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Hailey's kitchen in Rhome.

Hailey’s kitchen before things become twisted.

The Basics

Rhome is the beautiful brainchild of a group of students at SMU Guildhall known as Penny Jar Studios. The development project lasted for 16 weeks and was released on PC through Steam on February 21, 2020. It is a first-person walking simulator that has players exploring the home of the famed architect Hailey Rhome. However, it takes a dark turn almost right away and it is up to the player to navigate Hailey through this nightmare.

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The story of Rhome follows Hailey who returns home one night to find her husband missing. The player guides her while exploring and finding clues. The more the player delves in, the more things behind to twist and turn while Hailey slowly drifts into madness. The game serves as an interactive experience and horror novella all in one. Gameplay can be finished in just under an hour which makes it perfect for an afternoon of gameplay.

Why You Should Play It

Rhome is one of those games that will scare you without ever having to throw gore or mutated bodies at you. From the moment the door shuts behind Hailey and the player gains control, the onset of the scare anxiety sets in. This feeling is simultaneously amazing and terrifying. But scary themes aside the gameplay is smooth and the world they created to explore is simply amazing. Needless to say when I am rich I will be calling them to design my house.

It also features a unique puzzle mechanic that while only appears a few times in the game, is interesting in design and fits perfectly into the world they have created. While things begin to turn the house upside down and inside out, little miniature objects appear that the player can interact with. By changing these, the player is able to change the actual object itself. The only downside is that Rhome was a school project so it seems we won’t be getting any more gameplay development. But we can always hope the team will come back together for another.

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