I love to see in a free horror game. The audio in the game is what really brings on the spooks. Nothing was worse than trying to hide and hearing Siren Head’s footsteps as he stalked near you. There are three game modes, normal, hard and custom. The big differences between normal and hard are when Siren Head appears and how long the flashlight lasts. You can only play custom once you have beaten the game, but this allows you to adjust when Siren Head appears, how long the flashlight lasts and how much stamina you have.

Siren Head: Awakening provides that unsettling feeling horror fans know and love. At first, things felt too easy, which gave me that unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. The feeling only got worse as I realized just how creepy this world is. Since everything looks the same, it was easy to get lost while trying to find the items. Normally that is something that would bother me, but it fits perfectly. With Siren Head on my tail and not knowing where to go, the stress and fear only got worse.



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